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A Few Home Remedies For Abortion That Are Safe For Sure

Aborting fetus unsafely can be very dangerous. If you have experienced an unwanted pregnancy just cool down and relax first. There are home remedies for abortion which can help terminate pregnancy safely and effectively. So, no need to take abortion pills that have side effects and no need to undergone painful surgery let it done by you yourself at home. Here is a quick look.

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Consume Laxatives That Can Upset Your Stomach:

Consuming a lot of laxatives upset your stomach and helps expelling the fetus out of your body. This induces abortion provided your pregnancy is in early stage. You can also try consuming aspirin tablets (4-5) top abort the fetus (recommend the doctor before trying aspirin). Taking a high dose of aspirin at an early stage will increase the chances of abortion by 7 times.

High Dose of Vitamin C Heats Up the Uterus:

Vitamin C is capable of producing heat in the uterus that results in miscarriage. You can take Vita min supplements or the foods rich in Vitamin C during an early stage. Lemon, oranges, chilies, ball peppers and leafy green veggies are some of the recommended veggies. (500 mg of Vitamin C is recommended.)

Stimulating Menstrual Cycle with Parsley:

Parsley is a culinary herb that is commonly found in every kitchen. It works by stimulating menstrual hormones and thus considered as one of the effective home remedies for abortion. You can either consume a lot of parsley juice or can keep it in the cervix of the uterus to induce contractions that result in eventual abortion. Consuming cinnamon also stimulate the menstrual hormones just like parsley does.

There Are Certain Herbs:

Black Cohosh and Dong Quai are the two herbs that can help in aborting an early fetus safely. You need to brew the dong quai herb that you want to take for inducing abortion. When consumed in a large amount it stimulates uterine contractions that result in miscarriage.

There are other home remedies for abortion as well. If yours is an unplanned pregnancy that needs to be terminated, you should try safe and risk free methods at home. Taking a lot of unripe pineapple, consuming its juice or having rigorous work out like climbing stairs, running with heavy loads on the back or having sexual intercourse several times a day are a few other methods to abort fetus. You can try chamomile tea several times a day or can undergo acupuncture therapy to expel the fetus.

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