An Art Teacher's PLN: 6 Sources For Inspiration

Having a personal learning network of professional sources is essential to navigating the digital arena of our world. With information so widely available from millions of sources, it is essential to utilize a variety of digital formats to navigate the trends in education.

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1. Bloglovin'


I've been using Bloglovin' for years to organize my favorite blogs. I have blogs that I read every day, and other groups of blogs that I catch up on in a single sitting once a month. It is an amazing way to keep track of posts that I love!

While I don't have a lot of followers on Bloglovin', I love it because it allows me to organize the blogs that are meaningful to me. You can view my profile here.

2. Pinterest


My single favorite resource in terms of visual planning. I love using my pinboards to keep track of my favorite art teachers and projects. By following other educators I am able to find the most up-to-date materials and lesson plans that are available. Locally, I share ideas with teachers in my district and state, and globally, I share my ideas and blog posts with others via Pinterest.

I use Pinterest everyday, and I have almost a thousand followers. You can follow me here.

3. Flipboard


Flipboard is my new favorite thing. I've connected it to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, and about a dozen other sources for science, photography, home decor, but most importantly, I use it to track education resources.

I love Flipboard because it connects every single source together, and has a great 'flip it' button on my browser if I stumble on something that I want to save or add to a magazine. Also, on my mobile, if I have copied a URL, it immediately asks me if I want to add it to one of my magazines and that is such a great feature!

Flipboard keeps me connected to education resources on a global level, and it is always at my fingertips!

You can follow me by searching @nelliemitchell and follow my 'flips' and the magazines that I have created on a variety of topics: everything from Lego stop motion to art ideas to technology in education.

4. Twitter

Via Twitter: @

Twitter is a great resource for educators looking to build their PLN. I generally use it to follow along people who are live-tweeting events like the superbowl and the bachelor. Since it is connected to my flipboard, I have followed many educational sources both locally and globally to help me stay connected with current events and trends in education.

Some of my favorite educational resources:

1. A source for inspiration and growth: @TeachersJourney

2. A source for current issues in education and links to great articles, Connected Principals is a great resource: @conprin

3. My number one favorite blogger and twitter personality is Tricia Fuglestad. She is leading the field of art education with her contributions in digital art and using iPads in the art room. She is a true innovator in the field: @fuglefun

4. Edweek Teacher is a leading source for K-12 teacher leaders covering instruction, school environment, classroom technology, curriculum, and more.

5. The Incredible Art Department, is a visual arts website for students, teachers, artists, parents, and homeschoolers, their twitter feed is a valuable resources for me!

6. I love following School Arts Magazine. A magazine committed to promoting excellence, advocacy, and professional support for educators in the visual arts since 1901.

Follow me at @nelliemaeii

5. My Blog


My weebly blog, This Little Class of Mine, is a great way for me to showcase how I am using technology in the classroom and art project and discoveries that I have made. I use my blog to review products and apps, post unit design, and share what my students are doing in the classroom. I've been blogging in one way or another for over 5 years, so it only made sense to me that I should have blog dedicated to being an art teacher. It is a way to develop my online personality and connect with other educators.

6. Other PLN sources

I feel like I am constantly developing my online personality. I am always trying to share or find inspiration from others.

Instagram is where I follow other art teachers and bloggers.

Flickr is where I post all of my classroom photos an follow other art teachers.

Vine I upload videos with #arted or #art teacher.

Facebook allows me to follow MAEA, Smart classroom management, Spiva Center for the Arts, and a host of other people and groups that contribute to my PLN in some way.

Bet lets not forget about all of the other things that I use:

Reddit -- There are tons of subreddits that an art teacher can get lost in and a lot of knowledge is available on this site.




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