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    35 External Sex Toys That'll Deliver Good Feelings To Your Vulva, Penis, Or Clit

    Sometimes we just want to enjoy the good vibes on the outside.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A leaf-shaped vibrator that's perfect for people who love to grind or prefer broader stimulation.

    @shopenby /

    This discreet vibe has six vibration speeds and four patterns for you to explore, whether you choose to lay on it, grind on it or use your hands to guide it around your favorite areas.

    Get it from Enby for $29.

    Enby is a Black/trans-owned company that believes all bodies deserve affirmation and pleasure by providing an online sex toy shopping experience that's comfortable and inclusive.

    2. A submersible Satisfyer Pro 2 for those discreet shower sessions in case you're looking for those oral sensations but want to avoid any pillow talk.

    Model holding suction vibrator next to box

    This clitoral stimulator has innovative air pulse technology that creates no-contact sensations of suction and pulsation — did I mention there are 11 intensities to explore?

    Promising review: "Had more noise than I expected it to at the higher settings, but still quiet compared to a vibrator. I've never spent a better dollar than on this thing, it is perfect. Small size, easy to charge, mind blowing Os alone and with a partner. Holy crap. If you're on the fence, just get one you won't regret it!" —B. Elizabeth

    Get it from Amazon for $34.95.

    3. An external vibrator that flickers like a tongue and looks like a flame. Thankfully, you won't burn yourself by touching it.

    Red flame-shaped vibrator

    A vibe that'll flick you off in the best ways, there are three speeds and seven patterns to leave you tongue-tied.

    Promising review: "I’ve been a fan of clit stims for a long time. I’ve been a long standing bullet user, having tried other stims and found them lacking. I wanted to treat myself to something new and a little different and saw this. Oh.. my.. god.. this is just out of this world amazing. Much quieter than any other similar sized stim I’ve used and so so soft! The flickering action is mind blowing. I’ve never been a fan of different settings on bullets, but I flicked through the settings on this and they are all pretty intense — something for everyone and to a point, you get the feeling of not doing all the work yourself, which I absolutely love. In a nutshell. Buy this. I might even buy another one in case this one dies at some point. Because I don’t think life will ever be the same." —Lisacrow

    Get it from Lovehoney for $35.99 (originally $59.99).

    4. The extra sleek and ergonomic Kip lipstick vibrator by Dame designed with waterproof silicone and five powerful speeds, so you can enjoy pin-pointed clitoral stimulation.


    Promising reviews: "Kip is like a little magic wand that makes my clit happy. This was the best gift I have bought myself in a long time." —Erin J.

    "One of the best vibes I've ever bought! It surrounds my clit in the best way and has so much adjustability that it is so so wonderful. It also easy to clean which is awesome! My new fave toy!" —Joyce K.

    Get it from Dame for $75 or Amazon for $94.61+ (available in lavender and lemon).

    5. An Iroha Temari vibrator that fits into the palm of your hand for effortless external exploration and broad stimulation with its four vibrating speeds and two patterns.

    Model holding white geometric print vibrator that almost looks like a snow globe

    Promising review: "I cannot express how much I love the Iroha Temari. It's so cute and doesn't look like a typical vibrator, so I can comfortably leave it on my dresser with it's adorable and awesome little cap on. It easily fits in your hand, and is a lottttt more powerful than I was expecting, especially for the size! It's definitely not silent, but it is more quiet than other vibrators I've bought. It doesn't have that 'buzzy' feeling and sound from cheaper vibrators, and the head of the toy wiggles around kind of like a video game toggle, really letting you be able to enjoy yourself. I've already recommended this to multiple friends, for it's cuteness and 'bang for your buck'. This is a magical vibrator." —S.

    Get it from Tenga for $79.99 or Amazon for $81.47.

    6. A unique clitoral stimulator by Smile Makers that's shaped like a rose and makes YOU bloom with five pulsation intensities and innovative squeeze sensor technology.

