13 Ads That Succeed In Freaking You Out More Than Promoting The Product

They’re doing it wrong.

13. Spurred on by this recent Coke commercial, here are some ads that are real turnoffs.

12. This ad for Ragu spaghetti sauce is more focused on the trauma of catching your parents doing it.

11. Snooki…

10. A bit unfair because you can’t really make a pleasant diaper commercial, but this is not the way either.

9. This ad for Jell-o is more like a deleted scene from Tim Burton’s Batman.

8. Local commercials are any easy target, but this has Star Trek.

check out his youtube channel, he has many more, much worse

7. Big Rock Brewery.

6. Miracle Whip shelled out to get these low-level celebrities.

they’re the ‘miracle whip’ of celebrities. Actually that’s pretty clever

5. these interstitials used to air on USA many years ago

this one profiles a kid obsessed with pinball. Heavy propaganda against video/computer games

4. Abstinence? Good!

ok this is a bit of a cheat, since it is carefully edited, but all the material is real

3. Future Blob

these weird animated ads feature Luther Vandross singing jingles to get kids to stop being lazy and get a job.

2. ‘Uncle George’

I have some structure problems, and the acting is atrocious, but Michael J. Fox tries his best

1. Bonus: Pee wee Herman’s Anti-Drug PSA

this one’s actually pretty effective. But it does feature Pee Wee Herman talking about crack. You can’t make this stuff up.

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