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Has Supernatural Been Resurrected One Time Too Many?

Three episodes into Supernatural and the excrement is hitting the fan. Here’s a non death-threaty take on the first three episodes. (Spoilers).

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I have to admit, the beginning didn't have me feeling very optimistic. Dean tells Sam he died. Cue dramatic pause. But all that moment deserved was a rousing "So what?" Supernatural seasons start this way so often it's become moot. Don't believe me? Season four began with the return of Dean from Hell, Season six brings Sammy out of the Lucifer box and the season eight premier resurrects Dean again. Supernatural is inching closer to becoming a one trick pony.

I'd be more surprised if it started off with them returning from a whacky holiday away in Mexico with Dean swearing off tequila, but I digress.

That little rant out of the way, the first three episodes have been a mixed bag of pros and cons.

The first episode was pretty Sammy centric, which I understand because he’s dying (again). Dean is switched to saviour mode and tracking down helpful Angels, while Cas gets stuck with a stage five clinger of the heavenly host. Ta-da, welcome Ezekiel to the show. Anyone else getting dodgy vibes from this guy? I mean he hasn’t done anything yet but if we play ratios, the dude’s evil right?

Highlights include Bobby Singer making an appearance in Sam’s imagination and the sassiest horseman of the apocalypse, Mr Death himself.

Lowlights include the continuing real world denial. A meteorite shower? C’mon! How do they explain the bodies landing in people’s front yards? I haven’t seen people have their heads so firmly up their asses since Sunnydale.

This episode was very much a precursor episode. Dean’s still struggling to fix everything, Sammy has a new supernatural creature pulling his strings and Cas is adapting to humanity.

The second episode had a little more action where we meet Bobby’s old friend, annnnd he’s gone. Also we’re introduced to new Jo, I mean new Krissy, I mean TRACEY damnit! It doesn’t matter, I’m sure she has the same expiration date that all female characters have on this show. The girl rocks a pair of short shorts and a pretty sizable grudge. Good because we’d almost made it through one entire episode without a Winchester guilting it up.

But who cares about all that when Abaddon has returned?

The beautiful Alaina Huffman is back with a whole lot of mischief planned for Crowley, the Winchesters and Earth. Speaking of Crowley, it was a genuine delight to see he’s fallen back on old habits. What’s a season without a little bondage reference and extortion?

Kevin looks to be sticking around and his attempts to be new Bobby are hilarious. His scene with Dean was also touching and it looks like the beginning of a beautiful new bromance. It’s still one of life’s mysterious as to how Dean can pull off these heart to hearts while still being pragmatic and manly. Oh wait, its Jensen Ackles. Problem solved.

Episode three is the one that has the fandom rumbling. Never mind the new bad guy, fast talking and handsome Bartholomew, we need to talk about Cas getting some. It seemed an inevitability that Cas would eventually get laid. Sex, passion and love are all part of the human experience after all.

But didn’t it happen rather quickly? And oh what a surprise, she’s bad. The candles should have been a nice touch but since it was a rushed one night stand it was actually quite gross. Though by the same token, any scene that involves shirtless Misha Collins is welcome and I’d sell my soul to watch Dean give Cas the ‘safe sex’ talk. So I’m torn on the subject. I just wish that first time had meant something, even if this was a more realistic approach.

What do you think about the first three episodes? Is the entire arch of the season going to be about adjusting fallen angels? Is Cas on a one way trip to the playboy mansion for some more rock ‘em sock ‘em? Exactly how many times will Dean and Sam cry this season and can we do a shot of vodka for each tear?

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