    @smilemakerscollection /, @smilemakerscollection /

    I'm a writer, so of course I tried out a sex toy called The Poet when I had the chance. And lemme tell you, it rocked my world. Here's the thing, most suction vibrators just increase in intensity and then you cycle back through until you find your favorite one. But not this one. Yes, there are five pulsation modes (all of which are delectable), but the real selling point is the sensor squeeze technology, which allows you to adjust the intensity of the suction based on grip...and you can even lock it once you've found the perfect one! It's a little loud (especially when not against the body) and there's a bit of a learning curve with the squeezing, but it's lovely, trust me. Finally—this sex toy includes three interchangeable tips (which makes cleaning a breeze), so you can find the size that feels right and fits best for you!

    Promising review: "I was excited to try it out and it did not disappoint! This isn't the first clit suction toy I've used, but I honestly loved how unique it looked and felt on me. The sensors on the sides were a really cool feature and the mouth shape felt oh so lovely. I don't know how else to describe it but I really love this toy. It's easily one of my favorites!" —Gillian P.

    Get it from Smile Makers for $129.

    7. A reusable Tenga Spinner masturbator, which comes in assortment of styles, each with its own unique internal texture that spins around your shaft as you stroke for a lifelike squeeze.

    Tenga USA

    Currently, Spectrum Boutique offers #6 Brick, #4 Pixel, #3 Shell, #5 Beads, and #2 Hexa — pick one or two...or even splurge on them all! These are compatible with water-based and hybrid lubricants due to the silicone structure.

    Promising reviews: "I have purchased two of these for myself (two different varieties) and they really are just great. I love all the different options (though I will note the difference between my two is not enormous), they feel wonderful, and yeah. A great experience. I had the Tenga egg before, which just didn't cut it, so bumped up to this and really do enjoy it. Super affordable, well made, and a bunch of fun! I've been thinking about continuing with Tenga and getting myself one of the Flips!" —James

    "I haven't been sexually confused in a hot minute but, man does this toy confuse and enthrall me. I haven't been one to validate a need for toys for just myself, but this thing is just a wild lil' monster. Now I'm sold on having some personal toys because this thing is a perfect lil' toy to have around. The spiral action is pretty damn impressive as is the sensation from the internal texture. I can't tell if it feels more like an ass or a vagina but either way I'm happy as could be. Definitely worth trying one out!" —GJ

    Get it from Spectrum Boutique for $27 or on Amazon for $21.39+ (available in all six styles).

    Spectrum Boutique is a sex-positive retailer run by self-proclaimed "Dildo Duchess" Zoe Ligon to provide customers with curated collections and resources.

    8. The groundbreaking Diskreet Vibe by Bellesa that offers two modes of out-of-this-world satisfaction: broad and targeted.

    @bellesaco /, @bellesaco /

    No, but really — this adorable external vibe has five vibration intensities and a waterproof design for pint-size fun that packs a punch.

    Promising review: "This is the cutest vibrator I have ever owned, and the fact that it also has the power to make me see stars makes it a little miracle worker. Great for solo and partner play, and quiet enough that with a blanket it's almost silent. I've been recommending it to all my besties. Don't be thrown off by the shape. It's amazing!!" —Lilly

    Get it from Bellesa Boutique for $59.

    9. A waterproof clitoral suction vibrator that has innovative technology to stimulate your clit without direct contact.

    Model holding black Womanizer Pro 40 vibrator next to thigh

    This little toy has an ergonomic design for easy handling and six vibration modes to blow your mind.

    Promising reviews: "This is amazing! I’ve had it for months and have used it a ridiculous amount and it’s still going. It’s amazing for solo play, but is also SO good for partner play. It gives me really strong orgasms." —Polly

    "While I can't say how good this toy feels, I think my GF's eye-rolling-back-in-her-head orgasms do all the talking in that regard. What I like is how effective it is at pleasing her, which it does every time. I'm also a big fan of how easy it is to clean, because I'm always on toy clean-up duty afterwards, but whatever -- as long as she's happy, I'm happy. And she's very, very happy with this one." —Collie

    Get it from Womanizer for $99 (available in four colors).

    10. A powerful miniature wand vibrator created with supple silicone for a soft-touch feel and 20 functions to take you right to that blissful, blurry edge.

