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KimYe: A Case For Why They Are Awesome Friends

It’s easy to roll your eyes, and judge the extravagant, over-the-top lives of Kim and Kanye. Sure, they love the limelight, paparazzi, and shiny things (Kim’s 15 karat stunner from Kanye) but there’s some serious evidence on the interwebs showing their human, friendly side. Here’s a list highlighting how they are awesome friends.

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1. KimYe are thankful for their friends - KimYe’s individual social media accounts are sprinkled with kind and sweet acknowledgement’s for their friends. And that’s free publicity for the friends, right?

Kim's Instagram
Via Kanye's Twitter

2. KimYe tend to stay true to their friends. Kim has been pals with Johnathan Cheban, Brittny Gastineau and LaLa for years.

Via Kim's Instagram

3. KimYe has the stamp of approval from Jay Z and Beyonce. Who are we to question their judgment?

4. Their gifts are out of this world, over the top, and life affirming. Friends and family who were privileged to be invited to their wedding will reportedly receive lavish gifts, including champagne, chocolates, and La Mer.

5. They call out people’s fakeness. Not long ago, Kim called out Katie Couric for being a “Media Friend.” #WeHateFakeMediaFriendsToo

Via Kim's Instagram

6. KimYe won’t just send you a text or write you a letter saying how much they appreciate you as a friend. Kanye’s song “Big Brother” is an ode to his friendship with Jay Z.

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