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    35 Sex Toys Almost Too Pretty To Defile

    ...but we're gonna get real nasty with them, regardless. 😜

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A gleaming diamond-shaped vibrator in case you've ever wanted to be massaged all over your erogenous zones with luxurious jewels.

    Bijoux Indiscrets

    Seven patterns with three intensities and a body-safe design? Maybe diamonds really are a girl's best friend.

    Promising review: "I have to admit I wasn't sure about this toy because of the shape, but I gave it a try because it was cute. WOOOOWWW. I'm 100% clitoral and this little guy is easy to use, powerful and has a great vibration. It travels with me everywhere I go." —Martha A.

    Get it from Bijoux Indiscrets for $60.

    Bijoux Indiscrets is a woman-owned and -led company that designs intimate cosmetics and pleasure toys that stand out from typical depictions of female pleasure to help women feel comfortable exploring their bodies and sexuality.

    2. A stainless-steel butt plug with a wide sculpted end that's perfect for teasing and pleasing or setting out as a piece of abstract art.

    Stainless steel plug from side angle

    With 3.5 inches of insertable length and a width of 1.25 inches, this sleek plug also holds heat and cold temperatures really really well.

    Promising review: "Everyone is different so what works for some might not for others. This is a great adult toy that is easy to clean, doesn't get 'sticky' like some, and can be used with silicone lube. The only 'problem' is that for some it is not 'a wear it and forget it'. If not held, it can turn or twist depending on what else you are doing and again everyone is different but the handle may be too big for some to sit while using this." —Frequent Shopping Leads to Reviews

    Get it from Amazon for $89.60.

    3. A range of hand-sculpted artisan dildos — including a 7.5-inch hand-sculpted dildo named after a popular Prince song — designed for the modern masturbator who appreciates style over girth, orgasms over options.


    There are six various dildos in the line, each one with a different length and girth, so you literally can't go wrong. I am obsessing over the look of the Purple Rain dildo though, and I just have a feeling Prince would be into it.

    Promising reviews: "I love sex toys, this one is the newest one in my collection. This brand makes the most soft and sensational sex toys that I've ever used. The feel is wonderful to the skin and if you're looking for something more on the bigger side this is the right one for you. I generally prefer dildos with a more narrow head, so if you're like me you may have a hard time (pun intended) getting this one in but I took on the challenge. I just had to get very lubricated and extra turned on in order to fit this big boy, but in the end I had that feeling of fullness that I was looking for accompanied by the amazing texture from the toy and ended up cumming super hard and feeling completely satisfied. Highly recommend for that lonely weekend or with some fun with your partner :)" —Satisfied customer (on Summer Fling)

    "We have tried many brands but this one is the best so far. The shape is great and its flexible but not too flexible. Perfect length. Love that it doesn't look like an actual penis. Lesbians everywhere will love it!" —Gail E. (on Hot 'N' Cool)

    "Great fit! Perfect size for me and my girlfriend. We were looking for something a little girthier that wouldn’t hurt and this was perfect! Pro tip: wrap it in a heating pad during foreplay for an elevated experience! It is a bit heavy so we are going to have to upgrade our harness because we usually use strapless dildos with our harness so this one slips down a bit but overall, it’s great!" —Nathalie Daoust (on Electra)

    Get it from Amazon for $36.39+ (available in assorted colors and sizes).

    4. The oh-so-sweet BuzzFeed x Bellesa Pebble designed for simple single-handed maneuvering on your clitoris with five suction modes and five vibration patterns to literally blow your mind.

    Bellesa Boutique

    And when you're done, just pop this toy back into its adorable clamshell carrying case.

    Promising reviews: "This thing is amazing! I love that it just has varying speeds of a constant vibe. The suction is also so powerful for such a small thing. I like that it comes with its own case so it can be better kept clean (and hidden). The vibe is super quiet, however, the suction is a bit louder than I’d like. It’s not super loud though. Overall, it’s a great toy!" —Isabella White

    "This is my new fav toy. This lil' guy is incredible. I have the other BuzzFeed vibe with suction, but I’m not super into penetration toys, so I’ve only used it maybe twice, but enjoyed the suction. NOW THIS, this is small, fun, the vibrator part is great on its own, but the suction...THE SUCTION...OH MY GOD !! Incredible! Instantly my fav toy, and I’m a nightly magic wand user, now this is my nightly toy. The vibe and suction are separate controls with different intensities for each, so you can go slow or go crazy with it. PLUS, it’s teeny-tiny, has a cute little case, and is soft, comfortable and light to hold. 10/10 bless this toy. (Forgot to mention it’s super cute and I love the color.)" —X

    Get it from Bellesa Boutique for $79.