    Promising reviews: "This is the first toy I’ve ever bought and it deserves 5 stars. I’ve only used it three times since I’ve bought it and it hasn’t disappointed me once. Within two minutes, I was seeing fireworks everywhere whereas it would’ve taken me closer to 10 minutes using my hand alone. It really gets straight to the point...almost too fast. I 100,000% recommend this product." —A Very Satisfied Girl

    "This is my first ever sex toy, and I was already apprehensive about buying it, but after reading so many positive reviews I just had to order it...and boy am I glad I did! This little thing has given me the quickest orgasms I've ever had, definitely under a minute! If you're questioning if you want it or not, trust me you do, buy!" —K.

    Get it from Amazon for $22.25+ (available in four colors).

    11. A silicone heart-shaped clitoral vibrator that'll give you butterflies in your stomach...well, before they migrate further south.

    Model holding purple heart-shaped vibrator in palm
    Early to Bed

    This little vibe is cute enough to gift, but boasts 10 powerful vibration settings to get you all hot and bothered.

    Promising review: "I'm in love with this little vibe — it's cute, not too big, and surprisingly powerful. (The third straight vibration is almost too much for me!) The silicone is smooth and satiny, and its shape is surprisingly versatile for focusing or diffusing the vibration where you need it. My only complaint is that it's just a little louder than I'd like (living with roommates as I am), but that comes with the strength of vibration. You can really tell the makers of this toy put love into the design and considered everything, even down to the little heart shaped light that turns on when it's charging and the wax seal on the top of the present-like gift box." —Em

    Get it from Early to Bed for $30.

    Early to Bed is an independent, queer woman-run retail shop committed to helping people of all genders and orientations explore their sexuality to the fullest.

    12. A petite precision bullet designed with silky silicone and seven vibration modes to tickle your fancy all over.,

    Promising review: "Perfect, discreet fun!! For it to be small, I was pleasantly surprised how powerful it was. Loved the way the tip is designed to pinpoint all the places you want. Also loved how quiet it is. Everyone needs a bullet and this is the perfect one." —Jasmine Woodson

    "This is an excellent toy, I know small but mighty can be overused sometimes, but this is exactly that! It has a bunch of sequences and speeds, It's soft, smooth, and waterproof. I would HIGHLY recommend buying this for yourself or as a gift for someone you love a lot! Comes really nicely packaged and has a small drawstring bag to store it in too which is an added bonus, the charge lasts for a long time as well. It is a really nice size and isn't overwhelming if this would be your first toy! Fun to use alone or with someone else. You won't be disappointed with this purchase I guarantee it." —M L

    Get it from Amazon for $12.99+ (available in four colors).

    13. A high-tech oral simulator with Airflow technology for stroking and sucking sensations at 10 different intensities. It's like a real mouth, minus all of the blah blah blah.

    Model holding suction vibrator
    Lora DiCarlo

    BTW, it's waterproof!

    Promising review: "I love this toy. It’s extremely intense. I’m on T therapy and have experienced a lot of clitoral growth and size over the past two years. So when I saw how big the opening was I couldn’t wait to try it. I enjoy my clit being highly stimulated. Which the Baci does well. I could actually use a few more higher setting. Maybe a turbo in the controls. I’m looking forward to my nights alone." —Miguel R.

    "OMG! Is the first thing that I can say. When my bf got this for us, I tried it, and it reached certain nerves that I didn't know was possible. This little thing yields major moist results. I had to tell my friend about it and she went and bought one and told me I was not joking. This BACI is a BEAST! I love that it's travel sized, I can pack it in my purse carry on luggage, hell practically anywhere small. I put this baby on my clitoris and the little air pressure pulsations had me making all sorts of noises. My bf laughed at me and one point and said "are you ok" I was experiencing several feelings of every euphoric sensation imaginable. That was probably on the 3rd orgasm. The thing I enjoy the most, is that since you're able to control the intensity and it's not so rough I can enjoy having several orgasms back to back, which sometimes I need a break when receiving oral sex. I don't think I've been so wet before with a vibrator in my life. Normally, I get the orgasm and I'm good and don't want to be touched, however with the BACI I keep it on repeat!" —Khylin E.

    Get it from Lora DiCarlo for $160.

