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24 Sexual Wellness Products From Black-Owned Businesses You Should Definitely Add To Your Cart

Chances are, you need to update your sexual wellness collection, and here's an assortment of products from Black-owned businesses, that you might want.

1. A popular hand-sculpted Shilo dildo by New York Toy Collective designed with a poseable core, so you're always ready to pack and play with this toy. It also comes in flesh tone and whimsical hues, so you can make sure your dick is the perfect extension of your truest self.

2. A premium latex condom that's ultra-lubricated for smooth sailing during intercourse and boasts a thin, vegan design for comfort.

3. The OG Butters Lube designed with a vegan, oil-based formula that can be used in any and all your holes, as well as with your favorite toys and other body-safe materials, for slippery — never slick — fun.

Model holding black and light blue tub of lubricant
Model demonstrating melt point of lubricant
The Butters Hygienics Co.

Promising reviews: "This lube is amazing! My boyfriend is rather endowed and he’s my first. This lube made things easy and comfortable for sure." —Kai Welsh

"Very slippery and long lasting, feels good in any hole. Zero irritation. Keep some dedicated rags handy for clean up and wash separately. Wipes right up off of skin easily. Good company and nice people. This is premium lube, get some." —eric reed

Get it from The Butters Hygienics Co. for $6+.

The Butters Hygienics Co. is a Black- and queer-owned business based in Michigan that creates products using simple ingredients and hand-crafted in the owner's kitchen. In true millennial fashion, they want you to be able to afford quality body products that do what the bottles say they do.

4. A wearable and reusable pad that can be warmed up or cooled down to help deliver targeted relief to your vulva from front to back.

5. A water-based lubricant boasting moisturizing ingredients like agave extract and chamomile for a gentle, but effective organic formula.

6. The Try Me box includes a variety of sample-sized lubricants, massage oils and stimulants, along with a small sexual wellness book for anyone who wants to explore their pleasure. 

Box with assortment of items
Items arranged for viewing
Organic Loven

The Try Me Box includes an assortment of travel an sample-size organic lubricants, sample-size organic massage oils, vegan condoms, an instructional book for using the products, and a travel-friendly, body-safe sex toy.

Or, skip straight ahead to the Indulge Me box which includes the same things as the Try Me in travel or sample sizes, except the featured sex toy is valued up to $100 — because with this box, you already know what you want and you want it now. 

Promising review: "Wonderful items if you're not sure what you will like or just want to get started. I was really surprised by the quality of the products. Nothing was to intimidating and the value is definitely there. Will probably be purchasing again in the future. We loved everything we got but wish there was more of a way to customize preferences prior to receiving the box." —Jessica D.

Get it from Organic Loven for $55.

7. Runi's Play Primer is an arousal cream created with aloe vera gel, CBD, hyaluronic acid, and a blend of mushrooms for a libido-heightening product that offers a lot of slip to your sessions.

Red bottle of arousal serum with smear
Models posing with bottle of arousal serum

Promising reviews: "As someone who suffers with pelvic floor dysfunction, I always love trying new products to help with pain during intercourse, and this is so much better than anything else on the market. My only complaint is that I didn't buy more!" —Estie M.

"BROUGHT THIS ON VACATION, AND WOW MAMA — had me moaning like I have never moaned before! Thought I was going to get kicked out of the hotel for a noise complaint. I came four times in one session; I was on fire! Buying three more because I'll be having sex five times daily." —Samantha B.

Get it from Runi for $44.

Runi is a Black, woman-owned sexual wellness company founded by a "Zillenial" hoping to cultivate a community of women who celebrate pleasure as an essential aspect of sexual health.

8. A pair of period underwear, making Aunt Flo's visit a lot more comfy and less messy with a dri-tech mush gusset able to absorb up to three tampons' worth of liquid and help keep you protected from leaks and stains.

9. The Palm Grease lubricant, which is perfect for fisting and thrusting with it's ultra-thick consistency and conditioning formula to help prolong and elevate your sessions.

Model holding blue container of palm grease
Open jar covered with contents
@getthebutters / Via, The Butters Hygienics Co.

