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16 Kids In Halloween Costumes You Won't Be Able To Get Over

So. Stinkin'. Cute.

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1. Batman, Boy.

Get more of this batman-boy here.

2. Elves are Troublemakers...

Get more of this gnome here.

3. S'Mores Anyone?

Get some more s'mores here.

4. Twinsies on Paw Patrol.

Get more of these two cuties here.

5. Fairy Time!

See more fun cuteness from this little fairy here.

6. Fairy and Pouty.

See more from these twin-cuties here.

7. No idea what they are, but cute. So darn much cute.

See more from this trio here.

8. Clown-tasticness.

Get more from this joker here.

9. White Witch and her Mummy.

Get more from this duo here.

10. Cutest Witch of Them All.

Get your dose of cute from this little witch here.

11. Ice Cream Mess.

Get more of this adorbs here.

12. Red Riding Tired.

See more from this tired gal here.

13. Ladybug and the Pumpkin.

Get more of this fairytale here.

14. Gettin' Batgirl On.

See more awesomeness from this tiny here.

15. Turtle Power.

See this duo in action here.

16. Roar.

Get more of this kitten here.

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