    14. The Shotpocket pleasure sleeve designed specifically for trans folks who have experienced bottom growth due to T and are looking for squishy, silicone addition to their solo or couple's play.

    FtM Essentials

    This sleeve has a ribbed interior that creates a suction sensation during use that will blow your mind.

    Promising review: "Honestly this was the perfect toy for my changes in sexuality after starting testosterone. There are so many different ways to use it, and it is very, very soft silicone which is pretty great since things get sensitive after starting T — I can go to town longer and explore more. It was perfect size and can stretch a little if needed, but for me it was just right. The ridges are soft but effective. It's worth the price and someone did a good job making it." —md

    Get it from FtM Essentials for $24.

    FtM Essentials is a subsidiary of the Chicago-based feminist sex shop Early to Bed, specifically designed as a safe space online for folks looking for gender expression gear.

    15. A luxury external vibrator aptly named The Ballerina because of how it gracefully takes you to the edge (and over it) over and over again.

    Blue vibrator displayed at different angles
    @smilemakerscollection /

    This ergonomic waterproof vibrator embraces your curves with four speeds and three pulsation patterns.

    Promising review: "How I described this to my best friend: my last vibrator was good, but I would come once and be done. The Ballerina makes me want to keep going and come multiple times. It's amazing. What I love about this vibrator is the texture—it's super soft yet the vibrations are very powerful. I usually don't like settings on vibrators that alternate the vibration pulses, but on the Ballerina, it feels AMAZING. This is definitely my all-time favorite vibe. Also, the tip that touches your clit vibrates stronger than the other parts of the ballerina." —Marian M.

    Get it from Smile Makers for $129.

    16. A precision bullet vibrator by Vush that's both pretty and powerful with 25 vibrating combinations and a gently flexible design.

    Model touching top of light pink bullet vibrator
    @vushofficial /

    What, like it's hard?

    Promising reviews: "The best device I have ever owned! I’ve tried several different types of vibrators and my Rose 2 is the most satisfying, gratifying, stimulating, & exhilarating toy I’ve had the ‘pleasure’ of using!! Thank you!!" —Pam K.

    "Amazing product, especially for first time users. The petals are also lovely which I wasn’t expecting! It’s quiet, so need to worry about that if that’s a concern, and easy to clean as well. I highly recommend this to anyone looking for something effective and also pretty!" —Kate G.

    Get it from Vush for $90.

    Vush is an Australia-based sexual wellness brand that’s all about self-love and creating IG-worthy sex toys that’ll rock your world and match your aesthetic.

    17. A powerful bullet vibrator designed for pin-pointed pleasure — and it's waterproof in case you feel your best ~good vibes~ in the tub.

    Model holding red Tango X bullet vibrator
    @wevibe / Via

    This waterproof miniature boasts eight intensities and seven vibration modes.

    Promising review: "Well fuck me if this isn’t an absolute must-have in everyone's toy box. I never owned the We-Vibe tango but am glad that I chose this one instead. It's so strong for a clit vibe that I never want to go back to anything that's even the slightest bit weaker." —Nicki Mouse

    Get it from We-Vibe for $79 (available in cherry red or midnight blue).

    18. A palm-sized vibrator that can also l-l-l-lick you from your head to your toes, but no really, this toy has a "tongue" that has nine vibrations and nine licking motions for dual stimulation.

    Model holding red vibrator to display tongue-like detail

    Promising reviews: "This toy is fantastic. I underestimated how powerful and realistic it would be, but after a year in quarantine, it was the perfect upgrade from the standard bullet. Definitely buy this. You won't be disappointed." —Lindsey

    Get it from Amazon for $29.99 (available in four colors).

    19. The OG Magic Wand that's been delivering *relief* since the '60s with two rumbly speeds and a simple single switch. Just don't accidentally pull out the plug.


    Promising review: "This product has been a game changer! I have a small collection of 10 or so sex toys and I have to say that this became a quick favorite and I haven’t even had it for 10 minutes! I was looking foreword to this arriving because of all the good reviews and I have to say; it was so worth it! One little thing I don’t like is the loudness. It surprised me at first but I can get used to it. It doesn’t bother me too much just because I’m home alone most the time. I’d say if you have other people in your house, just save it for when they leave or turn on the AC to drown out the noise. Overall, exceeded expectations almost completely (other than the noise)!!!" —Rose

    Get it from Amazon $64.95+ (also available as plus and rechargeable versions).

