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    27 Sex Toys Under $60 That Are Affordable And Deliver Mind-Blowing Results

    Butt plugs, vibrators, and dildos that'll fit your budget...ohhhh my! 😳

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Some may have been sent as samples, but all opinions and reviews are our own. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A textured silicone vibrator with 12 vibrating modes and a realistic-inspired design, so you can finally give your favorite spots the attention (and stimulation) they deserve.

    Promising review: "I absolutely love this product. It has become my go-to massager. It's waterproof and recharges easily and quickly. It makes very little noise for those times when I need to be discrete. It's also contoured to give me a good grip, whichever way I decide to hold it, perfect for those 'hard to reach places.' Oh, and it has some power, real power. Plus it's very pretty, and it comes in a lovely velvet bag. Treat yourself right and buy it." —Booklover

    Get it from Amazon for $22.99 (available in three colors).

    2. The OG Magic Wand that's been delivering *relief* to loyal users for decades with two rumbly speeds and a simple single switch. If you're going to cancel your plans to enjoy some me-time, you better do it big.

    Hitachi Magic Wand Original
    Hitachi Magic Wand Plus
    Hitachi Magic Wand Rechargeable
    Hitachi Magic Wand Mini
    @vibratexinc / Via, @vibratexinc / Via, @vibratexinc / Via, @vibratexinc / Via

    The OG Magic Wand is also formerly known as the Hitachi, just to avoid confusion. The same beloved classic is now available in Plus (an upgraded, corded version with multiple speeds), Rechargeable (cordless version with multiple speeds) and Mini (a travel-friendly, cordless version).

    Promising reviews: "I had the original magic wand for a long time but was sad that it only had two speeds. I bought this because I liked the idea of a magic wand without a cord and with different settings. I was worried it wouldn't be as powerful as the original wand. It's actually better! With the different speeds and settings you can pick how powerful it is, even as powerful as the original. And so far the battery life has been pretty great." —A. Stott (on Rechargeable)

    "I broke my vibrator two weeks ago. I've had that vibrator for many years. It was very sad. So, I decided to try the Hitachi out because of the reviews. It came today...and so did I. This thing is better than my last vibrator. Actually, I didn't realize I had started it out on the lower setting. Nothing was 'happening' and I was getting a little worried. Turned the switch to the high setting and . . . hello! It is a bit noisy but nothing like my last vibrator. Ladies, I would never recommend a battery operated device. They just don't cut it. And guys, my husband always says, the best gift a man can give his lady is a corded vibrator. He even rigged a nice little outlet in my 'naughty' drawer so it will always be ready. Now the attachments. I've never been one for attachments usually because they are just too small and don't do anything for me. However, the attachments for the Hitachi are substantial. I'll be using those from now on. I love my Hitachi!!" —D. Novak (on Original)

    Get it from Amazon $53.64+ (available in four styles).

    3. A best-selling hand-sculpted butt plug called the Knotty Elf boasting an "uncircumcised" tip and a girth of 8.25" (circumference) at its widest point — it'll make you start believing in elves if you don't already.

    Pastel multicolor abstract butt plug
    Nawty Toy Box / Etsy

    This 6.5" plug and its 5.5" insertable length couldn't possibly be what Legolas was packing in those tights...I refuse to believe it.

    Promising reviews: "Phenomenal length, width, and texture. Not too soft or too rigid. Absolutely flawless and a joy to use. I couldn't be happier." —M K

    "This thick boy surpassed my expectations, it's both beautifully poured, and gives an intense fullness sensation. Do not be fooled, this boi is very thick, if you're not used to having knotting toys or plugs, you'll probably need to work up to it a little 😉." —Carolina Bravo

    Get it from Nawty Toy Box on Etsy for $59.95 (available in custom colors).

    Nawty Toy Box is a Chicago-based sex toy boutique that specializes in creating premium fantasy dildos and plugs at a more affordable price.

    4. A powerful miniature wand vibrator created with supple silicone for a soft-touch feel and 20 functions to take you right to that blissful, blurry edge.

    Promising reviews: "I was a newbie when I bought this and didn’t know what to expect. But boy, after the first time I used it, I was hooked. It made my whole body quiver. Ladies, it will seriously blow your mind!" —Alyssa Carpinelli

    "I bought it for my husband and me to try out in bed. I didn’t think it would be so powerful to make me squirt within seconds! 🤤 My husband even said his balls are numb from how powerful it is LMAO! 🤣 Literally had to place a pillow over my face from screaming out in pleasure and waking the whole neighborhood LOL." —Cheyanne

    Get it from Amazon for $20.75+ (available in seven colors).

