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Why Taobao Is So Popular?

Taobao is one of the most popular e-commerce websites in China. Shoppers get hooked to this site for the variety of products, large number of choices and dirt cheap price. The extent of the popularity of Taobao is such that it is a must-have smartphone application for majority of Chinese people. Now Taobao is expanding its market at global platform so that Chinese people can buy products directly from overseas countries like Korea, Japan, US, UK and so on. By availing the facility of Taobao International shipping, one can buy any items from this e-commerce website from anywhere on the earth. Taobao was established in 2003 by Alibaba group. In very less time, it became the largest online retail websites in Asia. It is estimated that the company has over 80% market share of online sale in China. The credit to around one-third of home express deliveries in China goes to Taobao shipments. This e-commerce company has created millions of jobs directly and indirectly. Let us get to know what makes Taobao so successful in these years.

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Online transactions always remain a little doubtful where user cannot take part confidently. The actual problem lies that buyer cannot see neither the real product nor the seller. The only thing s/he knows about the product is through some descriptions and photos (which s/he doesn’t know if real or fake). He cannot know about its quality until s/he receives the product. Even when the buyer returns the product, there always runs a fear that customer may not return the money. No online bidding can be successful until user is assured of the safety of transaction. Taobao ensured this by introducing the rating system where buyers and sellers, both can rate each other. It adds credibility for future trades.

Payment system

When a buyer pays money for a transaction, s/he only pays it to Taobao’s payment system. The seller will not receive the money until the buyer confirms that s/he has received the product in good condition. If buyer forgets about the transaction after receiving the product, the seller is automatically paid after 10 days.

Apart from these reasons, wide variety of products is also one of the major reasons behind the popularity of Taobao. Be it furniture, hotel rooms, food items, clothes, accessories or anything, name the product and you can order it on Taobao. It encourages buyers to shop zillions of items on Taobao.

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