    20. An air pulse suction toy capable of making your body respond to indirect stimulation in ways you can't even imagine.

    Model holding pink suction vibrator in soapy water
    Plus One

    It's waterproof and has five intensity levels to help you ease your way to orgasm...if you want.

    Promising reviews: "Holy cow. I’ve only had one vibrator before this one and it was meh at best. This is a game changer, though. For one, it’s nice and weighty and fits really well in my hand, I don’t have to struggle to grip it or focus on keeping it in place. And my god it does it’s job and it does it well. My body did things I didn’t know it could do. I’ve never seen so much wetness in my bed. I laid there for a bit thinking I had died and experienced heaven. Vulva owners, do yourself a favor and buy this." —Anon

    "I love this so much! I was dubious at first, but have other products in the line and was considering some products for clitoral stimulation, so I gave this a try. The first time I used it was in the bathtub and WOW! Then bedtime rolled around and my husband and I played with it. I love the stimulation and the shape. I don't really use the puffs of air, I apply it directly. I love that it teases me and sometimes I get off with it by itself, sometimes I use another toy with it, or with my husband during intercourse. It's one of my favorite sex toys." —Lammashta V. Machina 0

    Get it from Amazon for $29.98.

    21. The Starsi vibrator, which combines function with full-on adorableness with its supple silicone design and unique star shape that curves and clings all over for out-of-this-world sensations.

    @cutelittlefkrs / Via, Cute Little Fuckers

    Starsi was designed for all bodies to explore pleasure and can be used with the included removable bullet vibrator or without, in case you are a fan of grinding or just want to stimulate areas with a little less intensity.

    Promising reviews: "Cutest little fucker!! Love how it cups me and vibes silently yet intensely!!!" —Melissa E.

    "Trans lady here, and I love my Starsi! Soft and versatile. I've never wanted to play with a toy so often. Easy to clean, too. Highly recommended!: —Hay

    Get it from Cute Little Fuckers for $79 (available in coral and rose).

    Cute Little Fuckers is a queer-owned small business that features (some very adorable) creature-inspired sex toys, making them less intimidating and more versatile to everyone’s needs.

    22. The Pom vibrator by Dame designed to deliver broad or targeted stimulation with its flexible design that fits effortlessly into the palm of your hand.


    A waterproof design plus five vibration modes and five intensities, make this luxury toy great for bath time or introducing into couples' play.

    Promising reviews: "This really gave me the 'deathless death.' I loved the intensity and settings. I loved that I could use it on my clitoris or turn it upside down and use it on my actual vaginal opening for stimulation there. I tried it in the shower & when I orgasmed with my mouth hanging open under the shower head, I wouldn't have cared if I drowned or slipped. It was heaven." —Brittney

    "Perfect for clitoris stimulation — different sensation than I have ever felt before. Easy to use with a partner too!!" —Victoria B.

    Get it from Dame or from Amazon for $95 (available in jade and plum).

    Dame Products is a woman-founded company developing premium sex toys to encourage vulnerability, heighten intimacy, and add value to pleasure.

    23. A versatile clitoral vibrator that's soft to the touch and waterproof for those of you who like to soak in the tub and discreetly enjoy some rumbles.

    @wevibe / Via, @wevibe / Via

    This external toy has eight vibration modes and a sculpted design for targeted pleasure to bring the thrills.

    Promising reviews: "This is my new go-to vibrator! The shape and angular tip makes it easy to hold and stimulate myself while riding a penetrative toy (unlike most of other vibrators I've owned) and the rumbly vibrations feel SO good. When this vibrator eventually dies, I know I'll be back for another." —Kyler R.

    "Powerful, rumbling vibrations, petite, discreet and easy to clean. What's not to love?" —Esther T.

    Get it from We-Vibe for $99 (available in coral and green).