    5. A really pretty galactic cock ring with three vibrating speeds and seven patterns to help with endurance and lead to a satisfying session.

    Purple galactic-inspired cock ring demonstrated on realistic dildo

    This ring is textured on the inside to help it stay put when things are in motion.

    Promising review: "It's the impossible made possible. A solid, but flexible cock ring that vibrates. Packaging delivery blah blah blah, all great. Listen. I've had all types of rings, including a solid stainless-steel job that is a total monster, however, one near miss and I've retired it. The holy grail of rings. It is clearly not solid, but it isn't far off, there's enough movement in it that you can get it off if in an emergency without breaking out an angle grinder, it's solid enough that your hard on has something to push against that won't just flex. A multi-mode vibration is the icing on the cake. I want my balls to be jiggled and tingled and this does it, I can honestly say it's the best purchase I think I've had from Lovehoney and I've had a lot. Very happy, couldn't wait to try it and then used it every time we had sex and every time I helped myself for two weeks. Trust me when I say I can't find a down side. I'd buy a second as a spare just because I love it so much." —Razorblade73

    Get it from Lovehoney for $30.09 (originally $42.99).

    6. A luxury wand vibrator created with a bit of fairy dust and boasting a flexible head and eight vibration modes — not to mention, it preheats to 107 degrees F.

    Purple and pink wand vibrators

    The icing on the cake here is its water-resistant, body-safe silicone design embellished with real Swarovski crystal.

    Get it from Zalo for $74 (also available in fantasy violet).

    7. A luxury wand vibrator inspired by the scepters of the Egyptian pharaohs that's probably just as powerful thanks to the five vibration modes and six speed intensities that deliver direct stimulation to your favorite spots.

    Black and green wand vibrators with attachments

    Besides power, you get way more bang for your buck with the two multifunctional silicone attachment heads that offer clitoral and G-spot stimulation. This is it. This is the wand for me.

    Get it from Zalo for $129 (also available in turquoise green).

    8. A luxury external vibrator featuring a vibrant hue and palm-sized, contemporary pebble-shaped design that embraces your curves, so you can guide it all over your favorite erogenous zones.

    Model holding blue vibrator and white flower
    Smile Makers

    The Ballerina vibrator is new and improved with six speeds and six pulsation patterns, and features an exciting (and indulgent) "Surprise Me" mode that you'll have to play with to find out more about.

    Get it from Smile Makers for $129.

    9. A cloud-inspired dildo made of supple silicone with light textured details that may have you singing its praises.

    Early to Bed

    There's the idea of sleeping on a cloud, and then there's...well, whatever you plan on doing with this lovely dildo that ranges from 1.6 inches to 2.2 inches wide, depending on the size you get.

    Get it from Early to Bed for $35+ (available in 6" and 8" lengths).

    Early to Bed is a Chicago-based, queer- and woman-run retail sex boutique committed to providing an inclusive shopping experience.

    10. A transparent masturbator with a tight, convex, textured interior that you can twist, stroke and watch through its case until you're finished.

    Model sticking fingers into transparent masturbator
    Front of masturbator with realistic details
    Model holding masturbator to display front and full length

    Yes, it's waterproof, so go ahead and play with it in the shower.

    Promising reviews: "Love the product, my first purchase of a masturbator, very snug and stimulating. I don't consider myself very big girth-wise, but this is very snug yet 'adaptable.' It is extremely stimulating after orgasm as the toy stays tight around your very sensitive head, shaft, etc. Appears very durable, use water-based lube. 'Sucking' sound is rather stimulating depending on how you hold/use the toy. Easy to clean, pliable." —Terry

    "First toy for husband, he was really surprised at how nice it felt. We did parallel play to get him comfortable. Unbelievably soft but firm enough for resistance. Easy to clean — we have some light fabric towels to pull from one end to the other to get fully dry." —Ashwdwrd

    Get it from Amazon for $24.99.

