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    Diagon Alley - What It's Really Like

    After only a month after its opening, I thought it was a good idea to go to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios Orlando. Below are my true feelings about the experience.

    While walking around...

    Rebecca Priebe

    1. There are actually about 10,000 people here right now.

    2. And of course it's 95 degrees out.

    3. Geeeezzzzus, do you all need to step on my feet?! I need these in case of Demontors!

    4. These scooters will be the death of me. Must. Get. To. Gringotts before the line gets to long.

    While waiting in line for Harry Potter and the Escape from Gringotts

    Rebecca Priebe

    5. Well, this doesn't look like that long of a wait. Looks how long the line could be!

    6. Who's fraaking idea was it to put a large portion of the queue in the fraaking sun!

    7. Oh great, some old lady just puked in front of me from heat exhaustion. St Mungo's here she comes.

    8. This line is so long, there is a food cart in the middle of it.

    9. No Butter Beer at the food cart?! Know your audience man!

    10. Now I can't think of anything but delicious frozen Butter Beer.

    11. Oh cool, misting fans, that's nice... It would be nicer if this lady playing Uno in front of me would move so I could enjoy it.

    12. Wait time said 110 minutes, it has now been 3 hours but look, we're going inside!

    13. The inside of Gringotts is amazing like holy balls. This could be the actual set for all I know.

    14. Puppets have come a long way, kinda creepy.

    15. Oh, photo opp! I wonder what cool background they will put in here for me! (Spolier: it's nothing, just the wall. Seriously......that could have been taken anywhere)

    16. Oh cool, a little room with a theater like projection in it.

    17. OMG Bill Weasley is my spirit animal.

    18. Goblin's are kinda dim aren't they?

    19. Moving on to more line...

    20. I can hear the tracks!

    21. 3D glasses? What?

    This is where I go on the ride. I will not spoil this for you but I will say, don't wait in a long line for it. I was pretty disappointed in it. I mean it was basically a roller coaster in the movie, all they had to do is recreate that but instead, it was more of a, sitting-in-front-of-a-screen experience than it was a thrilling ride experience.

    Butter Beer... stat!

    22. Where is the Butter Beer?!?!?!?!

    23. Oh, it's basically anywhere you look, okay good, where is the shortest line that is in the shade?

    24. I'm going to go into all of these shops, this is amazing!

    25. I can't even move in here, I feel like I am going through a line just to look at Quidditch gear that I will never (maybe) use.

    26. I can't buy a chocolate frog now - it will be a melted puddle by the time I get out of here.

    27. Where is the Hogwarts Express?!

    28. I FOUND IT!!!!!!

    29. It's so nice in here. Ahhhhh air conditioning... at last!!

    On the Hogwarts Express

    Rebecca Priebe

    30. Oh my freaking God, we get to ride in little boxcars? Is that what these are called?

    31. These photos are going to turn out terribly....

    32. So much simulation... but it's well done so that's amazing.

    33. Is that Voldemort in front of Malfoy Manor?! Pretty sure it was... I frakking hate that guy.


    35. Never mind, I'm poor seeing it cost $136 just to get in the park and I spend $40 on candy.


    Over all, I didn't get to do as much as I wanted to do. I would have loved to go into every store and have every experience available to me, but there were just to many people there. I would love to go again and hope that everyone goes as well. Try to go when it's cooler though, that sun and heat can be a real bummer.

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