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    27 Vibrators That'll Basically Find Your G-Spot For You

    Yes, the G-spot is real. And yes, these toys will help you reach it.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A sleek and curvy G-spot vibe that's designed to flex with your body and reach all the right spots inside and out.

    Reviewer holding aqua vibrator

    At 7.6 inches long and 1.5 inches wide (at the largest point), this vibrator sets itself apart with 10 unique vibration modes.

    Promising reviews: "I waited awhile to write a review to be able and give an accurate statement. Packaging was nice and discreet. Toy is soft and flexible with my body. Holds a charge great! I really enjoy it for a clit stimulator more than actual penetration. All the different speeds are great, but I usually only stick to the first few, the others are kinda unpredictable and can be confusing for my 😻. All around reliable and I would high recommend it." —Tim R

    "Well what can I say... I honestly wasn't expecting it to be as good as it is! This bad boy got my legs shaking!!! The different speeds and functions are amazing!!" —Diana

    Get it from Amazon for $32.98.

    2. A textured silicone vibrator with 12 vibrating modes and a realistic-inspired design, so you can finally give your favorite spots the attention (and stimulation) they deserve.

    Reviewer holding vibrator to display ridges on shaft

    Promising review: "Super soft, easy to clean. Easy for beginners. Has 12 different modes which are super strong. If you're worried about buying this, just do it, you won't regret it, and watch my video." —Alexander&Jordan

    Get it from Amazon for $18.99 (available in burgundy and purple).

    3. The curvilicious Arc G-spot vibrator by Dame designed with a clit-stimulating ridge, five intensities, and five patterns to keep you buzzing with pleasure.

    Model holding red vibrator in bathtub
    @dameproducts / Via

    This waterproof vibrator has a runtime of 1.5 hours and an ergonomic shape that offers easy handling.

    Promising reviews: "Great shape (curve), lovely color, wonderful power and versatility. All around wonderful G-Spot vibe." —Diana R.

    "Wow I don’t know why I waited so long to get a proper toy. This bad boy is a game changer. I’ve only ever had small discrete vibrators but the ability to go from clitoral climax to G-spot climax and back is incredible. I thought the vibration speed wouldn’t be fast enough so I bought the Zee too but the Arc really does it all (actually more powerful than the Zee). I also love the packaging and the texture/color. It might take me a while to get tired of the Arc but when I do I’ll definitely be back to try out more products!!" —Ella N.

    Get it from Dame or Amazon for $115 (available in ice and berry).

    4. A mellow orange curvy vibrator with a unique floral textured bulb to stimulate you internally or externally and share all the good vibes.


    Promising reviews: "A delightfully surprising vibrator. Smooth, sensual design and texture. Different settings for desired experience with easy orgasms! Would highly recommend for anyone looking to spice up their own sex life or couple's sex life!" —Brooke G.

    "It’s so smooth! Suitable for use externally and internally. A great product and I love that its waterproof as well. Highly recommend and if your partner loves using toys on you this is perfect!!! Can’t recommend enough!" —Ashleigh C.

    Get it from Vush for $110.

    Vush is an Australia-based sexual wellness brand that’s all about self-love and creating IGworthy sex toys that’ll rock your world and match your aesthetic.

    5. The BuzzFeed AirVibe, boasting a waterproof design, over 1,500 reviews, and 15 intensity levels of dual stimulation.

    Model holding red dual stimulating vibrator
    @bellesaco / Via

    Uhh...I love this toy? I find myself reaching for it a lot because that dual stimulation does something to me that other toys can't and it's incredible. More importantly, the flexibility of the shaft helped me find the perfect position, and as a bigger person it's really nice to have a toy fit my body without too much effort on my part. I'm still tinkering with the power of the AirVibe and finding the perfect combination of its 10 vibration settings and five delicious suction intensities. 

    Promising reviews: "First-time vibrator user and IN LOVE! Not only do I achieve multiple orgasms, but if I'm not careful it has also made me squirt (which I had no idea my body could do). I love the versatility of it. I'm never looking back. Do yourself a favor and get one!" —Feeling Vibes

    "This is absolutely amazing. Rocked my world and can’t go back to any of my old toys, it’s just not the same. The way it hits every spot you need and more is really *chefs kiss*. 10/10 recommend to anyone new or experienced." —Mimi

    Get it from Bellesa Boutique for $99.

