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    10 Friendship Commandments From "Mean Girls"

    Ah, it’s the ten year anniversary of Mean Girls. We learned a lot from this modern classic. P.S., you can sit with us.

    1. Thou shall not refer to your friends as a "wh*re" or other degrading terms.

    2. Thou shall not borrow or steal your friends crush, boyfriend, or ex boyfriend.

    3. Thou shall not impose arbitrary rules.

    4. Thou shall not talk about, or stab your friends behind their back.

    5. Thou shall not plot against your friends.

    6. Thou shall not get together with your girlfriends only to complain. Be grateful for what you have, even your big pores.

    7. Thou shall not intentionally sabotage your friends weight.

    8. Thou shall embrace the different talents and qualities of your friends, such as speaking Swahili. Jambo, man.

    9. Thou shall call your friend out when she is being mean. But politely.

    10. Thou shall be a good friend, by being kind, generous, trustworthy and supportive.