    5. The Puff compact suction vibrator — it's beloved by beginners and more experienced 'bators who enjoy riding the five intensities to climax over and over again. This brings a whole new meaning to wake and bake, if you know what I mean?

    Model holding green suction vibrator above mirror
    Model holding pink suction vibrator next to box

    It's me. I am 'bators. JK, but seriously — I love this toy. And every time I think another one has shown up to take its place, I am reminded by the compact size, easy handling, and very very discreet noise (when pressed against the body)...that this toy is my ride or die. I tell everyone I know, and now I'm telling you. Never used suction? Get the Puff. New to sex toys? Get the Puff. Just want to expand your ever-growing collection? Puff.

    Promising reviews: "Was hesitant to try this since I wasn’t sure about the whole suction aspect, but I do not regret going for it at all! Such an incredible price for an equally amazing toy! If you’re on the edge about getting this, just buy it — you’ll love it. <3" —jillian

    "I’m new to the all of this. My friends literally raved about Puff for a year before I finally decided to get one. I did not know…I could feel like that. It is amazing. It took me some time to fully utilize the suction feature in the Puff, but the vibration itself is *chefs kiss*. I also used it once during sex with my boyfriend and phew!!! I don’t even know if I have any words. Great for beginners!" —B.

    Get it from Unbound for $48 (available in quartz and mint).

    6. A slim G-spot vibrator with a gentle curve that'll massage you in all the right places with five powerful vibration modes and five intensities.

    Promising reviews: "I definitely had a lot of fun with this product. I’ll give it 5 stars for sure. It’s easy to clean, fairly quiet. Came with cute tote bag for storage, and a charger. Perfect fit inside. And perfect vibration speeds. I’m in love with this product. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!" —Rose

    "I knew going in this was going to be thinner than I wanted, but I am very happy with this purchase! It has great strength and is pretty quiet for a vibrator. The flexible tip is nice, and the item feels well made. I really like that the charging port is below the screw on/off cap; I am not at all concerned about using this item in the shower to bathtub. I am looking forward to playing with this toy a lot more! After the first use, I highly recommend." —BWK

    Get it from Amazon for $39.99.

    7. A palm-sized vibrator boasting a "tongue" with nine vibrations and nine licking motions, meaning it can l-l-l-lick you from your head to your toes, but no really.

    Promising reviews: "After my first use (shoutout for arriving in the mail charged) I came like NO OTHER! I didn’t know how I was going to feel about the tongue but it reminded me of the best head I’ve received so obviously I was in love. I mean it when I say my first immediate thought was, I will no longer need a man because I have this toy. 😂 So if you wanna ditch your man, woman, person, and whoever else, this toy will keep you satisfied probably better than they can. 12/10" —TJ

    "With the price of this I didn't expect much...but WOW. I am shocked at how awesome this little gadget is; so awesome in fact I don't even get two minutes in using before it's game over for me (in a really good way). It's easy to use alone or during intercourse for extra intensity (good lordy), waterproof, soft/smooth and easy to clean, charged fast and holds the charge for a shockingly long time. It has more speed/intensity options than I need but having the option to go up is nice. Overall very very happy I stumbled across this little gem." —Kieley Sue

    Get it from Amazon for $33.99 (available in three colors).

    8. A transparent masturbator with a tight, convex, textured interior that you can twist, stroke and watch through its case until you're finished.

    Model sticking fingers into transparent masturbator
    Front of masturbator with realistic details
    Model holding masturbator to display front and full length

    Yes, it's waterproof, so go ahead and play with it in the shower.

    Promising reviews: "I go through a lot of these types of toys (Idk maybe I'm too rough with them? Or what I use to clean them is too harsh? Diluted soap is what I use btw.) Anywho, The last toy I bought before this one I literally said "holy (bleep)!" And didn't think it could get any better. Boys, boooys boys boys boys boys. It did. Right here. This thing? Buy it. Do it right now. It's 10000000% worth the money." —Shonn Pederson

    "My wife bought this toy to use. The added attention was awesome and helped blow me away. Recommended as a couples fun toy!" —agggie delorenzo

    Get it from Amazon for $32.99 (available in three colors).

    9. A compact silicone finger vibrator in case physical touch is your love language and you want to add a little oomph to your play with 10 vibration modes controlled by a single button.