    6. A slender, dual-ended vibrator that's perfect for delivering G-spot vibes with seven vibration intensities, a raised point for targeted stimulation and innovative warming technology that'll make you melt into a puddle of orgasms.

    Lora DiCarlo

    Promising reviews: "A wonderful tool for part of my sexual trauma healing to literally explore my vagina and body with. It’s both interesting and easy to use. Both ends naturally curve into various parts of the vagina helping me find my G-spot areas. The warming is subtle and comfortable. Speeds vary really nicely and there are a couple patterns as well. Super super soft too. It’s a great clitoral vibrator as well and really easy to hold in different positions. Amazing, made for vaginas and real orgasms." —Alexis C.

    "I could safely retire all my other pleasure toys. I’ve had a lot of orgasms in 52 years and this lovely item delivers the most sensuous satisfying orgasm possible on a solo basis by far. Cheers to the designer. My whole being is saying thank you!!!" —Theresia G.

    Get it from Lora DiCarlo for $150.

    7. The Poco vibrator by Mystery Vibe, which is designed specifically for G-spot stimulation with a flexible body shaped to resemble fingers and dual motors, so you can feel all 16 intensities no matter where it's placed.

    Mystery Vibe

    Promising reviews: "You will not be disappointed! Using Poco is like having an ultra-thick, dual-motor-controlled finger pleasure you, that unlike most human fingers, won't get tired. It's pretty perfect." —Laura

    "There are so many times when we wish we had a discreet, compact, powerful vibrator tucked away in the bedside drawer to play with, forget about the world and reach new levels of euphoria. That’s exactly what I got from the poco vibrator! The best pocket vibrator in the market by far!" —Claudia

    Get it from Mystery Vibe for $90 (originally $129).

    8. An Onda internal vibrator by Lora DiCarlo, known for its "come-hither" stroking mechanism and 10 rumbly vibrations that will truly blow your mind.

    Lora DiCarlo

    The Onda has four different stroke positions, so you can stimulate the perfect spot with its 10 vibration intensities. Oh, and it's waterproof too.

    Promising review: "I received this toy this week and I was super excited to try and use it with my husband. His goal has always been to get me to squirt. Finally after three years with just one orgasm I FINALLY squirted. 10/10" —Tara A.

    "This thing has been the biggest surprise to me. I LOVE it! Out of all the toys I've purchased so far (and I think I have almost all of them), this one was the best blend of minimal complexity and maximal pleasure! No glitches, nothing I wish you'd done differently, just perfect!" —Laura G.

    Get it from Lora DiCarlo for $180 (available in sage and mauve).

    9. A sleek rabbit vibrator reimagined with a fluttering tongue for external stimulation and 10 vibration settings in both the shaft and "tongue" to help deliver those dual-blended orgasms.,

    Promising reviews: "The package first off was so cute! I love that it is rechargeable and has a drawstring bag as well. There is nothing to dislike about this product! It has 10 frequencies, trust me there is definitely a setting for every mood. The simultaneous pleasure was amazing, no more than five minutes and the O was achieved. I would definitely recommend this product." —Dara Thomas

    "I promise you won’t need another toy once you have this gem. It has multiple vibrating settings. And the curled tips really make it happen. The curves and ridges...yes." —Zephyr Montanez

    Get it from Amazon for $13.99 (available in pink and purple).

    10. The Bender vibrator from Unbound, constructed with a flexible design, so you can manipulate it into the perfect position to hit your favorite spots.


    Promising review: "Love the feel of bender! Very flexible, texture is easy to hold even when wet, which is a problem I've had with other toys. It's a good medium-level vibration and works well both internally and externally. The flexibility and bendability of it is awesome! Great when you have other toys in the mix. Overall, it's a good toy to have in your box depending on what you're in the mood for that day. I won't necessarily grab it first every time (it's lacking just a bit in girth than what my frequent preference is) but regardless it fulfilled the purpose I bought it for! I'm very pleased with my purchase and definitely trust Unbound for my toy needs. :)" —Mary M.

    Get it from Unbound for $71 (available in mint and quartz).

    11. A snail-shaped vibrator boasting a unique shape that's designed for simultaneous constant clitoral contact and internal stimulation. As in, it delivers multiple sensations that can take you to the edge real quick.

