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    If You Like To Hibernate In The Winter, Here Are 28 Sex Toys To Keep You Cozy And Satisfied

    Reclaiming fall and winter as the seasons of les petits morts, and making this one the most pleasurable one ever.

    1. A Horoscope Pleasure Kit that includes a gemstone necklace for your zodiac sign, a clitoral enhancement balm and a chic, minimalist bullet vibrator to help you manifest an orgasm.

    Model holding gemstone necklace
    Model holding gray minimalist clitoral vibrator
    Model holding clitoral balm
    Bijoux Indiscrets

    The clitoral balm has a warming effect to help increase your pleasure as you play and the miniature vibrator has three intensities and seven vibration settings. A convenient elastic band helps keep it in place around your finger. TBH, the zodiac gemstone necklace does nothing to help you orgasm, but it's cute, and also helps make this trio a perfect gift for the Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, or Aquarius babes in your life!

    Promising review: "This is a great quiet convenient device. The balm is a nice scent and the necklace is nice. I wish the clasp on the necklace was a little larger as it is difficult to open once on the neck, but not impossible." —Andrea L.

    Get it from Bijoux Indiscrets for $40 (available for each sign).

    Bijoux Indiscrets is a woman-owned and -led company that designs intimate cosmetics and pleasure toys that stand out from typical depictions of female pleasure to help women feel comfortable exploring their bodies and sexuality.

    Here's even more finger vibrators if you've been wanting to do more hand stuff!

    2. A stainless-steel wand by Le Wand with a sleek, elegant curve that'll reach your favorite spots and satisfy them effortlessly. Tease away with the narrower end or test the limits of your pleasure with the ridges and bulb on the other — you know what they say, go big or go home.

    Stainless steel wand
    Le Wand

    Stainless steel means easy cleaning, compatible with any lube and a hefty weight — 1.11 pounds to be exact. Whether exploring anal, vaginal, external or temperature play, this wand offers a lot of options with 7 inches of length and swirl ridges along one of the ends.

    Get it from Le Wand for $125.

    3. A unique butt plug that simulates the feeling of rimming with rotating anal beads in the shaft and a vibrating tip that hits your favorite spots. Because nothing screams cozy comfort like a rim job, am I right?

    Rimming plug 2, petite and XL with wireless remotes
    @bvibe_social / Via

    The set includes a vibrating butt plug, wireless remote, three B-Vibe enamel pins, carrying case, greeting card and sticker.

    This 1.5-inch diameter plug has seven rotation patterns and six intensities to explore and stimulate your P-spot as you start (or continue) your journey into anal play. Also, it's splash-proof!

    Looking for something a little larger? Check out the Rimming Plug 2 and the Rimming Plug XL, which have all the same features but a little more length.

    Promising reviews: "I purchased the rimming plug petite after the thrilling experiences i had with the snug plug. The rotating beads in the neck on their own are amazing and then add in the vibrating tip... exhilarating!!! With the remote, you can just relax and discover what patterns and intensity turn you on. Very innovative." —TK (on Petite)

    "My partner is skeptical when it comes to anal toys. But she absolutely loves this plug. Being wireless there is no messy wires in the way. And having rechargeable batteries is just fantastic. She loves the feel of the rimming action. She was satisfied many times. Best butt plug on the market hands down." —JAV (on Plug 2)

    "I worked up to this for a while. I’m a straight male, heard about prostate play and the benefits, and began experimenting. This is the best product I have used! It’s still always a challenge to get in, which makes it that much better." —Ronan (on XL)

    Get it from B-Vibe for $159.99 (available in three colors) or Amazon for $99.99+ (available in Rimming Plug 2 and XL).

    B-Vibe is a premium collection of tech-forward anal play products founded by certified sex educator Alicia Sinclair.

    Don't worry, we've rounded up the best anal vibrators if you wanna keep that booty buzzin'!

    4. A silicone Fin vibrator from Dame because it'll transform your fingers into all-powerful orgasm machine. Not to mention this is a great way to make keeping your hands warm fun.

    Model holding jade finger vibrator to display finger strap
    Model displaying squishy side of finger vibrator in citrus
    @dameproducts / Via, Dame

    A removable tether allows for more or less control, while the pointy tip and squishy side offer different sensations to your favorite spots.

    Promising review: "I really love this vibrator! Size is perfect, and my partner likes to use it. It has three strength levels, and level 2 is good for me under most conditions. Easy to clean and feels nice against the skin. You can detach the extra holder on the top if you don’t care for it. Worth the money; easy to clean. Charging is simple too." —Sylvie B.

