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5 Yoga Poses To Stay Fit

Losing weight is not just running a few miles every day. It requires a lot of dedication to achieve the goal.

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One must live a much disciplined life to lose weight and look slimmer. People try out a lot of things in order to lose weight like following various diet plans recommended by dietitians or fitness experts, undergoing circuit training at fitness centers and a little bit of yoga. However, most people give up somewhere in the middle of the journey as they don’t see tangible results. This process continues and when you wish to start the program again, your body takes more time to adjust than usual. Every time you step back, it gets more difficult from the next time. One must not give up and make small efforts each day to lose weight. It is like saving money; you invest a little every now and then expecting something fruitful in future. The outcome will be rewarding after a few months. As we all know, losing weight is not a day’s job and hence requires systematic effort every single day to see results. Earlier, yoga was always considered as one of the activities to stay fit. But today, there are people who only practice yoga for weight loss.

Why Yoga classes ? When you usually work out at the gym, you feel a little exhausted as you have spent your time either in a cardio program or you have lifted weights which has caused you enough physical activity. It is a natural tendency to feel tired whereas yoga for weight loss makes you feel fresh and more energetic. You would want to do a lot of things after your yoga program. Yoga may not help you lose 1000 calories in one workout but it is a process that is slow yet sure and will definitely yield results. Here are the 5 yoga asanas that help you stay fit –

#1 Surya Namaskar

Let’s start with the basics. The very first and a basic asana of yoga is the Surya Namaskar. Even if your goal is not losing weight or staying fit, simply performing Surya Namaskar keeps you active and mentally alert. The exercises which you learn at the gyms or any other fitness centre mostly focus on one part of the body whereas yoga for weight loss works in a holistic way. Yoga works on multiple muscle groups which benefit your overall body. If you are new to the concept of yoga, you can start with less number of asanas and gradually do more.

#2 Virbhadrasana

This type of asana is usually done to strengthen your shoulders, thighs, hamstrings and ankles. As you bend in the forward direction, the weight of your body gradually falls on the thighs and thereby makes your thigh muscles flexible and stronger. This yoga for weight loss asana also benefits your abdominal muscles and increases your stamina. The increasing level of stamina keeps your body going on and on.

#3 Bhujangasana

This type of asana is done to strengthen your back and chest portion. Simply lie down with the stomach touching the ground. Keep your hands sideways and try to lift yourself up. Make sure you deep breathe while doing these asanas. It facilitates the blood pumping activity of the body. The blood that is freshly pumped acts as an agent to reduce fat. This asana also helps reduce the rear region.

#4 Dhanurasana

This type of asana not just reduces your fats but also tones down your hands and legs. When you perform Dhanurasana, you will feel the stretch in your abdominal area which will reduce your fats. This will also reduce the fat in your belly portion in the long run.

#5 Side bends

After a certain age, the body stops growing and fat starts accumulating around the belly area. The accumulated fat near your waist is also called love handles. The side bends help you reduce these love handles. This asana burns calories and is also effective in reducing the inches of your waist.

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