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    29 Things Every Leeds Student Knows To Be True

    Otley runs were lethal.

    1. It was totally acceptable to get pissed in a canal boat, in the middle of a roundabout.

    2. And to wear three belts, a mullet, leopard-print tights, and second hand shoes to PIGS on a Tuesday night.

    3. You thought you'd slipped into Blade Runner the first time you walked through one of the corridors in the sky.

    4. At least three people from your halls risked legionnaires disease to paddle in the pond outside the Roger Stevens lecture theatre.

    5. And there was always a red-eyed, weeping student breaking up with their first love on the steps outside the Brotherton Library.

    6. Climbing the hill to Headingley felt like climbing Everest.

    7. The first time you went to Boddington Hall you thought it was an outward bound centre.

    8. When people talk about Hyde Park you still think of drinking gin in a tin and listening to some idiot on a guitar in LS6.

    9. And although there were about 300 streets in Hyde Park they only had about five names.

    10. You know that most of the statistics about Hyde Park being the most dangerous place on earth were made up.

    11. You're still confused by that weird Indian restaurant that used to be a public toilet in the middle of the park.

    12. And you doubted the banner outside Luckys that boasted being voted "best flavour" by the Leeds Student in 1998 in 2007.

    13. Nothing beat the smell of a bag of five Morrisons cheese and onion pasties when you missed breakfast.

    14. Every single gig at the Refectory smelled of baked potatoes.

    15. You always found it kind of weird that Mint's toilets were unisex.

    16. But they had nothing on the Cockpit toilets. Which smelled like the fourth circle of hell.

    17. You know that Otley runs are lethal. Absolutely lethal.

    18. You used Amber cars, even if you didn't have any money left, by leaving your student card with the driver.

    19. It felt like heaven when you stumbled across a Greggs that was open until 2am.

    20. You will always call this place Leeds Met, however many rugby teams they sponsor and old buildings they buy.

    21. You know Leeds is the windiest city ever.

    22. And that the man in a long leather coat and bandana who fed the pigeons outside the Corn Exchange was really lovely.

    23. You got a bit teary when, the day after John Peel died, someone did this.

    24. The Original Oak did the cheapest pub lunch and had busiest beer garden.

    25. But you still waited three and a half hours for a sandwich at The Clock Cafe at least once.

    26. The horoscopes in the Leeds Student were actually pretty funny.

    27. You melted at the sight of Melvyn Bragg's walnut-shaped face as he handed out your degrees.

    28. You never made it to the Dales, even though it actually only took 10 minutes to get to Ilkley on the train.

    29. But that's probably because you had enough to do in Leeds, the greatest city in the world.