    Get it from Dame for $85 (available in four colors) or Amazon for $76.88+ (available in jade or navy).

    5. An über-popular boxer brief harness which allows you to focus on the pleasure of the moment instead of complicated buckles and straps. Also, I bet it'll make a sexy-chic look if you pair it with an oversize hoodie!

    Black boxer briefs with O-ring for strap-on or dildo

    These cotton-blend boxers are double-layered for dependable support and can accommodate dildos with an 1.5-inch O-ring diameter on the base. Two interior pockets for bullet vibrators are strategically placed around the O-ring to add a little more rumble. Check out the site for more colors and prints!

    Promising review: "I’ve been really wanting to let your company know that these boxers and the matching briefs with my packer have been the most euphoric undergarments I have ever owned. I’m definitely ordering more soon. I definitely will always recommend Rodeoh to anyone looking for FTM items. Thank you so much for providing me with such confidence in my life!" —Salem

    Get it from Rodeoh for $49.99 (available sizes in XXXS–3X).

    Rodeoh is a woman-operated small business based in San Francisco that designs and curates inclusive and gender-affirming sexual wellness products.

    6. A classic rabbit vibrator boasting powerful dual motors and a titillating heating function that gets up to 107-degrees F because your favorite sweater or throw blanket can't satisfy all your needs.

    The two motors in the shaft and "ears" offer nine powerful vibration modes. It's also waterproof, so go ahead and enjoy it in the bath.

    Promising review: "This toy is a great one. The warming sensation adds a new element to our time together. The toy is very quiet, yet very strong. It charges quickly and is easy to operate. My wife really enjoys using it even on her own. If you are looking for a great product for the upcoming fall/winter season, I would definitely recommend that you purchase this little wonder." —KC MadDog

    Get it from Amazon for $35.99 (available in purple and pink).

    7. A versatile glass dildo by Unbound that's perfect for temperature play, so run it under warm water or tuck it between your legs for a cozy and comfortable sensation. This winter, raise a ~glass~ to being fulfilled without needing anyone to do it for you. 

    Model holding double-ended glass dildo above mirror

    Truly a Gem, this toy has a curved end and a beaded end with a flared base in the middle for easy removal. Oh, and it's dishwasher-safe? Um, yes please!

    Promising reviews: "Lovely, lovely, lovely! And beautiful, too! I love the duality of this product; it’s like getting two for the price of one. The curve is just right, not too rigid and not too diminished. On the flip side, it makes a great handle. I think this guy is on its way to quickly becoming my new favorite!" —Ash

    "This toy is beautiful, easy to clean, and great for G-spot and anal stimulation. Fully recommend." —Nancy R.

    Get it from Unbound for $35 or Amazon for $34.

    Like this? Here's a list of the best glass sex toys for you to explore more!

    8. An über-popular realistic dildo by New York Toy Collective created with a posable core for comfort. Because it's cuffing season and everyone (who wants it) deserves some real-feel pleasure whether single or coupled up.

    Whimsical colored dildos
    Skin tone inspired dildos
    New York Toy Collective

    This dildo has 6.5 inches of insertable length and a 1.25-inch girth, along with subtle detailing in the design for a realistic sensation during use. It's harness compatible, so you can easily pop it into your favorite strap-on for wear and play. Not to mention, it's available in four skin tone hues and seven whimsical colors.

    Promising review: "This dildo is seriously impressive. As a pack’n’play toy, it offers a wide range of value! It folds comfortably and discreetly into the pants (albeit with some effort initially) for long-term wear, feels soft between the legs when walking and sitting, pops out to an impressive length (and girth) when readying for play, looks and feels ultra realistic to the touch (except bigger, according to my girlfriend), and gives an incredible orgasm, to me as well as my partner, surprisingly! The large base pressed right up against my clit through my Spareparts harness! Not as intense as a vibrator or double ended toy, for sure, but a pleasant sensation nonetheless, and my partner gets the benefit of the huge bulbous head rolling across the G and A spots, as well as the soft, almost skin-like texture massaging everything else, and the realistic veins add a nice touch as well! Altogether, a WONDERFUL experience, from start to finish. I definitely recommend this for people who like experimenting with gender expression, but it would be a delight for everyone else too!" —Anna

    Get it from New York Toy Collective for $159.

    New York Toy Collective is a queer- and Black-owned company based in NYC that designs artisan sex toys and gender-affirming accessories.

    9. A discreet wearable egg vibrator that won't clash with your favorite lingerie and will get you off with seven vibration modes and or personalized patterns using the Bluetooth app.

