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    Oct 9, 2016

    What Kind Of Outsider Are You?

    Think mainstream society is a drag and want to break free, but you don't know where to go next? This quiz is designed to help you to identify your escape route.

    1. 1. Where do you feel most at home?

    2. 2. What is your preferred mode of transport?

    3. 3. You have six months to live, what do you do?

    4. 4. What is the meaning of life?

    5. 5. Who do you find most heroic?

    6. 6. When are you happiest?

    7. 7. What kind of relationship suits you best?

    8. 8. There's nothing on telly. Which of the following are you most likely to do?

    9. 9. What is your attitude to life?

    10. 10. How do you wear your shirt?