34 Perplexing Roger Ebert ‘Thumbs Up/Down’ Reviews

Let’s all agree to disagree

35. There are some classic, to fairly decent films that he was just not a fan of

Like Blue Velvet.

“It made me feel pity for the actors who worked in it and anger at the director for taking liberties with them. “


“Tarantino doesn’t do much with his characters except to let them talk too much, especially when they should be unconscious from shock and loss of blood.”


“I kept asking myself what the film was really trying to say about the human condition as reflected by John Merrick, and I kept drawing blanks. “


“The most offensive thing about the movie is its hypocrisy; it is totally committed to the pornography of violence, but lays on the moral outrage with a shovel.”


“Because the actors have cartoon faces, the action is often outrageous and Ritchie has an aggressive camera style, the movie is not boring, but it doesn’t build and it doesn’t arrive anywhere. It’s hard to care much about any of the characters because from moment to moment what happens to them seems controlled by chance”


“A Clockwork Orange is an ideological mess, a paranoid right-wing fantasy masquerading as an Orwellian warning.”


“I have no prejudice against violence when I find it in a well-made film. But this film is almost brutally cynical in its approach.”


“This movie is too confident, too relaxed, too clever to be really funny. “


“the message in “Fight Club” is like bleeding scraps of Socially Redeeming Content thrown to the howling mob.”


“It was obviously intended as a comedy, but there is little comic about it, and indeed the movie’s overriding emotions seem to be pain and anger. “


“The movie stretches on for nearly three hours, with intermission, and provides two false alarms before it finally ends. “


“the makers of “Fast Times at Ridgemont High” have an absolute gift for taking potentially funny situations and turning them into general embarrassment. They’re tone-deaf.”


“When plotting replaces stage-setting and character development, the air goes out of the movie.”


“Thrillers like this need to be well-oiled machines, with not a single wasted moment. Inappropriate and wrongheaded interruptions reveal the fragile nature of the plot and prevent it from working.”


“This dialog is especially inappropriate in the final shoot-out, when it gets so bad we can’t believe a word anyone says. And then the violent, bloody ending is also a mistake.”

19. And now some films of dubious taste, that he gave positive recommendations for


“”The Medallion” is what it is, a disposable entertainment, redeemed by silliness, exaggeration, and Chan’s skill and charm”

18. that poster says it all


There is a certain exhilarating, high-altitude buzz you get from actors who are working well at the limits of their ability, and I got it during “The Hard Way.”

15. really digging these overseas posters

“Movies like this embrace goofiness with an almost sensual pleasure. And so, on a warm summer evening, do I.”

14. the brown bunny

“Gallo’s editing has set free the good film inside.”


“”Wise Guys” is an abundant movie, filled with ideas and gags and great characters. It never runs dry.”


“We have finally insulted the planet so much that it can no longer sustain us. It is exhausted. It never occurred to me that vegetation might exterminate us. “


“A surprise and a delight, a movie that escapes the fate of weary TV retreads and creates characters that remember the originals, yes, but also stand on their own. “


” I think their real bodies are having the sex, although you can never be sure. “


“It’s a skillful chase, well done, but the dialogue is the reason to see the movie. This may be the most exciting film ever made about real estate. “


“I’m astonished at some of the things I laugh at.”


” “Salt” is a damn fine thriller. It does all the things I can’t stand in bad movies, and does them in a good one. “

6. Speed 2 Cruise Control

Ok already mentioned this one, but check out that cool poster

” The ship itself is of course supplied with a cross-section of typical passengers, who in addition to the diamond dealers include a fat-acceptance group and a deaf girl who gets trapped in an elevator and can’t hear the abandon-ship alarm. “


“I found it more entertaining than “Home Alone II” with its cartoon violence.”


” This is a movie about watching and being watched, about seeing and not knowing what you see. “


“It isn’t as good as the original “Under Siege,” but it moves quickly, has great stunts and special effects, and is a lot of fun. “


“the turtle movie has the charm of utter goofiness—and, in an age of flawless special effects, it is somehow more fun to watch flawed ones.”

1. The Players Club

“there’s a core of truth in its portrait of exotic dancers.”

” Ice Cube (who also co-stars) makes “The Players Club” observant and insightful; beneath its melodrama lurks unsentimental information about why young women do lap dances for a living”

“The movie has strong scenes for all its major characters, including a boozy afterhours party thrown by some federal agents”

“The movie doesn’t preach, but it has values. It sees the Players Club as a job, and the women there as workers, not sex objects. It’s work that pays well, but at a price”

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