    24. A Piggie Puff air pulse vibrator that'll make you squirm and squeal with its 10 pulsation frequencies and waterproof design.

    Pink pig-shaped suction vibrator
    Honey Play Box

    Promising review: "This is my first time trying a toy like this. I didn't know whether it would be a comfortable fit but it worked out surprisingly well. Even though it is small, the vibrations get very intense. I was feeling aftershocks long after a spicy shower session. It's also fairly quiet. My favorite part by far though is the adorable design. Even the placement of the charger is cute. I had so much fun using this toy. definitely recommend." —c.w.

    Get it from Honey Play Box for $47.99.

    Honey Play Box is a sexual wellness company in California run by a group of sex educators and self-proclaimed lesbian meme queens who are passionate about all things pleasure being positive, inclusive and accessible.

    25. A unique vibrator by Bellesa that's like your finger...but better, with 105 textured rods for extra stimulation and a flickering "tongue" with 10 intensities to deliver that simulated oral feeling.

    Pink finger vibrators stacked
    @bellesaco / your finger, if it could move on double speed.

    Promising review: "Don't be fooled!! Looks small but oh baby. I've never been a vibrator person and I bought this on a whim. This sweet little number will make you feel like you've been called to high heaven — came twice in record time & felt like I was walking on air. It should be a law that every person with a clitoris should own one. Absolutely amazing. 11/10 would recommend. If you buy one, buy this one. You will not regret it." —tck

    Get it from Bellesa Boutique for $49.

    26. A contoured vibrator designed to cling to curves and fit the shape of your hand for seamless use during play and deliver rumbly sensations to your favorite zones.

    Gray abstract vibrator
    Spectrum Boutique

    This waterproof vibrator reminds me of a manta ray, but more importantly, it has eight vibrating patterns and six intensity levels to explore. The contoured design offers pinpointed and broad stimulation, so you can tease your way to climax.

    Promising review: "I am completely wowed by this vibrator. The shape is so wonderful on its own, you hardly even need to turn it on. But when you do, there are DOZENS of pattern and speed combos to choose from. Easy access to buttons, fits great in the palm of your hand. The charger is a little finicky to keep connected but it’s a small price to pay. If you’re on the fence, just get it right now." —Anonymous

    Get it from Spectrum Boutique for $125 (available in gray or pink) or Amazon for $68.72.

    27. An innovative vibrating toy that delivers hands-free orgasms to people with penises by stimulating the frenulum with 10 vibrations at six varying intensities, so you can blow your own mind with half the effort.

    @hotoctopuss / Via

    Conveniently, this toy is constructed of flexible silicone, so it stretches with your girth as you get harder. Each bullet can be controlled individually or together, so you can enjoy the patented ~Hot Octopuss Treble and Bass Technology~, which offers endless combinations of the vibration settings. So basically, it's a vibrator for your penis and all you need is four AA batteries and you can lie back, relax, and enjoy the vibes.

    Get it from Lovehoney for $69.99 or Amazon for $69.

    28. The Tulips vibrator by Sweet Vibrations, boasting a unique, waterproof design with its two lips caressing your clit and making sure you feel those vibrations entirely.

    Mint green vibrator and box

    This tiny toy has 10 vibrations and five intensities for you to explore and a rechargeable battery that will probably outlast you (and if it doesn't, reviewers swear by their customer service).

    Promising reviews: "Is it possible to love an inanimate object? Because I am pretty sure I do after trying this out. WOW. Toe curling, literal 'O' orgasms." —D

    "The Tulips is great. It’s about the size of a computer mouse. It is very smooth, soft, and nice to hold, even with my small hands! It is just a little bit off for my anatomy, but believe all of the reviews — Sweet Vibes keeps their promise of having a lifetime warranty and they have AMAZING customer service!!! They will be sending me a different model free of charge! I won’t be buying a vibe from anyone else. Highly recommend." —Laura K.

    Get it from Amazon for $38.24+ (available in three colors).

    29. The Puff by Unbound, which is a compact suction vibe that'll make you question why you don't have a suction toy already.

