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    If You're Still Not Sure About The BuzzFeed AirVibe Sex Toy, Don't Worry I Tried It And...Yes

    I should have believed the reviews and that is no one's fault but my own, smh.

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    First off — I'm new here 👋🏾 HI. You've probably read a few of my posts by now, but I am BuzzFeed Shopping's resident "sexpert." Nice to meet you.

    Reviewer holding red and gold vibrator in case
    Negesti Kaudo / BuzzFeed

    PSA: If you know me IRL and don't want to read NSFW content about my sex life, this is your one and only content warning.

    Now that that's out of the way, let's get into the nitty gritty. The über-popular, bestselling, always back-ordered, almost elusive: BuzzFeed x Bellesa AirVibe ($99 from Bellesa Boutique). 🤩

    Red and gold vibrator in case
    Negesti Kaudo / BuzzFeed

    Bellesa Boutique is a super cute store — I love them for their social media content, no lie. I own a couple of products strictly from the Bellesa line. And yes, they are very good at making sex toys. And of course, you already know BuzzFeed.

    So when I was hired to do *this*, my dream job, I celebrated by ordering the AirVibe because I needed to a) see for myself if the reviews were true and b) own the sex toy that put BuzzFeed's sex toy content on everyone's radar. And it took FOREVER.

    Model holding red and gold vibrator next to torso
    @bellesaco / Via

    And, yes, I was getting real frustrated and irritated that the sex toy I'd ordered at the end of May wasn't here in July (it wasn't on backorder yet). Of course, there's a pandemic going on and the US Postal system has high-key been jeopardized, but where tf is my sex toy?

    And then finally, it came. I was finally part of the "container crew," a nickname for Bellesa Boutique shoppers because their packages are so discreet and only list "Containers Plus" as the sender. I ripped open that package with a fierceness. Most people like to save the packaging and box for a cute IG story later...I am not most people.

    Reviewer holding vibrator to display suction opening
    Negesti Kaudo / BuzzFeed

    I debated keeping the box, but I was also going to try out an arousal serum with the AirVibe, so I was in a rush.

    The first time I tried the AirVibe, I tinkered with all of its settings and how to work the buttons. The external suction and internal vibrations are controlled independently, but it is a struggle to change the settings methodically once in use, so best to get an idea first.

    Negesti Kaudo / BuzzFeed

    This was my first dual stimulator, so I really only knew what to expect from what I'd read in the 1,000+ reviews on Bellesa.

    There are 10 vibration modes in the shaft alone, ranging from classic vibration to *buzz buzz pause buuuuzzzzz* patterns, and they are all fantastic, especially when paired with the suction. The suction has five intensities, and honestly...level 1 is a lot if you're new to suction toys. But I'm not, so. I personally like level 3, but like I said — once you have everything in the right position, changing settings can get a little slippery and difficult, so definitely test them out beforehand.

    There's no doubt that this vibe is powerful. The first time, I only used suction and figured out the perfect position for dual stim...and then I got scared a couple of minutes in and took it off my clit because I was 110% positive that I wasn't ready.

    Negesti Kaudo / BuzzFeed

    Sometimes, anxiety kicks in like — are you ready and willing to ruin your sheets for this new toy? So, I put it back in its clamshell for another day.

    After hyping myself up, telling myself I shouldn't be afraid of a sex toy, and discussing with my closest sex toy confidants...

    Nickelodeon / Spongebob Squarepants

    The day I decided to fully commit to trying the AirVibe, towel placed and everything, I also was trying another arousal serum.

    ...You know that look you give your lover when they've like, satiated all your desires and you can't even believe it went down like that? That's how I looked at the AirVibe.

    Reviewer looking at sex toy with caption "a look of love"
    Negesti Kaudo / BuzzFeed

    Honestly, if I wasn't so satisfied and exhausted and elated, I would have thought it disrespectful. Reader, it was probably a mistake to test it out with an arousal serum, but it was a good one.

    Here's what I like about the AirVibe: the flexible shaft means it only takes simple adjusting to make this toy "fit" your body, which is something a lot of dual-stimulators and rabbits don't do.


    I don't know why you wouldn't take my word for it, but just in case, these reviewers are all on the same wavelength.

    "This is absolutely amazing. Rocked my world and can’t go back to any of my old toys, it’s just not the same. The way it hits every spot you need and more is really *chefs kiss* 10/10 recommend to anyone new or experienced." —Mimi

    "I ordered this because I was looking for a fun new toy. Super excited to try it out. Exceeded all of my expectations. It’s very flexible and adjustable. An issue I have had before with other vibrators is that if I was on my G-spot, the vibe wouldn’t reach my clit and vise versa. This one molds to fit you. The G-spot vibration is nice and strong and the clit suction part makes me see God. I squirted for the very first time ever with this toy. Something that I thought my body just doesn’t do. Everyone needs one. I can’t say enough good things about this toy." —Erin

    "Beginner here! First toy purchased and when I first ordered I got an amazing deal even though it was preordered. I figured maybe three to six weeks tops right? Well i ordered in May but due to high demand and with all the COVID delay I ended up receiving it in August. Between those months I ended up buying another toy so when I finally received it I wasn’t as excited. Either way I said let me give this a try and see if it’s worth the hype. IT IS BY FAR THE BEST! Definitely worth the wait! So many options to play with and so easy to handle! I use it way more than the other toy. That dual stimulation is life! Go ahead and purchase it, and if it’s in preorder grab something else for the wait because you definitely don’t want to miss out on this bad boy." —Worth the wait

    The suction and the vibration settings are completely independent! So, if you're like me and prefer more internal stim — that's a thing, but if you're all about suction and pulsation, you can lean more on those settings as well. Versatility truly is key when it comes to choosing (and using) a sex toy.

    Wet vibrator next to case
    Negesti Kaudo / BuzzFeed

    It's quickly become a high-ranking member of my ever-growing collection and it's discreet enough to use if you don't live alone... 

    I will say, if you aren't used to penetration during masturbation...this is the toy that convinced me that lube is actually really helpful even when playing solo.

    Pop TV / Big Brother After Dark

    With a few drops of water-based lubricant, the shaft of the AirVibe just slips in effortlessly and stays put...almost too well. 

    IMO, the AirVibe always a guarantees satisfaction, which could be a good thing or a bad thing...*squints* It's like 1/3 scary and 2/3 exciting — like a rollercoaster, ferris wheel, haunted house, dating app match, new recipe, etc.

    Reviewer holding vibrator
    Negesti Kaudo / BuzzFeed

    Which is to say that I'm a fan, even though the power of this toy is definitely daunting and I always lay a towel down just in case. 

    Get it from Bellesa Boutique for $99.

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