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    15 Moments Only International Students Have Experienced

    From the endless long-haul flights to the dismal homesickness, we've experienced it all.

    1. Feeling jealous of the local students whose parents drive them to college on move-in days *AND* help them unpack.

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    2. Worrying over whether the local students will be able to understand your accent.

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    3. Confusing your body because of the massive food portions offered in other countries.

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    4. Having to schedule calls with your family because everyone’s in completely different time zones.

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    5. Feeling like you’re in the spotlight when your country’s name comes up.


    6. And when that DOES happen, you’re left dispelling the stereotypes people have about you and your country.


    7. Feeling homesick when you’re not with your family on traditional holidays.


    8. Feeling the that pride kick in when your professor *FINALLY* gets your name right.


    9. Converting every price to your home currency to understand how expensive things really are.

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    10. Crying with happiness when you finally meet someone from your home country.


    11. Getting told off by professors for using the English spelling rather than the American spelling


    12. Not being able to keep up with the local slang or the cultural jokes, but you laugh awkwardly pretending that you do.


    13. Thinking you found the perfect internship but getting disappointed when you read it's only applicable for permanent citizens...


    14. ...and for a brief moment you consider marrying one of your local friends for those citizenship benefits.


    15. But at the end of it, you still have your international buddies who can relate to the struggle, and you’re grateful for them!

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