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These 22 Black Sex Educators Are Changing The Way We Think And Talk About Sex

Your Instagram feed just got a lot more exciting.

So, first things first: The number of Black sex educators and sex-positive influencers on IG is not finite, and I know that there are a lot more. Trust me, my feed is continuing to grow by the day.

If there's anyone you feel deserves a shoutout on this list, drop their handle in the comments and let us know! You'd be helping other readers upgrade their IG feeds, and my feed and I would be eternally grateful.

At first, Instagram would not let people (read: women and femmes) post their nipples. OK, nudity, sexism, we get it. But then the platform began "shadowbanning," which is limiting the reach of users' content that Instagram deems inappropriate for the platform.

Screenshot of Instagram community guidelines

It's been a hard couple of years for sex workers and educators on the internet, so many of the creators included in this posts have platforms you can support outside of IG, too. But this is a great place to start.

1. Gabby Alexa (@gabalexa) is an author and sex-positive influencer who uses her content to educate the masses on bisexuality and polyamory.

2. Shemeka Thorpe, PhD (@drshemeka), is a sex educator and researcher who hopes to change the narrative around Black sexology into a sex-positive one by focusing on pleasure, relationships, and sexual agency.

3. Ashleigh Tribble, aka @ashleighchubbybunny, is a Brooklyn-based blogger and activist who uses her platform to talk about all things fat and sexy, especially the intersections of race, fatphobia, and misogynoir — oh, and hella memes.

4. Madame Namio (@lisaspliffson) is an esthetician, retired dominatrix, kink educator, and comedian using her platform to celebrate Black and POC sex workers, comedians, and creatives and to promote "Black Thot Supremacy."

5. Shanae Adams (@honestlynae) is a sex educator focused on providing melanated representation and normalizing discussion of sex with an intersectional focus.

6. Daleychia and Rafaella are the minds behind @afrosexology, an online educational resource that promotes sex positivity and exploration in hopes of dismantling the stigma that white supremacy has historically imposed on Black bodies and sexuality.

7. Tara Michaela Jones (@tara.michaela) is a Black and queer sex educator based in NYC whose content and work focuses on the impact of injustice and racism on sex and explores stigmas around sex in hopes of closing the orgasm gap.

8. Ashley Cobb (@sexwithashley) is the sex advice columnist for Madame Noire. In her weekly column, she answers anonymous questions about everything from threesomes and dating to anal and blowjobs.

9. Venus Cuffs (@venuscuffs) is an NYC-based nightlife mogul, retired dominatrix, and activist who advocates for inclusive and safe, kink-friendly spaces for marginalized people by hosting and organizing fetish and dance parties.

10. Ericka Hart (@iharterika) is a Black, queer sex educator, writer, activist and breast cancer survivor whose work explores the intersectionality of sexuality and sexual expression with race, gender, chronic illness, and disability.

11. Raquel Savage (@raquelsavage) is a therapist, sex educator, and sex worker who creates educational videos, infographics, and other sexual health content on IG, Twitter, OnlyFans, and Patreon to provide an IRL alternative to sex ed (like putting a condom on an actual penis and not a banana).

12. Tyomi Morgan (@realglamazontyoni) is a certified sex educator and founder of the Cowgirl Workout, created for vulva owners to help build stamina and confidence in the bedroom (or wherever you have sex).

13. Gabrielle Smith (@bygabriellesmith) is a bisexual and polyamorous Afro-Latina writer whose content explores the intersectionality of polyamory and provides resources for readers on ethical nonmonogamy (ENM).

14. Shan Boodram (@shanboody) is a sex and intimacy educator — think "Dr. Ruth meets Rihanna" — who creates content that's both smart and sexy in hopes of making the masses more confident and competent in their sexual exploration.

15. Saniyyah Lateef (@heauxonthegeaux) is a queer, nonbinary pleasure activist and abortion doula who is working to provide accessible and free sex education to members of the Black community, with a focus on liberation, decolonization, and harm reduction.

16. Sam, Rob, Akua, and Rebecca are the queer, Black, and twentysomething hosts of Inner Hoe Uprising (@innerhoeuprising), a feminist podcast that focuses on sex, love, and dating through intersectional lenses.

17. Jimanekia Eborn (@jimanekia) is a queer sex educator whose work focuses on trauma-informed sensuality and sexuality for survivors and their allies. She is the creator of Trauma Queen, a podcast miniseries for assault survivors.

18. Irma Garcia (@sexedwithirma) is a queer, Afro-Latinx sex educator based in Texas who is promoting pleasure activism in Southern marginalized communities with infographic posts, sex toy reviews, and podcast content on the platform Dirty South Sex Ed.

19. Rukiat (@iamrukiat) is a London-based sex educator creating content on YouTube, IG, and TikTok to help viewers learn about sexuality, consent, sexual health, relationships, and more.

20. Ev'Yan Whitney (@evyan.whitney) is a queer, nonbinary sex educator, sexuality doula, and author whose mission is to help others become sexually liberated and develop a healthy relationship to their sensuality, body, and sexual expression.

21. Marla Stewart (@1marlastewart) is a sexologist and author, as well as the creator of Velvet Lips Sex Ed. She uses her platform to discuss human sexuality, pleasure, and kink.

22. Shadeen Francis (@shadeenfrancis) is a sex and relationship therapist who prioritizes the emotional aspect of sex and love with diary-style posts of aphorisms to inspire her followers.

BTW, we looked for and wanted to include sex-positive men in this space too, but couldn’t find any! We'd love to include sex-positive men in the next roundup, too, so if you know of anyone worth the follow, tell us in the comments!

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