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Meet Four Girls Who Are Famous For Acting Like Living Dolls

That's the case for these four girls who've have found fame on the video sharing site by imitating the lives of living dolls. With over 128 million collective views (larger than any Super Bowl audience), the videos feature each girl in eccentric… 5 years ago

This Advice From 50 Cent Proves He's A Relationship Genius

This advice at first seems surprising, but 50 Cent's been dropping relationship knowledge bombs for years. "21 Questions" is all about communication. He's asking his girlfriend questions about their relationship, like "if I didn't smell so good,… 5 years ago

Street Harassment Is A Huge Problem, Even In A Moving Vehicle

And this isn’t just a problem for me. Today Stop Street Harassment, an organization whose mission seems pretty self explanatory, released the largest survey ever about street harassment in the U.S. It found that 65 percent of women and 25 percent of… 5 years ago

Stylish Portraits Of Hip New Yorkers And Their Bikes

The streets of New York are busier than usual, as the summer months bring on the warmer weather and hip New Yorkers take full advantage on their morning commutes. Bicycles are a strong second form of transportation (behind the subway) in the city,… 5 years ago

Confessions Of An Awkward Teen Girl

Men aren't the only ones who go through the sexual rejection that Elliot Rodger experienced. Plenty of teen girls do too. 5 years ago

Dear Coquette: Coming Clean

Welcome to Dear Coquette, a place to have your burning and how-do-I-make-this-stop-burning sex advice questions answered. You might recognize The Coquette and her bare-knuckle honesty from her columns on, The Daily, or her own popular… 5 years ago

Ranked: '90s Movie Soundtracks In Order Of Awesomeness

After the top 20, it becomes easier to rank these in order, as it’s clear which are the best representatives of the time and also of the movie the soundtrack is attached to. For instance, the big band sound in 1996’s Swingers is perfect for a movie… 5 years ago

Why Does TV Only Show Lesbians Engaging In Oral Sex?

If it’s radical and political, why don’t we see more oral sex in modern queer porn? “In general, [oral sex] is not the most popular activity these days on the site, at least for the people who are coming to film with us,” Houston stated, noting that… 5 years ago

The Misunderstood History Of Incel

Commenting on Rodger, thatincelblogger writes: "What happened is punishment  for evil and violence of feminists and liberals” and rattles off a list of “atrocities such as women’s suffrage, immodest clothing, child support/alimony, no ban on… 5 years ago

Elizabeth Wurtzel's 'The Bachelorette' Recap

It’s time for another episode of The Bachelorette, America’s pre-eminent reality show for romantic group dates, high-profile rejections, barely concealed male rage, and rendering the phrase “true love” utterly meaningless through ceaseless… 5 years ago

I'm Not A Cool Girl, And I'm Tired Of Feeling Bad About It

Me? I’m choosing to stop feeling so bad about not being cool, and instead wholly embracing the fact that I spin out over things like cancelled plans, unreturned texts, and my sister getting first dibs on our parental-purchased Indian clothes,… 5 years ago

Watch This Boy Band Attempt To Sing While Getting Off

A couple of weeks ago, Dutch girl group ADAM had viral success with their most recent music video. The clip featured the band's four members singing their part to the song while having orgasms via sex toys. While it took a steady increase of speed… 5 years ago