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Lemme Tell You A Little Bout Myself!

I'm new to the BuzzFeed Community... come and meet lil ole me.

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How do I begin this post? Actually, never mind I know.

My name is Felix, I am I guess your typical broke college grad who moved back in with his parents because I mean where else am I gonna go?

I graduated with my Journalism degree back in 2016 and since then have not enjoyed this life that people like to call "adulting." It is legit trash, teenagers beware.

It has been a little tricky finding a job in the journalism field only because I live in Springfield, MA which does not have many opportunities for someone like me and also because when people in my field look at my resume they see no experience! I am so sorry I decided to focus on getting the degree instead of building up experience.


Let's skip all the melodrama stuff and get to it. I am absolutely obsessed with reality television, Queen of Pop Living Legend WHO STILL SERVES LIVE VOCALS AND SOUNDS JUST LIKE SHE DID 20 YEARS AGO Britney Spears, and of course I love my men just like I love my wine; sweet and tasty.


To be honest, I quite frankly forgot why I decided to write this post but I felt like I needed to have some type of introduction on my profile. I also have a blog where I just write about things going on in pop culture! You can check it out at

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