    Turquoise, pink and purple finger vibrators displayed at different angles / Via

    Promising reviews: "I was looking for something that would work well with partner play, and I hit the jackpot with this little vibe. It’s about the size of an egg, the finger grooves make it so comfortable to hold, and it’s perfect for every position. It doesn’t really explain, so for anyone reading: long press to turn on and off/once it’s on, single press to cycle through settings/once it’s off, two presses to lock and unlock it — it will be locked upon opening! Highly recommend :)" —Crandberry

    "OK...this one is incredible. So many uses from nipple stimulation to clit stimulation (during solo or partnered play!!) to giving some vibration to the perineum; me and my partners love this toy. It’s so versatile and strong enough to give a great sensation, while being easy to hold. Also this is a GREAT on-the-go toy as it has a travel mode so it doesn’t accidentally buzz when you don’t want it to." —Meaghan Booth

    Get it from Spectrum Boutique for $44 or Amazon for $45.95 (available in three colors).

    Spectrum Boutique is a sex-positive retailer run by self-proclaimed "Dildo Duchess" Zoe Ligon to provide customers with curated collections and resources.

    10. A vibrating anal plug, featuring graduated beads and 16 vibration modes, so you can feel every little thing as you explore the rear. You might as well spend your precious free time getting better acquainted with your orifices that are a little harder to reach.

    Reviewer holding black beaded anal vibrator
    Vibrator in box next to removable bullet

    Promising reviews: "Feels amazing going in and even better once it’s turned on, the vibrations are enough to hit that special spot and leave you begging for more!" —Anonymous

    "If you’re looking for a product to send shockwaves through your body, this is it! This toy will keep you excited and pleasured for hours. Try it with your partner or enjoy it by yourself. You will not be disappointed!" —Jerome Monegan

    Get it from Amazon for $19.99.

    11. The Tulips vibrator by Sweet Vibrations, boasting a unique, waterproof design with its two lips that'll caress your clit and make sure you feel those vibrations entirely.

    Mint green vibrator and box

    This tiny toy has 10 vibrations and five intensities for you to explore and a rechargeable battery that will probably outlast you (and if it doesn't, reviewers swear by their customer service).

    Promising reviews: "This little toy is the best! It’s incredibly effective and easy to clean. The battery lasts forever and I love how many different settings it has. No matter what mood I’m in the Tulips always works! Their customer service also rocks! They answer concerns immediately. They have a customer in me for life!" —Adrienne

    "I was a bit skeptical at first with this toy — boy was I wrong! In the time since I have owned this toy, it has become my favorite. 10 settings and multiple vibration strengths equal orgasms every time! If I could give it more than 5 stars, I would. Sadly, my Tulips died after a few months of ownership. Sweet Vibrations stands by their lifetime guarantee. When I contacted them to replace it, customer service had not one, but two replacements out to me in less than a day. Would buy again!" —missspacecase

    Get it from Amazon for $54.99 (available in three colors).

    12. A dual stimulation rose vibrator, affectionately referred to as the "Soul Snatcher" by TikTok. The egg lets you get a little internal action, while its nine-speed tongue petal can stimulate your clit, nipples, and soul (apparently). Trust me, you deserve all the flowers.

    Reviewer holding red rose dual-stimulating vibrator in bathtub
    Red rose vibrator with bulb on one end

    Promising reviews: "Okay so I didn’t expect very much out of this product, which I know is a horrible way to start off a review but let me just say: IT WORKS WONDERFULLY. Just make sure you use some kind of lubricant for the tongue part because of course it’s not real so there won’t be very much spit haha. Other than that, it’s small and convenient and best part is it isn’t LOUD! I recommend!! (Oh and it’s just cute as hell haha)." –Kimberly Estrada

    "OMG. Don’t have anyone to 👅 you?? NOT A PROBLEM ANYMORE. Wow these toys are getting so advanced it’s amazing. Feels sooo similar to a real tongue. And has a vibrator on the other end so it’s even better 😂 This made me climax in a way I never have before. 10/10 recommend." —Mel

    Get it from Amazon for $36.99.

    13. A very beginner-friendly plug made from supple silicone with a tapered tip for effortless insertion that'll hit all the right spots without being overwhelming.

    Model with blue butt plug on her body

    This slim plug is 1.3" at its widest point and 4" long — just remember to use a water-based lube for extra-smooth sailing!

    Promising reviews: "The perfect starter for anal play. My man and I both love using it on each other to the point we have to take turns on who gets it first. ;)" —CEL

    "I never used a plug before and we searched for one with my partner. Don’t hesitate if you are like me and pick this one! It’s just the perfect size and shape for a first time and it will give you lots of pleasure you didn’t know you needed. Amazing paired with Jelly!" —Camille

    Get it from Unbound for $25.