    Early to Bed

    It thrusts and vibrates, combining the best parts of a clitoral stimulator, rabbit vibrator, and G-spot toy all in one, with two individually controlled motors that both have five vibration speeds and five modes for limitless combinations. TBH, I'm still not exactly sure how to describe this toy but it looks...awesome, and you should definitely try it out and then leave a review.

    Get it from Early to Bed for $150 (currently on backorder).

    Early to Bed is a Chicago-based, queer- and woman-run retail sex boutique committed to providing an inclusive shopping experience.

    12. A flexible rabbit-inspired vibrator that moves with you and keeps constant contact with your clit while still hitting your G-spot.

    Model reaching for pink Nova 2 vibrator from tub
    @wevibe / Via

    Promising reviews: "Short and sweet: It's fantastic! Thanks for all the orgasms, Nova 2!" —Rosario Montez

    "I've tried a lot of these double-action vibes in the past but the Nova 2 is the best yet. I love the very deep and rumbly vibrations in both the internal and clitoral massage bits. Unlike other toys, this one doesn't buzz, it resonates deep within for a way more satisfying sensation than I've had with other toys in the past. Like, I don't usually leave reviews for a sex toy, but this one is so damn good I just had to let it be known that if there's one rabbit vibrator you can get, make it this one." —Alyx

    Get it from We-Vibe for $149.

    13. An arc-shaped vibrator that curves to stimulate your G-spot with its bulbous ends and leave you smiling and satisfied.

    Model holding blue arc-shaped vibrator
    My Plus One

    This unique vibrator has two motors that can be controlled independently in each tip, delivering five powerful vibrations in both ends. And yes, it's waterproof. 

    Promising reviews: "Love the different speeds and tones. The pulse is great. Having the ability to choose which side to use is a great benefit." —Enjoy414

    "Honestly, I usually don’t like larger vibrators and stick to smaller bullets for specific stimulation. But I wanted to try something different, this was perfect. I love the sleek design. It’s powerful and gets the job done. Definitely earns a 5/5 star rating!" —CrystalSkull

    Get it from My Plus One for $54.99 or Amazon for $39.99.

    14. The Jubilee clitoral-licking butterfly, which has nothing to do with X-Men and everything to do with pleasure via dual stimulation from its nine vibration settings and 10 "licking" modes. That means it creates the kind of orgasm that makes you see fireworks.

    Pink vibrator surrounded by pink objects
    @honeyplaybox /

    Promising reviews: "Long story short, this thing had me climbing the wall LOL! Because of the suction, it is hands-free. The 'tongue' is surprisingly soft and flexible. It looked like hard plastic initially. But it definitely does the job, whether on the nipple or clit. Highly recommend." —Atalanta_J

    "I am not sure why this product doesn’t have more reviews, but oh my GOD, I just thought I’d share my personal experience. Hands down the best sex toy I’ve ever used. This made my body do things I didn’t know I was capable of. If you are considering purchasing this product, take this review as your sign to purchase. I promise you and your body will NOT regret." —Sadie

    Get it from Honey Play Box for $108.99 (available in pink and purple).

    Honey Play Box is a sexual wellness company in California run by a group of sex educators and self-proclaimed lesbian meme queens who are passionate about all things pleasure being positive, inclusive, and accessible.

    15. A slim silicone vibrator designed with a gentle curve to specifically reach your G-spot and blow your mind with 25 (!!) vibration modes and frequencies.

    Slim purple vibrator with curved tip

    Promising review: "So this arrived in the mail today and of course I cleaned it and tried it out right away. I was BLOWN AWAY, maybe because this is my first toy or maybe because it's just that amazing. I'm 24 and I squirted for the first time. I literally couldn't believe it so I went for a second round and I squirted again. It's been an hour and I'm still shocked hahaha. Please do yourself a favor and get this. I like that it fits nicely in my hand and all the different vibration patterns it is. It's pretty quiet, too!" —evs2468

    Get it from Amazon for $35.66.

    16. The Aurora Vida from Bellesa, which has seven vibration modes and a 6-inch insertable length that effortlessly reaches your me, I've tried it and love it.

    Negesti Kaudo / BuzzFeed

    I picked the Aurora Vida, rather than its nonrealistic Aurora counterpart, because I wanted to add something "realistic" to my collection. Um, that lovely little tip inspired by real-life penis? Purrfect. The LED light bar is cool, lets you know when the toy is fully charged and where you are in the vibration settings (but really, who is paying attention to it while in the process?). The vibrations are perfect — a mix of speeds and patterns — I literally can't get enough of them. This toy has it all for me: length, girth (a little over an inch), and vibration...if you're a fan of penetration, this is it. Pro tip: Combine this with your favorite suction or external clit vibe. You're welcome.

