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    This School Announcing A Snow Day To 'Sweet Caroline' Is Literally The Best

    Winter is back and this school takes snow day announcements to a whole new level.

    Winter is back and it is oh so sweet for this public school in Nebraska.

    Holt County News / Via

    After a few spring-like days, winter returned to the midwest. On Thursday night, nearly 750 students and parents received a call during the Winter Storm Warning in O'Neill, Nebraska. However, this was not your regular Snow Day announcement.

    To the tune of Neil Diamond's 1969 classic hit "Sweet Caroline," O'Neill Public Schools Superintendent Amy Shane channeled her inner superstar, pulled out her creativity and shared the message:

    No School Tomorrow

    This is Amy Shane, the superstar superintendent.

    O'Neill Public Schools / Via

    This is her Snow Day announcement.

    Bill Wilson / Via Facebook: video.php

    Even the O’Neill Police Department responded.

    KBRX / Via Facebook: permalink.php

    And she left us with these great alternative lyrics.

    🎼 Now it’s begun,
    I can’t believe it’s happening.
    Snow is flying once again.
    Wish it was spring, or maybe even summer.
    So we could hit the pool again.

    Flakes, catching flakes.
    Blowing round. Touching me, touching you
    No School Tomorrow.
    Snow Days never feel so good
    I’m inclined to move to Arizona or Florida 🎼

    Happy Snow Day!