    Pink egg-shaped vibrator next to cell phone
    gif of egg-shaped vibrator in water to demonstrate strength
    Amazon, Lovense

    The ergonomic egg shape means this discreet vibe stays put, so you can wear it out and about (if that's your thing) and control the vibrations effortlessly from your phone. No one would suspect a thing and with a five-hour battery life...this toy can probably outlast you.

    Promising reviews: "App works great super powerful and quiet. All I had to do was send an invite to my bf and he instantly was able to connect and control this thing. AMAZING!!" —Rachael M.

    "I use mine on Chaturbate mostly. Connects super easily, which was something I was worried about. The app is easy to use and this device works great for me on Chaturbate. Super comfy, sometimes I forget I have it in." —Vallaria

    Get it from Amazon for $129.

    10. A 5.8" harness-compatible dildo with a sensual curve to hit all the right spots and a vibrant striped design that might remind you of your favorite sweater.

    Multicolor striped dildo at different angles
    Wet For Her

    Promising review: "This cock is magical and easy for beginners. Medium is great for most of my lovers. We love it so so much. My only complaint is, it’s not great for behind and I can’t flip it comfortably. I’d like the same design but the base designed to wear upside down for doggy. Call it the TwistedKitty and take my money." —TwistedKitty

    Get it from Wet For Her for $79.95 (available in three sizes).

    11. The Desire thrusting vibrator by Zalo, which boasts a pre-heating design that warms up to 107º F for a lifelike sensation and six whisper-quiet thrusting modes (including one turbo)! New sweater? ☑️ Weighted blanket? ☑️ Warming vibe? ☑️ 

    Model holding pink vibrator
    @zalousa / Via

    Promising reviews: "As a first timer in penetrative toys, this one feels really nice and has many modes to cater to your preferences. I also love how it is whisper quiet, you can hardly hear it. Also, the packaging and the design is gorgeous." —Camila C

    "I tried it on my wife for the first time tonight and she was blown away. She had several orgasms in record-breaking time. She loved the softness, the pre-heating and the thrusting; they really made her feel great. We have about ten different toys that we have been using and this one has quickly risen to the ranks as number one. I don't see any other toy taking the throne." —Ronnie V.

    Get it from Zalo for $139 or Amazon for $138.31 (available in pink and purple).

    12. A versatile clitoral vibrator that's soft to the touch and waterproof for those of you who like to soak in the tub and discreetly enjoy some rumbles with your pumpkin spice bath bomb.

    Model holding green external vibrator to display bottom detail
    Model holding green external vibrator

    This external toy has eight vibration modes and a sculpted design for targeted pleasure to bring the thrills.

    Promising review: "The vibe has a good range of intensities from a very low and rumbling to a strong high buzz. It's great that they've separated out the intensity from the patterns so you don't have to scroll through patterns to get to the intensity you want. The vibe material is soft and flexible, and being completely waterproof makes it easy to clean up. It's flat-ish shape makes it easy to use during sex. My only complaint is that they don't include a charging block, only the magnetic charging cord (which on the plus side means there isn't a charging port on the vibe to get messy). My fiancée and I are looking forward to getting lots of use out of it." —Ozatm

    Get it from Amazon for $99 (available in green velvet and crave coral).

    13. A powerful miniature wand vibrator covered in silicone for a soft-touch feel and featuring 20 functions to take you right to that blissful, blurry edge. Plus, it's mini size means it's a perfect tag-along to that cabin getaway you've been waiting for.

    Promising review: "OK, ladies and possible gents. This vibrator blew my mind! The vibration strength: phenomenal! The battery life: phenomenal! And the noise level: barely there. I absolutely recommend this vibe for anyone looking to add something new to there collection, or even anyone looking to try something new! Absolutely blown away by the quality!" —Mandi

    Get it from Amazon for $18.95+ (available in eight colors).

    14. A transparent masturbator with a tight, convex textured interior that you can twist, stroke and watch yourself through until your seasonal hornies are sated.

    Model sticking fingers into transparent masturbator
    Front of masturbator with realistic details
    Model holding masturbator to display front and full length

    And yes, it's waterproof, so go ahead and play with it in the shower.

    Promising reviews: "This has been a fun addition to our tool box. The internal textures provide good sensations. The wife has enjoyed using it on me and watching me use it. The clear color gives it a very unassuming appearance, especially for those who are new to sex toys and may be a bit nervous." —Tommy D.

    "The silicone is silky smooth on this. The suction is great and the bumps inside create a great sensation. The only flaw, which isn't really a flaw, is that it's cold. You could solve this by soaking it in warm water first. It just takes a little pre-planning." —Krystal Rojas

    Get it from Amazon for $26.99 (available six styles).