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21 Black-Owned Sex And Sexual Wellness Shops To Bookmark And Support Year-Round

We think you should bookmark these Black-owned sex shops for the next time you're feeling frisky and want to support a small business.

1. Enby, a trans-owned company run by three enby folks, believes all bodies deserve affirmation and pleasure. They focus especially on providing a safer, more comfortable sex toy shopping experience for the queer community.

2. Hoelistic, an inclusive and educational adult sex boutique created by Sadea Bryant, a queer, sex-positive femme and sexual assault survivor and advocate.

3. Le Vadge is a Black- and woman-owned and family-run online sex shop offering a selection of sex toys, BDSM accessories, and other pleasure products from popular brands, including We-Vibe, Satisfyer, and more.

4. Oakland's only Black- and queer-owned sex shop, Feelmore, offers top-notch customer service that strives to make shoppers feel comfortable talking about sex and asking about sex toys.

5. Hart's Desires, a store created by Tony and Shani Hart, is modeled after their own love and adventurous sex life. Their store offers a full-on sensual experience with a range of products from lingerie and high-end sex toys to intimacy consulting.

Clear and black blowjob simulator

6. The Honey Pot Co., a line of plant-derived feminine care for anyone with a vulva or vagina, features everything from foaming washes for down there, to menstrual and incontinence products, and even lube.

7. Toy Box NY is a Black- and woman-owned erotic boutique that sells an assortment of lingerie, sex toys and accessories to help elevate customers' play.

8. Lumberjill Leisurecrafts on Etsy offers elegant, hand-crafted wooden dildos and other sex toys. Yup, wooden. But don't worry, the owner tests his own products first and promises you won't get any splinters.

9. Organic Loven is a woman-owned online retail shop with specially curated collections of sex toys and wellness products, ranging from books and lube to adult subscription boxes and even personal shopping consultations.

Three different boxes with an assortment of sexual wellness products

10. Black- and queer-owned shop TRB Creations carries a very important product for the bedroom for anyone who tends to make a mess during play, aka squirters.

11. Michigan-based and queer-owned online shop The Butters Hygienics provides hand-crafted, high-quality personal solutions to everything from dry scalps to PMS symptoms. One of the first products created was The Butters Lube, which has since spawned a collection of sexual wellness balms and oils.

12. New York Toy Collective, a queer-owned retailer, creates high-quality, gender-affirming intimacy toys and products, ranging from packers and binders to dildos and accessories.

13. Kink Crate is a monthly subscription box service for all things kink and BDSM, offering crates for solo users, couples, beginners, and more, as well as individual sex toys and products to purchase.

14. B Condoms offers premium-quality and vegan-friendly latex condoms designed for comfort and maximum pleasure.

15. Earth's Dew is a woman-owned small business creating everything wellness-related from tea blends and body butter to CBD and hemp wellness products.

16. Philadelphia-based and woman-owned sex shop Indulgence Boutique offers intimacy coaching, XXXotic home parties, and of course a plethora of pleasure products to explore.

17. Queer- and woman-owned online sex toy retailer Kinky Choices carries pretty much any sexual wellness product you can think of and offers in-person sex toy demo parties in Philly (just in case you're not sure where or how to start).

18. The woman-owned sex shop Sex On The Table focuses on providing millennials with the education resources, pleasure products, and more to manifest and enjoy healthy (and happy) relationships to sexuality, sex, love and relationships.

19. Pleasure Envy is a small business that curates a selection of pleasure products and accessories to promote stress-free living.

20. Kolby Brianne creates premium handcrafted leather goods to be enjoyed by any and all bodies with customized sizes for comfort.

21. Black- and queer-founded, Momentum Intimacy carries an assortment of personal lubricants for any and all bodies, so everyone can enjoy great sex without worrying about friction slowing things down.

You, trying to decide which of these businesses to splurge on:

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