    Model holding pink suction vibrator
    @unboundbabes /

    Puff is my pandemic road dawg. When I'm in need of something quick, want to relax or just need to get rid of some of the horniness flowing through my veins...I reach for this little vibe right here. I've used it enough that I know setting #3 is where I should stay....but setting #5 is going to take me to the edge of bliss, so I indulge. Also, showers, traveling (no travel-lock though so pack it well) and crowded house discretion makes this my go-to recommendation to anyone who asks. Anyways, that's enough from me.

    Promising reviews: "I know you've all seen the review about hearing harps and seeing angels. Well let me just tell you....that review was no exaggeration. I heard the harps. I saw the angels. I saw god and I saw myself. I don't want to get too graphic but I saw god in a matter of seconds. This toy is no joke and if you're considering whether or not to make the purchase, I'm here to tell you: make. the. purchase. You deserve it and you will not be disappointed." —Autumn

    "I didn’t know that my body could do the things it did with this. I saw stars and made a mess. Make sure you put down a towel." —Sandra P.

    Get it from Unbound or Anthropologie for $46 (available in mint and pink).

    30. An Eva vibrator by Dame designed to tuck under the labia and nest on the vulva, stimulating you with three vibration intensities. Introduce it into your couple's play for extra good vibes.

    Model holding green vibrator in front of torso
    @dameproducts / Via

    Formally known as the Eva II, the flexible wings are designed to tuck under your labia to help it stay put and out of the way during all kinds of play.

    Promising reviews: "I have used this once with my husband and UGH I cannot wait to keep trying it out! It’s surprisingly easy to put in place. The silicone is super soft, no rough edges or any uncomfortable feeling! The three different vibration settings will be fun to explore, but WOO that highest setting is strong 😅 Anyway, I love the idea that I don’t have to worry about holding a vibe during sex! Hopefully it only gets better from here! 😍" —Grace R.

    "OK, the Eva II is a game changer. It’s insanely comfortable and easy to use. The three levels of vibration are perfection (level three changing). I bought this to use with my husband but have only used it solo so far. Eva is the second toy I’ve ever purchased! I honestly had the most intense orgasm I’ve ever had with the first use. I highly recommend this and can’t wait to use it with my husband. It does take a bit of moving around at first to figure out how it fits best for you!" —Kelsey R.

    Get it from Dame for $135 or Amazon for $135+ (available in quartz or fir).

    Dame Products is a woman-founded company developing well-engineered toys that encourage vulnerability, heighten intimacy, and add value to your pleasure.

    31. A gleaming diamond-shaped vibrator in case you've ever wanted to be massaged all over your erogenous zones with luxurious jewels.

    Bijoux Indiscrets

    Seven patterns with three intensities and a body-safe design? Maybe diamonds really are a girl's best friend.

    Promising review: "I have to admit I wasn't sure about this toy because of the shape, but I gave it a try because it was cute. WOOOOWWW. I'm 100% clitoral and this little guy is easy to use, powerful and has a great vibration. It travels with me everywhere I go." —Martha A.

    Get it from Bijoux Indiscrets for $60.

    Bijoux Indiscrets is a woman-owned and -led company that designs intimate cosmetics and pleasure toys that stand out from typical depictions of female pleasure to help women feel comfortable exploring their bodies and sexuality.

    32. The BuzzFeed x Bellesa Pebble, which may be pretty in pink but packs a punch with its five vibration modes and five suction intensities.

    Models holding pink suction vibrators
    @bellesaco /

    From beginners to experts, this pint-sized toy knows exactly how to please.

    Promising reviews: "I was so hesitant to make this buy because I've never used a clit suction toy before, but it was so inexpensive I decided to go for it. It's SO much smaller and less intimidating than most of the other suction toys I've seen, but it is POWERFUL. This bad boy has turned into my #1 fav toy, surpassing my wand and rabbit vibes. It's so so perfect, and the case it comes with is so cute and discreet I literally just keep it out on my side table because no body knows. It's fairly quiet (a little louder than my Nirvana wand) and so so small, I LOVE it." —kt

    "This toy is a god send. So powerful. And easy to use. Gets me going every time. Made me feel sensations I had never felt before using other vibrators I had tried with the past. After a few weeks of incredible orgasms I reached a new peak when I squirted with clit only stimulation. 🙌🏾🙌🏾" —Rakel A

    Get it from Bellesa Boutique for $79.

