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    Here Are 23 Glass Dildos To Give You Chills And Thrills

    🎶 I was feelin' done in...couldn't win, I'd never bought a glass toy before — you mean, she... Uh uh. 🎶

    Hello, it's me — champion of glass dildos. If you have one: *high five* you should get another. If you're curious: welcome. 👋 Glass has several perks: temperature play, it is smooooooooth, and it offers a *full* feeling with a little bit of weight and a firmness that's hard to get with silicone.

    1. A wavy glass dildo designed to deliver a ~full~ feeling and extra stimulation with each bead. The adorable heart-shaped end offers easy handling or simply a cute accent between the cheeks.

    Model holding glass dildo with pink heart-shaped handle

    2. A curvaceous tentacle dildo created with luxurious glass (perfect for temperature play!) and rippled with texture that delivers a delectable feeling no matter what orifice.

    Pink detailed tentacle glass dildo next to box

    3. A hand-blown double-ended glass dildo in case you have thing for inserting really pretty toys into your body.

    Model holding glass dildo with blue bead accents

    4. A bent glass pleasure wand that's dual-ended for you to use solo or with a partner and BOOM 💥 — you're coming all over the place.

    Reviewer holding pink dual-ended wand

    5. A realistic glass dildo designed with a delectable ribbed texture, so you can feel all 6 inches as it's inside you.

    Transparent textured realistic dildo

    6. A glass wand inspired by the planets with a bulbous design that curves to meet your sweet spots, so you can complete your new-moon ritual without any interruption.

    Blue graduated dildo

    7. A slim 7-inch dildo with a spiralized design that delivers a unique sensation upon insertion or during external massage.

    Transparent dildo with blue spiral

    8. An 8-inch dildo with a bulbous tapered tip that's 6.25 inches round (!!!) and perfect for anal and vaginal stimulation.

    Hand holding transparent glass dildo with large bulb

    9. A curvy artisan-made glass dildo with a double head and colorful pattern. It's phallic, it's sleek, and it's...going into my cart?

    10. An elegant glass dildo boasting a twisted design and Aurora Borealis crystal on the base — yeah, definitely go ~screw~ yourself with this one.

    Aurora borealis crystal and twisted dildo

    11. A sleek wand constructed from durable glass for an extra-satisfying massage inside and out. Plus, there's a unique pink handle that's like your own personal sex life sigil.

    12. A double-ended glass dildo designed for thrusting with one extra thick end and one slim, so you can pick your preference and go to town.

    Model holding transparent realistic double-ended dildo

    13. An artisan rainbow bubble glass dildo with a gentle curve for superior G-spot or P-spot stimulation and a unique bulb at the end displaying different colors from different angles.

    14. A glass "juicer" for your insides boasting a textured shaft and a unique crank, so you can turn things up a notch whether alone or with a lover.

    Model holding glass crank dildo textured with pink and purple pastel dots

    15. A pink double-ended dildo constructed with a realistic tip and spiraled end, letting you explore different sensations internally and externally.

    Model holding pink dual-ended dildo

    16. A delectable glass dildo that lives up to its name, Stellar, with a curvy design and weighted feeling to stimulate those hard-to-reach spots.

    17. A handcrafted glass dildo that certainly won't give you the blues with its four sensations: massaging bumps, pleasure swirl, transparent reverse tip and bulbous blue hot-spot tip for pinpointed pleasure.

    Blue and clear spiral dildo

    18. A glow-in-the-dark wand dildo with a crescent moon handle that delivers major Sailor Moon vibes along with delectable orgasms.

    19. A 7-inch glass dildo sweet as honey and perfect for hitting your G-spot with a slender curve and bulbous tip.

    Yellow dildo with bulbous ends

    20. A dual-ended glass dildo with two bulbous ends that curve just like the satisfied smile it'll leave you with.

    Model holding light purple double-ended dildo

    21. A 7-inch beaded glass dildo that you can insert into your favorite orifices for a sensual and stimulating massage.

    Clear beaded glass dildo

    22. A versatile glass dildo by Unbound named after everyone's favorite zodiac sign: GEMini.

    23. A textured glass dildo covered in delicate pastel nubs that deliver a delectable rippled sensation as you massage. Plus you can warm it up under the faucet, pop it in the fridge for cooling, or just hold it up in the sun and marvel at it.

    hand holding cylindrical transparent toy

    You, when you buy your first (or next) glass dildo:

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