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Most Popular Maternity Photography Poses

Most requested maternity photography poses.

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Most Popular Maternity Photography Poses.

A trend started by a New York photographer Annie Leibovitz with her portrait of pregnant and nude Demi Moore in the 90’s, is now a well-established art form. This iconic photograph was featured on a cover of Vanity fair and certainly got everyone talking.

Whether is a black and white maternity nude or a fun outdoor couple’s portraits, capturing this unique time in your life, is a must do for a lot of expectant mothers.

High-profile celebrity mums-to-be being not afraid to push the boundaries, prefer to have portraits of themselves which will be unique to them and their brand. Good on them! Beyoncé’s maternity portraits certainly got everyone talking about them and I would be hugely disappointed if she announced her pregnancy with selfie taken on a phone of her mirror image.

So, what are your choices if you aren’t crazy about having huge flower wreaths in your portraits but would love to have a modern and stylish pregnancy portrait?

Studio leads the way with the maternity nude being the most requested portrait. I can estimate that around 99% of mums-to-be want a nude above all other images. That's a lot of very brave expectant mums out there!

Outdoor sessions are also very popular for those who are close to the nature .

Lastly, the most personal of them all - a pregnancy photography session at your home. Those are very intimate and lovely.

Here are the most requested poses.

A video of a studio maternity photography session by Nemi.

View this video on YouTube

A behind the scenes video of a maternity photography session shot by Nemi in her London studio.

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