    33. A versatile oral sex simulator that might actually become your new best friend after you experience its 20 suction modes and 20 vibration modes — yes, 2-0 of each, meaning there's 400 possible combos...aka it'll feel like limitless pairings.

    Model holding blue suction vibrator
    Sweet Vibrations

    You can also use the other end as a classic vibrator, if you want!

    Promising reviews: "I got this after a recent break up and dry spell, and oh boy worth every penny. It's the first sex toy I've ever bought and I was shook. I say just buy it, it comes in discreet packaging, if that is a worry for you. Amazon also has lockers available in some stores if you're extremely paranoid like me and want no chance of receiving explicit ads in the mail." —Karen

    "I'm single & living alone and g*dd*mn this is the best purchase I've ever made. I had literally no sex experience before this but this got me the first time within 10 minutes. I use it in the shower/bath sometimes and it's still working great. It is loud, but so damn powerful. Your clit will absolutely thank you. Lots of different settings for whatever you're feeling. I can't rave about this product enough. If I had less judgy friends, I'd buy one for each of them. Long story short, good for solo & partnered/group sex. Make sure to get a toy cleaner to use between sessions keep your downstairs healthy. My only complaint is not buying it sooner!!" —j

    Get it from Amazon for $44.99 (available in periwinkle and lavender).

    34. A vibrating masturbator sleeve that does away with all the bulk of a classic masturbator but still delivers with 10 vibration settings and a customized snugness based on your (or a partner's) grip and rhythm.

    Model holding black vibrating sleeve to display ribbed interior
    Model holding vibrator at different angle to display textured nub

    There's a little bump at the top for an even more stimulating touch to the base of your tip, and ridges on the inside so that every movement offers stimulation.

    I don't have a penis, but this looks incredible, and I want it.

    Promising review: "Never bought a toy like this before, and I have no regrets! Multiple settings and very easy to use, the vibrations feel very tender but intense when used in the right spots. Used it on my partner while we play together, he loves it when I use it on him and feels great in my hand. Used it in the shower, and it is completely waterproof! A great toy to mix things up in bed or by yourself!" —Tony P

    Get it from Amazon for $25.01.

    35. An external vibe by Unbound that'll make you cheer for its compact size, waterproof design and unique shape for all sorts of stimulation.

    Orange and violet oval vibrator next to box and aqua and teal oval vibrator
    @unboundbabes /

    This vibrator is called "Pep" (which it'll put in your step) and boasts five vibration intensities and three patterns to explore with both targeted and broad stimulation.

    Promising reviews: "Despite the best efforts of myself and my wonderful girlfriend, I have never in my life had an orgasm. Though that remains true so far, it is about 20 minutes since I first used Pep and I was MUCH farther gone than I have EVER been. I've had Bean since about a year ago, and while Bean is nice, the little bit of give that Pep has (so it doesn't feel like hard plastic) along with its vibration patterns go a long way. My body is very fickle, and loves variation in speed, position, etc. Pep's size makes it much more easily maneuverable than Bean, and its vibration patterns keep my body "focused" more than anything else. HIGHLY recommend, especially for beginners and those with trouble orgasming like me." —Loren S.

    "I always expect things like Pep to just be a regular ol sex toy. Nothing fancy or special exactly, but does the job, you know? But the Pep is actually like, so special without being extra. I'm happy with the vibration settings, particularly how soft they start out! There's a perfect gradient between levels and it never feels too harsh and it's just *chefs kiss*. Probably my favorite part is the difference in firmness on different parts of it, soft on one end, a little firmer on the other, and it fits so nicely in my hand. Also can we talk about how nice it is that it's waterproof? So easy to clean which is major. Keeping this Lil' Thang ON ME 4ever." —Lauryl S.

    Get it from Unbound for $42 (available in blue and orange).

    IMHO: sex toys better be the "Good" place. (And if they aren't, we are all hopping the train to the "Medium" place and then to the "Bad" Place to find them! Hey, Janet?)


    The reviews for this post have been edited for length and clarity.

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