    Promising review: "If you’re thinking if you should buy it. The answer is fucking YES. This thing has legit given me more orgasms than problems. It is so amazing, feels amazing, bath fun, just overall amazing and the price is perfect for this perfect thing. Thank you, thank you, thank you!" —Estefa

    Get it from Bellesa Boutique for $119.

    17. A simple, but satisfying vaginal/G-spot vibrator with four speeds and three patterns that may prove chivalry isn't dead after all...

    Model holding red internal vibrator
    @smilemakerscollection / Via's just battery operated and made of silicone.

    Promising reviews: "I love that it has four different speeds and even at its fastest, it isn't loud. It also doesn't come smelling like rubber/latex, which is great! As my first toy, it really isn't intimidating at all!" —Lauren E.

    "I didn't expect it to be so filling, it makes me feel content and warm, I never feel lonely, and it makes me come every time." —Larry

    Get it from Smile Makers for $89.

    18. An emoji-inspired squid vibrator that, just like its namesake, has versatile uses. With nine vibrations and a textured "tentacle," this toy can be inserted and controlled by an app for long-distance play.


    A waterproof design also offers versatile play and an innovative app allows for interactive play and remote control. The tail bends and the egg-shaped head is just over 1 inch to deliver a full feeling.

    Get it from Emojibator for $64.

    Emojibator products are designed with love in Philadelphia and include novelty sex toys inspired by veggies and emojis.

    19. A triple-stimulating vibrator complete with graduated anal beads, a thick internal shaft, and external rabbit "ears," so you can be overwhelmed by ~good vibes~, if you catch my drift.

    Pink triple-stimulating rabbit vibrator

    Seven powerful vibration modes in the shaft and rabbit ears along with flexible anal beads offer a lot stimulation whether you like to use your toys alone or with a partner, for foreplay or the entire session. A magnetic charger helps ensure a waterproof seal and its use in the shower or bath.

    Promising review: "When I say this gave me life, took it, and gave it back again 🥴 it was everything I wanted and then some. I was really impressed by the touch and feel of it was very silky like then the vibration settings OMG. It’s takes no time or effort to clean it I most definitely would recommend to get I promise you will not be disappointed cause I slept like a baby when it was all over." —Andrea

    Get it from Amazon for $25.99+ (available in pink and purple).

    20. A preheating G-spot vibrator created with a bit of fairy dust and a flexible head to reach all your favorite spots.


    This not-so-delicate vibrator can heat up to 107 degrees F to simulate human body temperature and features eight different modes. The icing on the cake here is its water-resistant, body-safe silicone design embellished with real Swarovski crystal.

    Get it from Zalo for $86 (available in violet and fairy pink).

    21. The 8.5-inch Crescendo vibrator by Mystery Vibe, aptly named for what happens when you orgasm with it, BTW. This versatile and flexible vibrator boasts six motors, 16 intensities, 12 preset patterns and customization via app, so you can perfect the ultimate session and feel everything, everywhere, and all at once.

    Mystery Vibe

    Promising reviews: "The single best sex toy for couples — women AND men. Regardless of whether you’re cradling your testicles with it or using it to bring your G-spot to new heights this gets into all of the fun-to-reach places." —Jordan

    "My Crescendo made me feel whole again. The creativity of the app helps me personalize the vibrations and makes every solo pleasure session is completely different! Six months in and I am still discovering new ways to orgasm. Thank you, MysteryVibe." —Heather

    Get it from Mystery Vibe for $139 (originally $199).

    22. A curvy G-spot vibrator for self-proclaimed size queens craving girthy internal stimulation with the slender end or a sensual massage with the larger end. Oh, did I mention this toy is just over 10 inches long? Yuh.

