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    14 Corgis That Don't Care It Isn't Comic-Con

    Corigs: long bodies + short legs = ample opportunities to make them even more incredible than they already are.

    1. Torgi: Protector of your Ass-gard.

    The Meta Picture / Via

    Without the thumbs to pick up his hammer, he will nail his way...into your heart (clearly, he is not Loki, Tom Hiddleston maybe, but not Loki.)

    2. Corgin: Ears like wings, this Robin Corgi will forever be your side kick.

    Feeling a bit off-his-game with his posinious cosplayer owner, this Corgi gives 0 frakks...0.

    3. Harry Paw-ter and Luna. / Via

    On their fifth trip to Dogwartz these newbie besties love a good duel-cosplaying.

    4. Corenity: Friend of Browncoats everywhere.

    Keeping all your random stolen crap safe since 2002, this Corgi knows what being stolen out of a longer, epic TV run feels like.

    5. Luke Humanwalker: May the Corgi be with you.

    Buzzfeed / Via

    6. Matt Sniff: Sonic screw-driving all the things.


    This 11th Doctor Corgi is wearing the crap out of that fez is he not?!

    7. Tricerapup: The answer is "what do you do with those fuzzy kid's towel things.

    8. Hal Corgan: One Corgi to rule them all.

    Tumblr / Via

    Even though his recent Green Lantern movie was total shit, this Corgi still has faith that Hollywood might pull it together.

    9. It's a me... Corgio!!!

    Scoring this guy is like getting three red shells followed by super star... auh-mazing!

    10. Ruffphael: Eatin' all yo' pizza dude!


    Way cuter than any actual TMNTs. Seriously, those things were creepy.

    11. USS Corgiprise: Where no Corgi has gone before.

    Sailing all up in space with his brand new super-sweet space ship, Captain Corg will fly his way into your arms after he gets this ungodly thing off of him.

    12. Link: Legend of Zelgi

    Protecting Hyrule from all of those who thing Zelda is the male character.

    13. K-9: The Doctors best friend...forever.

    Giving no shits about sacrificing himself for the sake of cuteness, this Corgi is all set to be your pal....ARFfirmative!

    14. Captain Acorgica: Enhanced with Super-Adroable-Serum.

    More like Steve Rodgers... he can't even pick up that shield yet. Useless.. nah JK.

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