    14. A remote-controlled prostate vibrator, so you can tease and please your S.O. with nine powerful vibration intensities delivered through its flexible, curved shaft.

    Black prostate vibrator
    Vibrator next to remote
    Honey Play Box

    The vibrator is 5.2 inches long and 1.5 inches wide at its widest point.

    Promising review: "This is my third prostate massager I've bought for my husband to try and had to write a review telling y'all how great this is because the price is just perfect and I'm glad I bought it. We saw this brand and did some research on them and checked out the site and reviews here on amazon and decided to give a try. Hands down, this is definitely a body safe toy with a perfect price, and the vibration modes all meet the pleasure and benefits we are looking for." —mooo

    Get it from Honey Play Box for $58.99.

    15. A wavy glass dildo designed to deliver a ~full~ feeling and extra stimulation with each bead. The adorable heart-shaped end offers easy handling or simply a cute accent between the cheeks.

    Model holding glass dildo with pink heart-shaped handle

    Promising review: "I was so excited to receive this glass love heart-ended beaded dildo. My god she's so pretty and I'm a sucker for anything pretty. She didn't disappoint, she comes with a nice black velour pouch for storage. It's nice and weighty as glass and steel toys are. I bought it to try anally as I knew it would look cute used there and it's not as girthy as my other one, so I figured it would be a bit more comfortable. I lubed up and used it to massage myself around my clit then slid it inside. The glass feels divine. It's cool, but warms up to your body nicely. The beads really stretch and fill you and your muscles tighten around the dildo as you push and pull it in and out of yourself. I just love this toy and I'm going to be using it along with my other glass beaded toy and try DP. Honestly if you haven't tried glass toys please invest in one you won't regret it. There's something so sensual about them. They're firm and weighty and look so pretty and are great to handle. 10/10 from me. Thanks Lovehoney." —Anonymous

    Get it from Lovehoney for $39.99.

    16. A submersible Satisfyer Pro 2 with over 31,000 5-⭐️ ratings from viewers because of its nondirect clitoral stimulation and 11 pulsating suction intensities.

    It might just be Amazon's most beloved sex toy, seriously.

    Promising reviews: "I have been waiting for something like this forever. Helped me to get over that edge. Best thing since sliced bread. I highly recommend this." —etheldrea

    "Throughout my entire life, I have NEVER orgasamed as quickly as I did when using this. It literally took less than a minute. It is absolutely amazing. It's better than sex or any other toy I've ever purchased." —Confidential

    Get it from Amazon for $39.95 (available in three colors).

    17. A curvy stainless-steel massager just under 8 inches long with two bulbous ends for targeted stimulation. The weight alone (1.5 lbs.!) will deliver a sensation like never before, but add in a little thrusting motion? Mind. Body. Soul. Blown. 💥 

    One end measures 1 inch wide and the other measures 1.5 inches wide. Altogether, this sex toy weighs about 1.5 pounds.

    Promising reviews: "I’ll say it three times. Just buy it! But, read on. Honestly. I don’t even know why you are reading reviews. BUY IT! I rarely take the time to write a review, but skeptical, like you may be, in how this works and the quality compared to the name brand, but let me tell you again — stop reading BUY IT. I am experiencing feelings and sensations I didn’t know were possible. I tend to linger and explore what was supposed to be just a quick sesh to 'do it' because it feels so good. Simple. Easy to Clean. High Quality. I’m not sure what gets censored, but leaking profusely like I haven’t done in years. I’m sorry for others who describe defects. They just need to replace it, it happens. This is my absolute favorite resource for the least I’ve spent an any “Job Aid." If you’re still here, BUY IT already!" —K. Breslain

    "Okay, so normally I wouldn’t write a review for something like this, mostly out of embarrassment. But truthfully this thing is pretty amazing. Yes, straight men can enjoy these things to no end. I’m an example of this. I never knew what a prostate massage was, and when I learned about it, I thought it sounded incredibly painful. It’s not. It does take some time to get used to, and if you’re like me, it takes braving through actually trying it once. When I first received it I almost returned it without even trying it because I was so confused and unsure about using it. Since it’s cheap enough to buy, I figured I’d try it once and if I hated it, I’d just toss it out. Well, after several tries, though I still haven’t had a P-orgasm, I find this incredibly satisfying and intensifies regular orgasms quite a bit. So yeah, highly recommended if you are looking to ‘expand’ your orgasms." —Reginald Cape

    Get it from Amazon for $29.99.

