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34 Perplexing Roger Ebert 'Thumbs Up/Down' Reviews

Let's all agree to disagree

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"Because the actors have cartoon faces, the action is often outrageous and Ritchie has an aggressive camera style, the movie is not boring, but it doesn't build and it doesn't arrive anywhere. It's hard to care much about any of the characters because from moment to moment what happens to them seems controlled by chance"

19. And now some films of dubious taste, that he gave positive recommendations for


""The Medallion" is what it is, a disposable entertainment, redeemed by silliness, exaggeration, and Chan's skill and charm"

6. Speed 2 Cruise Control

Ok already mentioned this one, but check out that cool poster

" The ship itself is of course supplied with a cross-section of typical passengers, who in addition to the diamond dealers include a fat-acceptance group and a deaf girl who gets trapped in an elevator and can't hear the abandon-ship alarm. "

1. The Players Club

"there's a core of truth in its portrait of exotic dancers."

" Ice Cube (who also co-stars) makes ``The Players Club'' observant and insightful; beneath its melodrama lurks unsentimental information about why young women do lap dances for a living"

"The movie has strong scenes for all its major characters, including a boozy afterhours party thrown by some federal agents"

"The movie doesn't preach, but it has values. It sees the Players Club as a job, and the women there as workers, not sex objects. It's work that pays well, but at a price"

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