• 1. Dealing With Sh*t Talking Octoroks

    These loin cloth wearing red masked weirdos are relentless. I’ve probably killed 200 of these things and they keep coming back for more. Like pesky ants that call you a pussy all the time in some ridiculous Disney character sounding language.

  • 2. The Hyrule Diet

    Living off of bats and snakes you kill does wonders to your digestive system. I’d love to have a salad, or a meal that I didn’t kill first with my sword, and then heat over the Blue Candle. Which, if the flame runs out, I have to leave that area and then come back into. What the f*ck?

  • 3. Your Only Friends are Old Man and Ooold Man

    He may come off as hilarious and fun. But put yourself in my shoes, or boots, when you’re looking for advice or help and all you get is ridiculed, emasculated, and totally ripped on by a barefoot 1,000 year old guy that is probably nude under his red robe.

  • 4. The Occasional Tease From the Princess

    Don’t get me wrong, Princess Zelda is definitely hot, and at least a 9. But, if she can randomly appear to offer me words of encouragement, why can’t she just vanish from the prison she’s being held in? Or at least let me make out with her for longer than one second. Just sayin…

  • 5. No Place to Get Beer

    Seriously. This sucks.

  • 6. Being Hated by Everyone

    If there was a ‘Hyrule’s Most Wanted’ I would be the only person on the show. This entire place wants me dead. Imagine waking up every morning knowing that, then looking over and seeing the crunchy burnt bat your ate from the night before. Good times.

  • 7. The Outfit

    Call it what you want, but I’m wearing a fricking green skirt, with a silly green hat that feels like a weird long Robin Hood-ish pony tail. I have to wear this? How about some armor? Or, I don’t know, what are they called, oh yeah — PANTS!

  • 8. All The Killing

    This isn’t something I ever thought about before I landed here, but you’ve got to keep up a constant stream of murder just to get anything done as Link. It’s cool that the bodies just disappear and everything, but that doesn’t really make it any less heavy on the old conscience. Unless it’s an Octorok, because they can go to hell.

  • 9. The Ears

    Some people think the elf ears are cute. Adorable. Sure. Try sleeping on your side. Plus, they are borderline sharp and they make me look like a douche.

  • 10. Sex With Fairies

    I know, it’s like every guy’s fantasy to have dirty sex with a perverted, horny version of Tinkerbell, but have you ever thought about the mechanics? It’s a combination of magical, dirty, awkwardness, mixed with a side of pleasure and pain. And, I have to do it, or I die. Which, gives her all the power and allows her to dominate me, which she does. I feel cold and vulnerable afterward and just want a hot shower to cry in.