    18. A curvy rabbit vibrator created with a slender shaft to slip inside, and unique rabbit "ears" that knead and massage your clitoris. Yeah, pretty sure you need this.

    Good thing this dual stimulator is waterproof, or else those 10 vibration modes would create a problem.

    Promising reviews: "Opened the box and got it straight on charge. A few hours later I went to try my new toy out and WOW it did not disappoint! I usually take a while to reach orgasm, and within 10 minutes my legs was shaking and I was done. Definitely one of my favorites in my draw." —Elizabeth

    "I waited to do a review until I had a chance to charge and use it. It has some pretty intense vibrations and the rabbit ears moving are just great. The size is super fit for me. Its not too thick or thin and has a nice weight but isn't heavy. It's easy to clean and made of super soft silicone feeling material. 5/5 it hit all my right places." —Patricia Villarreal

    Get it from Amazon for $25 (available in teal and purple).

    19. A Jack 2-in-1 stroker and packer, boasting representational hues and a ribbed cavity that provides suction to the wearer for a stimulating stroke session.

    Model holding assorted colors of Jack packer
    New York Toy Collective

    For packing, it's recommended to be worn with a strap-on / harness, so that it stays put. The stroker cavity stretches and works best for anatomies at least 0.5" in diameter because it will create suction, any smaller and the suction will not be activated.

    Promising reviews: "I love this product! The hole is big enough for many sizes to fit and stay on with suction. Amazing and intense stimulation. I tried after using a pump and it helped me stay erect. Best packer I ever owned and I owned most of em." —Jaki

    "My partner and I used the Jack yesterday. They are trans masculine and three years on testosterone. We used it in two different ways. The first way, I used a nice amount of lube, opened the stroker and suctioned it and stroked. It worked best with reinforcement by hand. Most FTM strokers we come across seem as if they are designed for trans masculine folks who are more developed growth wise physically. With that being said we improvised and the toy wound up giving amazing results for my partner. They give it a 9/10 and said that they are interested in seeing this develop in different shapes and sizes. I also suctioned it, applied pressure with fingers and performed oral sex. He said it was very pleasurable to be able to receive head and have the point of view visual that Jack creates. It helped with his dysphoria." —Summer

    Get it from New York Toy Collective for $59 (available in four fleshtone hues).

    20. A vibrating anal plug from the makers of the Emojibator novelty vibrators, that also has 10 vibrating functions, a waterproof design, and O-ring base for easy insertion and removal.

    Orange butt plug surrounded by gummy candies
    Model holding butt plug with finger through o-ring base

    Get it from Emojibator for $54 or Amazon for $49.

    Emojibator products are designed with love in Philadelphia and include novelty sex toys inspired by veggies and emojis.

    21. A classic rabbit vibrator by PlusOne with 10 vibration settings and dual motors, so you can feel everything in the shaft and external tip.

    Model holding pink rabbit vibrator near legs
    Plus One

    Promising reviews: "I bought this as a break-up treat for myself because I was getting depressed and horny, which is a terrible combination. It ended up being one of the best purchases I've ever made. I don't even want to call it a toy, it's more like an appliance for everyday living. Magnetic rechargeable internal battery (yeah, no scrambling to find the remote when you need battery life), multiple settings (separate for the main shaft and the clitoral stimulator LIKE THEY KNEW WHAT A CLITORIS IS!), and pretty easy to clean (some ridges around the buttons take more than a quick swipe, but nothing to cry over). I squirted for the first time in a decade. I literally wept. This thing is magic and the future is now." —Rachel Foster

    Get it from Amazon for $29.98.

    22. A reusable Tenga Spinner masturbator, which comes in an assortment of styles, each with its own unique internal texture that spins around your shaft as you stroke for a lifelike squeeze. Having the house to yourself on Sunday morning just got a lot...more...interesting.

    Infographic of all six Spinner models
    gif of model demonstrating how to use spinner
    Tenga USA

    Promising reviews: "Better than your hand! Dead serious, this thing has SUCTION and does the job well. Very happy with this product and looks completely inconspicuous. Will get more!" —Micah M.

    "This feels amazing! Granted, it isn't as good as the real thing but it still feels great. The key is to push out all the air. That way you get the spiral feel and suction. I don't think you can find a better stroker for the money. I plan on buying the other styles." —AS

    Get it from Amazon for $23.92+ (available in six styles).