This creamy lube is created with palm butter, grape-seed oil, and vitamin E for a moisturizing and velvety feel wherever it's applied.

Promising review: "There are no words for how good this lube is. It is amazing for long sessions, it feels incredible, it's .... I damn near got misty that someone, somewhere, had the exact same need as I did, and then invented something that solved that need. Serious, historic tip of the cap. To potential purchasers thinking they will get a sample size to start — fuck that. You have found the product you are looking for." —Rick Willet

"Great to use as a moisturizer and even better as lube! I've purchased this several times over the last couple of years and my partners love it as much as I do!" —Joseph Gurk

Get it from The Butters Hygienics Co. for $14+.

Don't worry, we've got a lot more highly-recommended lubricants in case you've been searching for the one.

10. The Discreetly Neat Blanket is a handmade blanket boasting an absorbent design made of cotton and/or fleece that holds up to four cups of water, so you can make a bit of a mess (read: squirt, ejaculate, pee) without worry.

All three sizes of blankets stacked to show size comparison
Water being sprayed on blanket to show water-resistance
TRB Creations, @thuggishruggishbonnie / Via

Ummmmm, raise your hand if you're sick of lubricant and / or bodily fluids ruining your bedsheets and blankets. *raises 🤚* These blankets offer four layers of protection, plus a cotton or fleece top layer to keep you comfy. This innovative bed (or couch) accessory comes in 60x80 (full-size blanket), 30x60 (throw blanket), and 30x30 (small blanket).

Promising review: "I got the small waterproof blanket in the cutest print!!! Little Halloween flowers that make me so happy! But what really makes me happy is how I stopped staining my mattress!!! I use this for a week every month while I free bleed. And my husband always gets excited when I pull it out because he knows we’re about to have a lot of messy, wet fun!!! I didn’t know a blanket could change and improve my life but this one definitely does!!!" —Lillie Morris

Get the full-size blanket from TRB Creations for $180 (originally $200 and available in eight colors).

Black- and queer-owned shop TRB Creations makes these blankets for multipurpose uses and as a sustainable alternative to rubber or plastic sheets, puppy pads, and towels to protect mattresses and other furniture from bodily fluids and even oils.

11. The best-selling Mason dildo, featuring an 8-inch insertable length because bigger bodies deserve the same gratifying stimulation as smaller ones. Literally, this dildo was created for anyone who has and/or loves bellies, butts and penetration.

12. A Love Bump attachment to pair with your favorite dildo to deliver lifelike sensations with each thrust. Plus it includes a 10-function bullet vibrator to help you get in a good rhythm.

13. A reusable rice pack with jasmine rice on the inside and a cotton sleeve on the outside, so you can effortlessly soothe any muscle aches or cramps from the comfort of your bed or couch.

14. A CBD-infused water-based lubricant to keep things slippery and fun while you play. It's also odorless and flavorless, meaning great for oral sex! 

Bottle of serum with dropper on bed of roses
@earths.dew / Via

Promising reviews: "I wanted to try something new and BAAABEEE!!!! WE love it😉!!! It doesn’t have a smell and no taste!!!" —Love

"This stuff is incredible. Hands down the best I've ever tried. When they say it mimics they mean it." —D.P.

Get it from Earth's Dew for $59.99.

Earth's Dew is an LA-based, Black- and woman-owned small business creating everything wellness-related from tea blends and body butter to CBD and hemp wellness products. They use organic farming practices and prioritize all-natural and ethically-sourced ingredients for their products.

15. Or try out the Stemulant Pleasure Oil which is also infused with CBD and a blend of organic botanicals to help enhance sensation for vulva owners during play.

Bottles of serum on paper
@earths.dew / Via

Promising review: "Honestly, the best pleasure oil I've ever experienced. Idk if I can ever have sex without it. It made cumming so easy. It's INCREDIBLE!!! MUST BUY!" —Alexis Jones

Get it from Earth's Dew for $59.99.

16. A handmade binder by New York Toy Collective designed with a moisture-wicking material to keep you comfortable without sacrificing security.

Model wearing mid-rise binder