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Use These Beauty Tips To Bring Life Back To Your Dry And Damaged Hair

There are certain effective beauty tips for hair using which you can prevent hair fall and make lifeless hair look shiny. Your dry hair needs deep conditioning and a proper care.

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Avoid These:

Hair Styling Tools: Whether curling irons, hot rollers and dryers, you need not use these as they steal moisture from your hair.

Direct sun rays:

Not only your skin but your hair also needs protection from sun. Do not let your hair ruin by the direct sun rays.

Washing With Hot Water:

Hot water strips moisture from your hair, turning them dry and lifeless. Washing them with cool water locks the moisture and restores their shine.

Brushing Your Hair When Wet:

Do not comb your hair when they are wet. They are likely to stretch and get damaged. You need to use a white tooth comb once they are dried.

Using too Many Pins:

Avoid tying your hair tightly or using too many pins. This will put stain in your hair and they are likely to get damaged.

Make sure to use a home-made conditioner (egg white +lime juice) when they are wet.

The best hair shampoo that you can use should have a pH ranging between 4.5 6.7.

How Would You Condition Your Hair?

With the help of natural beauty tips you can condition your dry hair.

•Mix 4-6 drops of lavender and sandalwood oil. Warm this mixture and apply consistently on your hair.

•Make sure that you use warm oil to massage your hair thoroughly for 20 minutes. Warm oil penetrates well and moisturize deeply.

•Mix egg white with a tbsp of honey and apply this mask for half an hour. Wash off once dried.

•If your hair tends to fall more, it indicates deficiency of iron and Vitamin E in your diet. Incorporate spinach, beetroot and pomegranate in your diet.

•Soak some mustard seeds overnight. Grind them in the morning along with the water. Apply this mixture thoroughly onto your scalp and rinse off once dried. Using this for a couple of weeks will prevent hair fall.

Beautiful hair are no lesser than an asset. You need to take a regular care. Always remember that harsh sun rays and hot water damage your hair. Apply heena +yoghurt +honey mixture twice a week to nourish them deeply. Use the above the given beauty tips for hair and roll on your fingers over hair every now and then. This will stimulate blood circulation to hair follicles and keep your hair healthy.

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