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    27 Faces All Builders Will Recognise

    When one tea bag is never enough.

    1. The “So you can’t pay me this week because you’ve decided to go skiing?” face.

    2. The “These measurements are in inches, not centimetres” face.

    3. The “You want me to paint his green wall green again because this green is too green?” face.

    4. The “What do you mean I can’t smoke here?” face.

    5. The “Let’s hope the Health and Safety officer can’t see this” face.

    Scaffolding you win this one. #builderproblems

    What they don't know can't hurt them. Or me.

    6. The “So you don’t want to see the pipework but you don’t like boxing? Er, OK” face.

    7. The “5.30am on site” face.

    8. The “No I can’t hammer quietly” face.

    9. The “And just one other small thing at 4pm on a Friday” face.

    10. The “I’ve lost all my pencils” face.

    11. The “A cat just walked over the finished concrete” face

    12. The “No tea since breakfast” face.

    13. The “Why is your child playing with my spirit level?” face.

    14. The “Please just pick a worktop — I’m not psychic” face.

    15. The “I should never have let the plasterer choose the radio station” face.

    16. The “And you said I can take anything I find in the shed?” face.

    17. The “What do you mean I can’t take my shirt off?” face.

    18. The “So when you said the first floor, what you actually meant was the ground floor” face

    19. The "Working on a roof in February" face.

    20. The “Sure I’ll drive two hours across town to put up your shelf” face.

    21. The “I measured twice, cut once” face

    22. The “I hope that crack was the timber and not my ankle” face.

    23. The “I forgot my dust mask” face.

    24. The “God bless your steel-capped boots” face.

    25. The “Yup. That wire’s still live” face.

    26. The “I built a whole home” face.