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7 Sublime Sia Songs

A short list to highlight the best of Sia till date. For the full list visit Nescafe with Neil.

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7. Beautiful Calm Driving

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Having beautiful in the title already describes the song. With instrumentals and a very calm tone, the song delivers a deeper meaning about a lover that was so calm and collected before, but has transformed into someone completely different. Summer Rain where the worst expectations of someone prove to be wrong, accompanied with a livelier beat is the exact opposite of Beautiful Calm Driving.

6. Lentil

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This title is definitely perplexing but the image should give a clue. Yes this heartfelt song (from Some People have Real Problems) is about a dog, as Sia says "Did that title confuse you? [Laughs] It was a dog called Lentil, that was the first dog I ever fostered and I couldn’t take him with me back to London because he didn’t have the right rabies shots and it was in Australia. I had to go back to London to work and I had to leave him in Australia and I felt so bad because I loved him so much. I found him a really good home and he’s so happy now. I see him every summer. He’s a good boy." So all the dog lovers and dog rescuers will love this song like I do.

5. Footprints

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Oh this song. So moving. It can take a romantic or spiritual context (it is the latter for me). According to Sia, it was one of the 25 tracks she wrote for Beyonce's album, and 'Pretty Hurts' was the only one that made the final cut. "Isn't that amazing?" she marveled to Rolling Stone last December. 'Footprints' references a popular Christian folk tale 'Footprints in the Sand'that's been mentioned before in contemporary pop music.

The song's connection to faith and religion represents Sia's ability to mold to her clients. Beyoncé has openly confirmed her Christian faith while Sia, in classic Sia style, hasn't revealed much as to her religious affiliation. Whether religiously or spiritually, Sia felt a special connection to the song. "It's one of my favorite songs, actually," Sia told Rolling Stone.

4. Bird Set Free

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What better way to start an album than this song. It is powerful and raw, reminiscent of songs from 1000 Forms of Fear', almost like an encapsulation of Sia's road so far. This song was rejected by Rihanna, Adele and Pitch Perfect 2 but none could have done justice to the song the way Sia does. Her performance on SNL and Ellen were also great.

It is another motivating anthem from her similar to Titanium, Alive, Unstoppable and The Greatest which convey strength in their own unique ways (The Greatest is dedicated to the Orlando victims).

3. Soon We'll Be Found

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What do you do when your relationship comes to a standstill? When you can't seem to be able to get through to the other person? When you spend more time fighting than anything else? Sia ponders these questions in Soon We'll Be Found and more emotionally in Space Between. Sometimes all you can do is hope that the next day is better.

Different but somehow still comparable, One Million Bullets portrays unconditional love from one person but not the other, there are other theories to a deeper meaning though. Either way it is the one song Sia wrote for herself on the This Is Acting album and it comes through.

2. Lullaby

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Don't be deceived by the title, this song is definitely not for children. On the contrary, it is almost a goodbye song that would not be out of place at a deathbed or funeral. It handles the heavy subject immensely well (the verse in the image is one of the more striking parts of the song). It has a very serene 'lullaby' effect. It is a song about realizing that you're human and realizing that you're incredibly fallible and within realizing that fallibility, lies the seeds of greatness. In this song, Sia calls to

Place your past into a book

Put in everything you ever took

Place your past into a book

Burn the pages let them cook

and almost like foreshadowing she has a song on the 1000 Forms of Fear album called Burn The Pages that uses part of the verse where the intention is to cheer up a depressed friend.

And finally,

1. Breathe Me

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So much can be said for this song from Colour the Small One. Succinctly though, Rolling Stone called the song "delicate and haunting". It was Sia's ticket to fame, especially in the US, when it featured on Six Feet Under's final episode though it featured on another show before that. Since then it has been used a lot and always seems to have the perfect timing.

Big Girls Cry (an empowering song for women especially) captures some similar emotions as this one but not in the same capacity and effect. On her other hand, I'm In Here explains how alone and lost we tend to feel sometimes. Still, Breathe Me brings something completely different to the table with simple lyrics and music that just adds to the song's appeal as it relays the feeling of uncertainty and need for help/support.

Be my friend, hold me

Wrap me up, unfold me

I am small, and needy

Warm me up, and breathe me

It might seem odd to top the list with such an emotional song but sometimes when you let yourself be vulnerable and open is when you are the strongest.

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