    11. A textured glass dildo covered in delicate pastel nubs which deliver a delectable rippled sensation as you massage. Plus you can warm it up under the faucet, pop it in the fridge for cooling or just hold it up in the sun and marvel at it.

    hand holding cylindrical transparent toy

    Promising reviews: "So I have tried a different glass dildo before but was a little underwhelmed as it was smooth and not the most pleasurable. This Nubby was gifted to me by my partner. Due to the shape I wasn't holding out much hope as I do prefer a toy with a bit of a curve. Boy, was I wrong! The texture of this toy is incredible. It is equally as exquisite when used outside of the body as it is when inserted. We have had a lot of fun using this on all erogenous zones. The texture and the fact that due to glass we can adjust temperature for play is just fantastic and I would definitely recommend this toy to all." —CurvyNurse

    "So I've never tried glass before, but those little nubs caught my eye and I kept thinking about them and I just had to try it, so I bought it and's absolutely delightful. I don't really have toys with a lot of texture, so this was completely new for me and it feels really good! Definitely not as daunting to use as I imagined, it being glass and all. I'm still a little afraid I might drop it and break it accidentally, but that's it. This is also very easy to clean! I absolutely recommend this for anyone curious, it's a lot of fun :)" —Anonymous

    Get it from Lovehoney for $34.99.

    12. The extra-sleek and ergonomic Kip lipstick vibrator by Dame designed with waterproof silicone and five powerful speeds, so you can enjoy pinpointed clitoral stimulation. If you bought a bunch of these, you could call it a bouquet!

    Model holding yellow and lavender bullet vibrators
    @dameproducts / Via

    Promising reviews: "This is my second vibe from Dame (first was Pom) and I think it's my new favorite! I personally love the shape and size of the Kip. Like the Pom, Kip is soft to the touch and also quiet for how powerful it is." —Emily C.

    "The vibration patterns and settings on the Kip are great for warming you up and making things interesting for couples' play. I like the kip because it is small enough to enjoy while playing with my partner or by myself. The shape works nicely to cup my clitoris during our sessions." —Charlotte G.

    Get it from Dame for $75 or Amazon for $95 (available in lavender and lemon).

    13. The Dea by Bellesa which reimagines the classic rabbit design to bring you toe-curling dual stimulation through its two delectable silicone petals.

    Model holding purple vibrator
    @bellesaco /

    The larger "petal" has a girth of 4.2 inches and insertable length of 4 inches 🤩. Dual motors offer seven vibrating modes for you to cycle through with the push of a single button.

    Promising reviews: "Frankly, for how much this thing costs I was expecting it to light my cigarette and make me breakfast after. It does about everything short of that. The texture, flexibility, and power of this toy is great. It isn’t the quietest, but it definitely isn’t announcing anything. All in all, this was a pretty great investment that will deliver some premium quality orgasms." —em

    "The Dea is magical, I swear. It would still be worth every penny at twice the cost. I love mine. It lives in my bedside drawer, but it's so pretty I'm not sure I'd mind leaving it out." —Megan

    Get it from Bellesa Boutique for $139 (available for preorder in purple and black).

    14. A minimalist Maude vibrator that boasts three speeds and a tapered tip for target stimulation. There are four simple, but soothing earth tones to choose from that'll complement your sheets and bedding effortlessly.


    This vibe includes a convenient canvas carrying bag for when you eventually decide to take it on the go.

    Promising reviews: "Terrific and strong vibrator. Others I have purchased do not hold a candle! Love the size and quality good looks." —Linda B.

    "First of all, it's absolutely gorgeous. So chic-looking. The package came super quickly—and now, so do I. This was my first vibrator and I have no idea how I went so long without one. Highly recommend." —kg

    Get it from Maude for $45 (available in four colors).

    15. The Puff compact suction vibrator, which is the prettiest toy I own (in mint)...and also my favorite. This bestseller is beloved by beginners and more experienced 'bators who enjoy riding the five intensities to climax over and over again.


