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10 Ways To Shut Down A Party

Sometimes you need to fight for your right to not party. For more advice on shutting down your neighbor's out-of-control rager, take some tips from the pros in Neighbors. Own it Now on Blu-ray™ and DVD.

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1. Smash the water main and flood the house.

Chance of Success: 10%

Smashing your neighbor's water pipes will either shut down the shindig or transform it into an all-night indoor pool party. Either way, this method of party control is not recommended.

2. Cloak the party in darkness by cutting the electricity. / Via

Chance of Success: 20%

No electricity = no lights and, more importantly, no music. There's still a 20% chance that glow sticks might save the party, though. The danger level is high on this method, so try to avoid it.

3. Invite the local retirement home to the party.

Chance of Success: 30%

Young, hip partygoers generally don't like to party with old people, so this party-killing tactic is pretty sound. Still, there's always a chance that the old people might turn out to be awesome.

5. Scare the crowd away with your awkward dance moves. / Via

Chance of Success: 50%

An awkward dance contest is a great way to foul up a party, especially if you're an uninvited outsider to the festivities. Be careful, though, because the tactic may backfire if your dance is perceived as ironic.

7. Start a heated political debate that quickly becomes a shouting match.

Chance of Success: 70%

Parties and political discussions do not mix well, so inciting a heated debate about geopolitical issues will most likely kill the vibe. It might also get you punched in the face.

9. Offer to buy everyone free shots at a nearby bar.

Warner Bros. / Via

Chance of Success: 90%

Promise to buy a round of shots for everyone at the nearest bar and watch the party clear out. Especially if you've already disposed of the beverage supply.

10. Place a discreet call to the cops.

Chance of Success: 95%

Nothing breaks up a party quite like a visit from the police. Just make sure there's no way to trace the complaint back to you. Otherwise, you'll be harassed by bitter neighbors faster than you can dial 9-1-1.

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