    Model holding hot pink vibrator
    The Swan Wand

    Promising reviews: "Literally — it’s big and bad (and I’m mighty glad). I have not even explored all the effects of having both motors running. My current favourite and well worth the money and eye bleeding pink color." —Bbrrmmm

    "Look, I've always bought midrange low-tech toys before. I thought I'd give this a try (it's won awards in Europe — they should know, yes!) Anyway, it wouldn't matter if you were on the moon. Worth EVERY PENNY! Seriously. Swoonworthy. This item ummm garbled speech...ummm huh...big grin....really works v v well. Tried it the afternoon it arrived — there is enough charge in it to try it out. Suffice to say I will sleep so very well tonight. Just buy it! You won't regret it." —Old C.

    Get it from Lovehoney for $129.99 or Amazon for $74.90.

    23. An elegant silicone vibrator contoured to hit your G-spot like a pro with four speeds and two pulsation modes that'll flip the orgasm gap on its head: 40-Love.

    @smilemakerscollection / Via, Smile Makers

    ...that's a tennis joke, get it?

    Promising review: "I am a person who couldn't really get 'there' with pleasing myself, but this!! THIS is a game changer for me and my bf. I never thought I'd be the girl who uses a toy, but I've been doing it wrong all along! Smile Makers did what they needed to do with this one." —Tatiana D.

    "This has to be my favorite Smile Maker! I love the shape, firmness, and flexibility of the Tennis Pro for delicious G-spot stimulation. It's so good for blended orgasms with some clitoral stimulation combined." —Lisa W.

    Get it from Smile Makers for $60.

    24. A soft and sophisticated vibrator that doesn't play around when it comes to stimulating your G-spot. A flexible and textured 1.34-inch bulb shivers with seven vibration modes that you can pinpoint with precision using its slender 6-inch handle.

    Reviewer holding pink vibrator

    Promising reviews: "This is my first G-spot vibrator and it did not disappoint at all!! For the price, I was afraid that it would not have the power I was seeking but the settings are perfect!!! Great for solo and couples play. There are so many vibration patterns to pick from to get you just right but I honestly couldn't go past level 2 without shaking lol. Really good buy. Highly recommend." —Jasmine Woodson

    "There was no dislikes about this at all! It's moved up the list to my new favorite 'personal accessory'! The different modes of vibration were super pleasing haha, you can literally change it depending on your tempo/mood. The reach from the handle made it super easy to use on the lazy days. I loved the flexibility and being able to change the angle to get the harder to reach area if you do have less mobility." —Nicole Bielke

    Get it from Amazon for $19.99 (available in pink and purple).

    25. An ergonomic vibrator designed especially for exploring your G-spot, so you can control placement and enjoy targeted pleasure. This vibrator has seven vibration intensities, three patterns, and radiates warmth for unique and amplified sensations.

    Lora DiCarlo

    Promising reviews: "Oh my! How do I start? I must say that Drift made me curl my toes and fall off my bed. It's not as small as other bullet vibrators but it's so personable. Small enough to pack and take it whenever you travel. The warming sensation is a plus. It's worth every penny and if you are new to all these things, I will say get it, you wont regret it! It will make you blush every time you think about it. 😉"

    "Great size and a wonderful orgasm. The diameter is perfect but my one critique is that it could be an inch or two longer. It nearly disappeared in my partner at one point. Not that I would mind retrieving it for her." —Guy T.

    Get it from Lora DiCarlo for $95.

    26. A petite G-spot vibrator to tickle your fancy internally with 10 vibration settings and a waterproof design, so you can take your play into the shower if you want.

    Model holding purple vibrator

    A sleek curve and supple silicone make this toy perfect for hitting the right spots. Not to mention, there's a raised texture on the end for extra stimulation for toe-curling titillation.

    Get it from Emojibator for $64.

    27. A vibrating dildo designed with a bulbous head that'll stimulate your G-spot effortlessly and 10 rumbly vibration settings for even more pleasure.

    Red realistic vibrator
    Blush Novelties

    This dildo boasts a length of 8.25 inches and a width of 1.6 inches. There's a suction cup base in case you want it to stay put, but I feel like the hardest decision is how to find enough time in the day to explore everything this dildo has to offer. TIP (no pun intended): this toy has a faux-urethra opening, so just pay special attention during cleaning!

    Promising review: "This dildo was shockingly huge, in the best kind of way. Perfect length and girth, extremely smooth and lifelike. Loved that there were 10 vibrations to choose from and how powerful they were. Really love the shape and the thickness of the head. Celebrating this purchase!" —Taylor

    Get it from Bellesa Boutique for $99 (originally $109) or Amazon for $54.38.

    When you find the G-spot:

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