    It's me. I am 'bators. JK, but seriously — I love this toy. And every time I think another one has shown up to take its place, I am reminded by the compact size, easy handling and very very discreet noise (when pressed against the body)...that this toy is my ride or die. I tell everyone I know, and now I'm telling you. Never used suction? Get the Puff. New to sex toys? Get the Puff. Just want to expand your ever-growing collection. Puff.

    Promising reviews: "I honestly don’t know what my other vibrator was doing, it was giving me little quiet orgasms. This thing literally sucks the orgasm straight out of your soul. I came in 30 seconds and screamed so loud I almost woke the kids. I wish I had found this sooner." —Naomi

    "I’m new to the all of this. My friends literally raved about puff for a year before I finally decided to get one. I did not know…I could feel like that. It is amazing. It took me some time to fully utilize the suction feature in the puff, but the vibration itself is *chef's kiss*. I also used it once during sex with my boyfriend and phew!!! I don’t even know if I have any words. Great for beginners!" —B.

    Get it from Unbound or Anthropologie for $46 (available in quartz and mint).

    16. A wireless wand vibrator with a muted pink hue that could blend in with that vase of faux flowers on your desk. Its flexible silicone head and three simple buttons also do a great job of making your legs quake.

    Pink wand vibrator
    Honey Play Box

    Three speeds. Seven Patterns. A lightning bolt surge button to take you over the edge. And, oh, it's water-resistant.

    Promising reviews: "What a perfect wand, the color looks high-end. It feels really when used with lube, and it feels so satisfying. There are still several intensities to adjust." —Anonymous

    "Really strong for a cordless wand, I totally expected it to be less good but I was pleasantly surprised. I love the color of it too, it's aesthetically pleasing and looks real cute on my nightstand." —Chanel

    Get it from Honey Play Box for $129 (originally $148).

    Honey Play Box is a sexual wellness company in California run by a group of sex educators and self-proclaimed lesbian meme queens who are passionate about all things pleasure being positive, inclusive and accessible.

    17. A handcrafted porcelain G-spot dildo that makes me want to start speaking French, TBH.

    White porcelain dildo surrounded by plants
    @desirablesed / Via

    It's lightweight, dual-ended, designed to reach your favorite spot, and seven inches long. This one-of-a-kind beauty doesn't need to vibrate to show off its elegance.

    Promising reviews: "The Dalia is, as we Americans say, THE BOMB. It is beautiful, excellently crafted, and the little book that comes with it is a wonderful, unexpected primer on self-love! I broke mine but am buying another — it's very durable, but don't drop it on the floor in the heat of passion." —M.

    "It reaches all kinds of spots that have needed love ❤️ different than any other toy I’ve ever used, so I’m excited to experiment more." —Jessy M.

    Get it from Désirables for $124 (make sure to switch currency to USD if you're in the US!).

    18. A set of delectable anal plugs in pastel colors that'll melt your heart and make booty-enthusiasts leap for joy with three different shapes for unique sensations.

    Hot pink narrow beaded plug, lavender spiral plug and coral beaded plug

    The three textures include a hot pink beaded plug that narrows towards the tip, a girthier lavender plug with a spiral design and a classic coral plug with two beads that gradually narrow towards the tip. Pick your pleasure — I mean, preference.

    Promising review: "These were great for my entry into anal play, I think the material and size were great with not having much experience. The purple one felt incredible for both my partner and I when he was penetrating me vaginally at the same time. All in all led to a very fun night." —Paige

    Get it from Amazon for $12.93+ (available in black and pink/purple).

    19. An Onda internal vibrator by Lora DiCarlo — it's designed in a classic sage hue for the minimalist and famous for its "come-hither" stroking mechanism and rumbly vibrations that will truly blow your mind.

    Lora DiCarlo

    The Onda has four different stroke positions, so you can stimulate the perfect spot with its 10 vibration intensities. Oh, and it's waterproof too.

    Promising review: "I received this toy this week and I was super excited to try and use it with my husband. His goal has always been to get me to squirt. Finally after three years with just one orgasm I FINALLY squirted. 10/10" —Tara A.

