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    20 Gobble-Worthy Ways To Use Leftover Turkey

    Get it? Gobble, gobble. Heh.

    1. Turkey Chili

    2. Turkey Hash

    3. Pot Pie Soup

    4. Pho

    5. Cranberry-Turkey Monte Cristo

    6. Turkey-Cranberry Strudel

    7. Tetrazzini

    8. Turkey Casserole

    9. Turkey Dinner Stack

    10. Beer Battered Deep Fried Turkey

    11. Meatloaf

    12. Turkey Ranch Quesadillas

    13. Thanksgiving Pizza

    14. 3-Ingredient Stew

    15. Turkey-Cranberry-Brie Grilled Cheese

    16. Smoked Turkey Buffalo Dip

    17. Spring Rolls

    18. Savory Crepes

    19. Stromboli

    20. Turkey-Stuffing Dumpling Soup