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10 Things Fallon Will Love (Or Hate) About Neno Miller, Potential Creative Intern (As Told By Gifs)

Otherwise known as 10 things that will hopefully get me hired.

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1. The doctors took out a part of my brain when I was 16 because I was too smart. / Via

JK, it was a tumor. It's all good now though, except I'm a bit quirkier. And, sometimes I tell people the scar was from a shark bite.

2. I grew up in the middle of nowhere. Literally. Middle of nowhere. / Via

Like, my house was 27 miles from the nearest gas station or grocery store or anywhere that didn't have cows, kind of nowhere. But I dig a quick visit to the area now. Also, (implied) I'm a farm kid.

4. I'm a poet who performs every once in a while. Also, I'm headed to Chicago in April for a national competition. / Via

"Anything can be a slam poem if you say it like this." -Leslie Knope. That one time Leslie Knope lied.

8. My dad makes wicked bbq ribs. I was sworn to secrecy, but I really want to work at Fallon, so what the heck? / Via

1. Get yourself some good country style ribs. Pork, not beef, you heathen.

2. Season those babies up with some Lawry’s season salt (not a product endorsement).

3. Get yourself a crockpot (the staple of Midwestern should really have one already).

4. Stack ‘em on in. Not too tight.

5. Get yourself a can of lemon lime soda.

6. Dump it on the ribs, which should be in the crockpot. If you need more, add it.

7. Let ‘em cook for like 5 hours on low.

8. Finish them off on the grill.

9. Douse in BBQ sauce.

You’ll thank me.

9. I used to teach third and fourth graders how to play guitar. Bet you've never heard a chorus of nine-year-olds strumming out to "Hey Jude" eight times on repeat. / Via

In all seriousness, it was a blast. Their faces would light up when they got the hang of a song they'd been practicing for a while.

10. Activism, justice, and representation are spaces I work in frequently. Which means my brain never shuts up. Seriously, never. / Via

But it also means that I’m working towards something I think is absolutely important when we talk about building a better world.

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