    "This thing has been the biggest surprise to me. I LOVE it! Out of all the toys I've purchased so far (and I think I have almost all of them), this one was the best blend of minimal complexity and maximal pleasure! No glitches, nothing I wish you'd done differently, just perfect!" —Laura G.

    Get it from Lora DiCarlo for $180 (available in sage and mauve).

    20. A unique clitoral stimulator by Smile Makers that's shaped like a rose and makes YOU bloom with five pulsation intensities and innovative squeeze sensor technology.

    @smilemakerscollection /, @smilemakerscollection /

    I'm a writer, so of course I tried out a sex toy called the Poet when I had the chance. And lemme tell you, it rocked my world. Here's the thing, most suction vibrators just increase in intensity and then you cycle back through until you find your favorite one. But not this one. Yes, there are five pulsation modes (all of which are delectable), but the real selling point is the sensor squeeze technology, which allows you to adjust the intensity of the suction based on grip...and you can even lock it once you've found the perfect one! It's a little loud (especially when not against the body) and there's a bit of a learning curve with the squeezing, but it's lovely, trust me. Finally — this sex toy includes three interchangeable tips (which makes cleaning a breeze), so you can find the size that feels right and fits best for you!

    Promising review: "I was excited to try it out and it did not disappoint! This isn't the first clit suction toy I've used, but I honestly loved how unique it looked and felt on me. The sensors on the sides were a really cool feature and the mouth shape felt oh so lovely. I don't know how else to describe it but I really love this toy. It's easily one of my favorites!" —Gillian P.

    Get it from Smile Makers for $129.

    21. The Halo cock ring from Bellesa, boasting a simple and sleek design with seven vibrating settings that'll be shared between both parties, so go ahead and put a ring on it. *bling bling*

    Model holding black cock ring

    Once you've found that hookup, FWB, f-buddy who makes you all cuckoo in the head and bed, you might start discussing ways to amplify your already A1 sexual compatibility. Well, this gem fits discreetly in a pocket or purse and is designed to share good vibes all around.

    Promising reviews: "5/5 Would gain magic dick vibrating powers again." —Dan

    "I had been scoping this for a few months and finally pulled the trigger. Umm… wow. I was excited to try it and my partner was indifferent. We added it to our rhythm, and once in place my partners eyes got wide and her response was, 'well… that’s new.' Needless to say, only a few minutes later she was very sold on it and has asked for it every time since. Personally I’m a fan too, lasting longer, feeling harder and that vibration… ain’t nothing wrong with that. Highly recommended." —Kurt D.

    Get it from Bellesa Boutique for $89 (available in purple and black).

    22. A precision bullet vibrator by Vush that's both pretty and powerful with 25 vibrating combinations and a gently flexible design.

    Model touching top of light pink bullet vibrator
    @vushofficial /

    What, like it's hard?

    Promising reviews: "Awesome little thing. Packed with power, very discreet, very soft and feminine. Lots of brilliant settings and options. The silicone feels so soft and luxurious to touch. Highly recommend!" —Emily T.

    "Of all the 'self love' toys I’ve purchased in my life, this little springtime flower is by far the best of the best. Perfect size, discreet, pretty quiet and boy does it pack a punch. The design is so feminine, the battery lasts, and it gives you the ooo ahh sensation every time!!! Thank you Vush." —Kerry K.

    Get it from Vush for $90.

    Vush is an Australia-based sexual wellness brand that’s all about self-love and creating IG-worthy sex toys that’ll rock your world and match your aesthetic.

    23. A versatile glass dildo by Unbound, simply too pretty for words and definitely would have a narcissus complex if it could think, but like — just look at that smooth, double-ended glass 😍 need it!

    Model holding double-ended glass dildo above mirror

    Truly a Gem, this toy has a curved end and a beaded end with a flared base in the middle for easy removal. Oh, and it's dishwasher-safe? Um, yes please!

    Promising reviews: "This is my first dildo and it’s definitely a different experience from using a vibe, but sometimes you just want penetration, ya know? Like having a variety of options now and this is such a beautiful and well made piece! Perfect size, too." —A.

