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    Show Your Fandom At Work (While Still Looking Profesh)

    Sure, you'd love to corner your coworkers and talk their ears off about your borderline obsessive love for the BBC but quite frankly, they don't give a shit. Show off your fandom in other ways... and wait for them to come to you so you can be best friends forever.

    Slytherin.. into the boss's chair. / Via Pinterest

    If you're feeling super ballsy, give yourself a pixie cut and dye that badboy bleach blonde. Draco Malfoy would pounce on this in a heartbeat.

    Go On An Adventure... to the water cooler. Waaa Waaaa / Via Pinterest

    Inspired by The Hobbit, this adorbs outfit inspired by adventure would be perfect for a fall day or even a trip to Mordor!

    Be a Weeping Angel... in the bathroom stall when the boss calls you the wrong name for the fifth time this week. / Via Pinterest

    So maybe the false eye lashes are a bit over-the-top for the 9 to 5 but they will for sure stick to your eye lids making it impossible to blink. DON'T BLINK! More like, CAN'T BLINK!

    The Girl Who Can't Get Fired / Via Pinterest

    I get that you're from the coal district and everything but that jacket actually looks like pressed coals. Kinda gross.

    Surely Locked Out of the Office... again. / Via Pinterest


    Not Going Solo For Long / Via Pinterest

    Get all the Hans all over you this casual Friday.

    Steal All the Lunches - Catwoman on the Prowl / Via Pinterest

    Meow bitches.

    Setting Phasers to Stun-ing / Via College Fashion

    That booties are out of this world. Get it?

    Come in a 9, 10, or 11. Preferably 10. / Via Pinterest

    Perfect for running around the office, these top picks will surely let your fandom shine through multiple universes.

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