Hi, I'm Neil. Through a tragic accident, I ended up stuck in Hyrule -- the land you may know from the Legend of Zelda. I'm here to tell you: It kinda blows to live there.
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  • 10 Things That Suck About Living In Hyrule

    Look, I know the original Legend of Zelda looks like it’d be a cool place to be forced to live in, with all the magic, vast landscapes, crazy creatures, hot fairies and princesses, but it’s overrated. People are always like, “Neil, you live there, that’s so awesome, you are so lucky dude!” Well, trust me folks, there’s plenty about this place that does not rule. Actually, it was kind of hard to narrow it down to an even 10, but I gave it my best. You are hereby officially warned — let me know if you have other thoughts about what else would suck about living in the game by adding them in the comments below!

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