    "This is my first glass toy. I’ve used it every which way (even for self-massage) and I adore it. One of my favorite things about it is after I’ve been using it internally for a while and switch to using it externally it’s very warm and the sensation is great. It’s also just generally lovely to look at and the weight of it is nice." —Ciara H.

    Get it from Anthropologie or Unbound for $34.

    24. A powerful rechargeable wand vibrator boasting a sleek, minimalist design and 20 powerful vibration patterns to explore at 10 varying intensities.

    White, gray and black wireless wand vibrators
    Le Wand

    This wireless wand boasts 20 vibration patterns and 10 intensities to try them with for mind-blowing experiments. The silicone head is flexible and body safe, so you can maneuver this wand with ease — not to mention, it has a travel lock and case if you decide to take it on the go. If this wand seems a little too bulky for your style...grab the travel-friendly Le Wand Petite with all the same power and more color options. Then you can elevate your wands with one of the compatible silicone attachments!

    Get it from Le Wand for $170 (available in three colors).

    25. A silicone heart-shaped clitoral vibrator that'll give you butterflies in your stomach...well, before they migrate further south.

    Model holding purple heart-shaped vibrator in palm
    Early to Bed

    This little vibe is cute enough to gift, but boasts 10 powerful vibration settings to get you all hot and bothered.

    Promising review: "I'm in love with this little vibe — it's cute, not too big, and surprisingly powerful. (The third straight vibration is almost too much for me!) The silicone is smooth and satiny, and its shape is surprisingly versatile for focusing or diffusing the vibration where you need it. My only complaint is that it's just a little louder than I'd like (living with roommates as I am), but that comes with the strength of vibration. You can really tell the makers of this toy put love into the design and considered everything, even down to the little heart shaped light that turns on when it's charging and the wax seal on the top of the present-like gift box." —Em

    Get it from Early to Bed for $30.

    26. A bright suction vibrator designed by pop star Lily Allen with six powerful intensity levels giving people another reason to smile.

    @womanizerglobal / Via, @womanizerglobal / Via

    In case you like to take your good vibes on the go, this one has a waterproof design and magnetic travel cover. It also includes an extra stimulator head in another size, so you can make sure this toy fits your body perfectly.

    Promising reviews: "First up, the colors are so cute! I know some people like their toys to be a bit more neutral but this toy just reminds me of Lily — confident and cool! And it feels as good as it looks. I had to change the head of the toy to other size that came in the box and now it's legit the perfect fit for me!" —Jessy

    "This toy seems to go and go and go! I've already used it a few times and still haven't had to recharge it yet. I love switching through the intensity levels. It keeps you on edge and then sends you sky-high before you even know it!" —RachaelABC

    Get it from Womanizer for $99.

    27. A stainless-steel bullet vibrator with four vibration modes that can also be worn as a necklace...and I'm pretty sure there's a plunging V-neck top in my closet that is perfect for this!

    Model wearing vibrator pendant necklace

    Promising review: "Best smallest vibrator I've ever had the pleasure of using. It warms up when you use it, so it's not cold metal. The settings all pack a punch. It has four of them. Also a cute statement looking necklace." —Rebecca

    "This product is so easy to travel with. The charger is tiny, the vibrator is tiny. Even if you don't wear it as a necklace, it takes up no space in your bag. As a mental addition, it's pretty and non-threatening, and the look doesn't scream sex toy. So it's very easy to introduce people to, even if they're not used to sex toys, and nobody feels threatened. This is a very useful product for me, and I'm very happy to own it. Make more like this! I want more pretty little toys. I'll add that I've had this maybe nine months, and it's continued working nicely throughout." —Firebird

    Get it from Amazon for $69+ (available in three finishes).

    28. The curvilicious Arc G-spot vibrator by Dame designed with a clit-stimulating ridge, five intensities, and five patterns to keep you buzzing with pleasure.

    Model holding red vibrator in bathtub
    @dameproducts / Via

    This waterproof vibrator has a run time of 1.5 hours and an ergonomic shape that offers easy handling.

    Promising reviews: "Great shape (curve), lovely color, wonderful power and versatility. All around wonderful G-Spot vibe." —Diana R.

