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    • neilm12

      I’ve been to most of these places, because I was born there. But the whole damn country is full of scenery like this, so I grew up more or less oblivious. But then I started travelling overseas, where many people can drive for 12 hours without the scenery changing at all, let alone becoming spectacular. So we don’t just have amazing scenery - it’s all packed into a tiny area and changes radically every hundred miles. New Zealand is like having all the best parts of a 3-month world trip packed into a fortnight.

    • neilm12

      This is utter nonsense written by a PR flack 5 years behind the times. Leaving a mask on your dash? You might as well stencil ‘Free Bradley Manning’ on your shirt. I am quite sure that there *are* people in the military/intelligence system who are stockpiling documents and biding their time. But the very first rule would be to never mention anything to anyone under any circumstances. Nobody in that position would be stupid enough to try and identify themselves to others *ever*. ‘over 9000’ oh my god if anyone tried to slip that into unrelated conversation, presumably while looking directly at me and possibly winking… I’d turn them in myself. If I was doing a Snowden, I wouldn’t want other wanna-bes attracting attention like that.  The whole idea of this article is preposterous.

    • neilm12

      BDSM is a big, big tent. I think a lot of people - couples especially - try something they think is BDSM and find it awkward, or just not enjoyable, or genuinely scary. Even without realising it, many people then decide that it’s obviously not *them* that’s broken, it must be all those people who say they actually like this stuff. It is a very difficult leap for most people to accept that something they find hideous and the exact opposite of ‘love’ can be a completely different experience for others. This is true for both sides of the divide. I guess BDSM will always be a somewhat fringe activity because it seems there is a genuine minority of people who can enjoy it. More publicity and drivel like “Fifty Shades” isn’t necessarily a good thing.

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