    "Wow I don’t know why I waited so long to get a proper toy. This bad boy is a game changer. I’ve only ever had small discrete vibrators but the ability to go from clitoral climax to g-spot climax and back is incredible. I thought the vibration speed wouldn’t be fast enough so I bought the Zee too but the Arc really does it all (actually more powerful than the Zee). I also love the packaging and the texture/color. It might take me a while to get tired of the Arc but when I do I’ll definitely be back to try out more products!!" —Ella N.

    Get it from Dame or Amazon for $115 (available in ice and berry).

    29. An über-popular realistic Shilo dildo by New York Toy Collective created with a posable core for comfort and inclusive line of colors in case you want something fleshlike or whimsical.

    New York Toy Collective

    This dildo has 6.5 inches of insertable length and a 1.25-inch girth, along with subtle detailing in the design for a realistic sensation during use. It's harness compatible, so you can easily pop it into your favorite strap-on for wear and play.

    Promising review: "This dildo is seriously impressive. As a pack ’n’ play toy, it offers a wide range of value! It folds comfortably and discreetly into the pants (albeit with some effort initially) for long-term wear, feels soft between the legs when walking and sitting, pops out to an impressive length (and girth) when readying for play, looks and feels ultra realistic to the touch (except bigger, according to my girlfriend), and gives an incredible orgasm, to me as well as my partner, surprisingly! The large base pressed right up against my clit through my Spareparts harness! Not as intense as a vibrator or double-ended toy, for sure, but a pleasant sensation nonetheless, and my partner gets the benefit of the huge bulbous head rolling across the G- and A-spots, as well as the soft, almost skinlike texture massaging everything else, and the realistic veins add a nice touch as well! Altogether, a WONDERFUL experience, from start to finish. I definitely recommend this for people who like experimenting with gender expression, but it would be a delight for everyone else too!" —Anna

    Get it from New York Toy Collective for $149.

    New York Toy Collective is a queer- and Black-owned company based in NYC that designs artisan sex toys and gender-affirming accessories.

    30. The Satisfyer Pro 2 suction vibrator loved by singles and couples alike for its sophisticated rose gold hue, 11 suction intensities and waterproof design that lead to gratuitous, mind-blowing Os.

    Reviewer-created collage displaying rose gold suction vibrator at different angles

    Promising reviews: "Dude, it’s WATERPROOF. Literally gave myself an exorcism for thirty minutes on the floor of the tub, while the shower rained hot water down on me, and this pretty rose gold coping mechanism just went to town on my nipples — and you know where else. I swear my eyes were crossing. I was crying, my fingers were shoving themselves where they didn’t belong... It’s quiet, waterproof, pretty, inconspicuous looking, and it’ll make you cry. Treat yourself. 🥰" —Desiree

    "This item is phenomenal. Seriously. Thousands of reviews do not lie. I probably could have gone multiple times with it, but I do have things to accomplish today. This thing has so many speed settings. Usually with a toy, I have to take it to the highest speed, but not this one. The highest speed might actually kill me in the best possible way. Also, I kinda dig that the color isn't some neon pop pink monstrosity. Is well designed. Functional. And obscenely effective. If you're on the fence because of the low price makes you suspicious (it did for me at first), take the dive. It is soooo worth it. Plus it stays where you put it, so your hands are free for some -ahem- inspiration." —Kristin

    Get it from Amazon for $34.95 (currently only available in rose gold).

    31. The Diosa by Bellesa, a luxury rabbit vibrator with curves for days and a goldtone LED accent strip. Not to mention, seven vibration settings delivered through a dual-action motor for toe-curling, body-quaking, and swear-worthy behavior.

    Purple rabbit vibrator and peony
    Model holding black rabbit vibrator
    @bellesaco /, @bellesaco /

    This vibrator is 1.27 inches wide with an insertable length of 4.25 inches to help you reach those peaks. 🏔 

    Promising review: "I've made a lot of orders online through all of quarantine. A lot of retail therapy. This is *easily* the best purchase I've made. Hands down. Previously was using a ~$40 vibrator. It doesn't even compare to this. I really have no use for that one after using this. It is mind blowing. 11/10 would recommend to literally anyone. Considering an upgrade? Get this 100%. Zero regrets. Do you feel like this might be too much to spend on a vibrator? It's not. Invest in yourself. You will be so glad you did. As a single woman with two housemates and questionably thin walls, I find this is whisper quiet. It's pretty, easy to use, but most importantly, *mind blowing*." —L.

    "I was very hesitant to purchase this since penetration has never been my preferred method of masturbation, but Diosa has blown me away! I love how elegant and simple the design is. I think Diosa is a great toy for someone looking to explore penetration for the first time but still engage their clit. The only thing I wish Diosa had was that the motor for the clit was a little shorter and wider. Otherwise this was definitely worth buying!!! 10/10 would recommend." —Anon

    Get it from Bellesa Boutique for $129 (available in black and purple).

    32. A simple, sleek, and shiny stainless-steel cock ring that boasts a weight of 5.7 ounces for advanced users looking for a new sensation.

    Model holding stainless steel cock ring

    This ring is 1.75 inches wide, which is a little wider than most rings, but because of its's probably not the right choice for beginners. Also, reviewers recommend definitely using lube to put it on and that it's best to do so before getting an erection.

    Promising reviews: "After a little lube on me and a little persuasion I managed to place both balls and penis through the ring. The fit was perfect: tight, weighty, but extremely comfortable. Over the next four days, I kept the ring on except for sleeping. The first night I used it, I just couldn’t get off to sleep and my OH had enough play that night. Over these days, I had no issues with a ball slipping out of the ring. My OH loved the way my balls were pushed away from my body and how the skin was stretched tight, she loves to play with them tugging and squeezing them during our sessions. I also found the ring prolonged our sessions with me taking longer to come but when I did, it was extremely more enjoyable." —DG55

    Get it from Lovehoney for $26.99.

    33. A very discreet open-ended masturbator with 12 vibration settings and an optional lid for customized sensations. If you've ever wondered how to take a blowjob to the next level, imagine the squishy, dreamy, textured interior of this stroker a sign.

    Promising reviews: "First things first. The number of preset vibrations are amazing. Tried every single version and each one was exciting. Very discreet, pretty quiet. I will admit it’s a little tight but I believe that to be on purpose. Just make sure to use a generous amount of lube. Cleanup is super simple. I will also add that the outer casing is pretty solid as it has fallen off my dresser now twice. No damage thus far. Highly recommend. Great toy for price" —Joe B

    "I don't even know where to begin. The toy is the best I've ever used. The vibrations are strong enough to be felt throughout the shaft all the way to the tip. Just leaving it turned on without stroking will bring most to a VERY enjoyable edge. Add some stroking and you'll get to experience your strongest finish! A fun game to play is with a partner who gets to edge you using the various modes :)." —John Lee

    Get it from Amazon for $34.99.

    34. A remote-controlled vibrating egg created with a little bit of fairy dust, and by that I mean it has six vibration modes and five speeds for powerful dual stimulation.

    Pink charging case with pink egg-shaped vibrator

    A lot of the power behind this egg is in the fluttering wings that stimulate the clit and/or G-spot (depending on how you wear it). The luxury charging case offers discretion and a built-in remote control in case you and a lover want to explore remote play (from up to 26 feet away). There's also a Bluetooth app!

    Promising review: "I'm a new Zalo fan! I love this toy, it's super soft and the vibrations are superb! I like that you can adjust the strength of the vibrations because I like to use it on lower setting when I use it as a 'teaser' with my partner for foreplay. When I use it alone, I use it on higher setting and it feels amazing! Can't wait to try more toys from this brand." —Vanda

    Get it from Zalo for $79.

    35. A mellow orange curvy vibrator with a unique floral textured bulb to stimulate you internally or externally and share all the good vibes.


    Promising reviews: "A delightfully surprising vibrator. Smooth, sensual design and texture. Different settings for desired experience with easy orgasms! Would highly recommend for anyone looking to spice up their own sex life or couple's sex life!" —Brooke G.

    "It’s so smooth! Suitable for use externally and internally. A great product and I love that its waterproof as well. Highly recommend and if your partner loves using toys on you this is perfect!!! Can’t recommend enough!" —Ashleigh C.

    Get it from Vush for $110.

    Me, to all of these sex toys:

    Gilbert Films

    The reviews for this post have been edited for length and clarity.

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