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    29 Hand-Crafted Sex Toys Designed To Give You Mind-Blowing Pleasure And Orgasms

    If you like artisan cheese boards, artisan candles, or one-of-a-kind works...then you'll love these artisan sex toys.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Some may have been sent as samples, but all opinions and reviews are our own. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. The bestselling Pisces The Merman dildo that encapsulates the soft, sensitive and sensible personality we all know and love — not to mention, this one delivers a sort of sensual seduction hard to find on dry land.

    Light purple mermaid-inspired dildo with flesh-colored tip
    Fantasticocks / Etsy

    My friend talks up this dildo a lot, and not in a playing-out-an-Aquaman-or-fish-erotic-fantasy-way. And the stats speak for themselves: 6 1/2" of insertable length, 2" wide at the head and a body-safe platinum silicone design, so you can go to town.

    Promising review: "I am so tremendously pleased with my new Pisces! This is my fourth purchase, I have three models from FC now, and this one is by far my favorite of them all. I chose a split-tone pour with a shimmery blue-gold base and shimmery mermaid shaft. I asked if they could use yellow for the tips and marble some into the shaft — they did — it looks absolutely incredible. This one is my new favorite. The unique ridges and textured tip are lip-bitingly intense, coupled with a generous girth that builds to satisfying fullness. I can’t recommend this shop enough. Thank you again for another fantastic toy. This thing is essentially a work of art." —HiveMind

    Get it from Fantasticocks on Etsy for $68.

    Fantasticocks is a woman- and queer-owned sex boutique based in Ohio, creating premium-quality silicone sex toys designed for all bodies and desires.

    2. A slim 7-inch dildo with a spiralized design that delivers a unique sensation upon insertion or during external massage.

    Transparent dildo with blue spiral

    Promising reviews: "This is our first glass dildo, after the initial nervousness this icicle slipped inside, the wife reliably informed me it felt amazing and she could feel each of the ripples. Feels good and looks beautiful, must have for your toy box." —New C.

    "This toy is so attractive would look amazing just on show in the bedroom, and it does not disappoint at all, one of our faves! We cooled it down in the fridge and the sensation is so amazing and it’s also slightly curved so it gets the right spots. Next stop is the freezer can’t wait. If you haven’t tried temperature play this is the place to start." —Sammy666566

    Get it from Lovehoney for $29.59 (originally $36.99).

    3. A handcrafted porcelain G-spot dildo that makes me want to start speaking French, TBH.

    White porcelain dildo surrounded by plants
    @desirablesed / Via

    It's lightweight, dual-ended, designed to reach your favorite spot, and seven inches long. This one-of-a-kind beauty doesn't need to vibrate to show off its elegance.

    Promising reviews: "The Dalia is, as we Americans say, THE BOMB. It is beautiful, excellently crafted, and the little book that comes with it is a wonderful, unexpected primer on self-love! I broke mine but am buying another — it's very durable, but don't drop it on the floor in the heat of passion." —M.

    "It reaches all kinds of spots that have needed love ❤️ different than any other toy I’ve ever used, so I’m excited to experiment more." —Jessy M.

    Get it from Désirables for $119.25 (make sure to switch currency to USD if you're in the US!).

    Désirables is a woman-owned sex boutique based in Canada that specializes in handcrafted porcelain dildos and sexual wellness accessories.

    4. A delectable glass plug with a textured teardrop-shaped bulb and bejeweled flared base for effortless removal and insertion.

    Glass plug with pink bejeweled base and yellow and pink bump texture on shaft
    Crystal Delights

    Besides looks, this plug boasts a width of 1.5" or 1.8" and a little bit of weight around 4 to 5 ounces, so you'll definitely feel it.

    Promising review: "Having purchased, and really enjoy, the Rosebud Delight — green and pink my beautiful lady decided that I needed some further stimulation so she bought me one of these with the medium bulb. All I can say is that if I could only have one plug for the rest of my life this would be the one. It pops in easily and provides amazing sensations. Our only problem is that it looks so beautiful that we really want to use it as an ornament placed in pride of place in our living room. It seems such a shame to hide it in my back passage." —William L.

    Get it from Crystal Delights for $134.95+ or Amazon for $129.95+ (available in small and medium).

    5. An ogre-inspired masturbator designed with two different-sized holes to slip into and enjoy a pleasurable, tight squeeze.

    White multicolor and gray multicolor fantasy masturbators
    Love Smiths Toys / Etsy

    The hole on the top fits penises up to 4.3" circumferences, and the one below can accommodate up to 5.9" circumference. Just, don't forget the lube.

    Promising review: "Definitely my favorite so far. Not too heavy, the holes are incredible, and the outer details are very fun to grab onto while you use it. If you get one toy from these guys, make it this one." —hobodudeguy

    Get it from Love Smiths Toys on Etsy for $168.07+ (originally $210.08+ and available in three colors).

    Love Smiths is a small business based in France that creates unique, hand-crafted fantasy sex toys for everyone, with a goal of promoting gender equality and eco-friendliness.

    6. A realistic glass dildo designed with a delectable ribbed texture, so you can feel all 6 inches as it's inside you.

    Transparent textured realistic dildo

    Promising reviews: "I love glass toys and temperature play, so couldn’t resist this unique design! Glass always offers firm penetration with unique sensations, so this classic phallic shape is a winner and the textured shaft is an added bonus! Love it (and it makes a great pornament)!" —Lovehoney-FairyGagmother

    "Aaaah! 🤤 Feels INCREDIBLE! 😍 You’ll never want to take it out! The texture and shaft design is just SUPERB! I’ve tried sleeping with this inside but it feels so good that it’s just too distracting! 😃 Pressing on all the right spots with all those yummy swirly textures, you’ll be coming in no time! 👌💖Impressive Glass Cock! 🙌👍" —Zelginax L.

    Get it from Lovehoney for $44.99.

    7. A popular hand-sculpted Shilo dildo by New York Toy Collective designed with a poseable core, so you're always ready to pack and play with this toy. It also comes in fleshtone and whimsical hues, so you can make sure your dick is the perfect extension of your truest self.

    Orange whimsical shilo dildo with realistic bumper
    Assorted colors of Shilo dildo
    Dildo in flesh tones demonstrating flexibility
    @newyorktoycollective / Via, New York Toy Collective

    The Shilo dildo is harness-compatible and anal safe, and boasts an insertable length of 6.25 inches and 1.5 inches of girth. A prominent realistic tip offers targeted stimulation to G- or P-spots.

    Promising review: "This dildo is seriously impressive. As a pack’n’play toy, it offers a wide range of value! It folds comfortably and discreetly into the pants (albeit with some effort initially) for longterm wear, feels soft between the legs when walking and sitting, pops out to an impressive length (and girth) when readying for play, looks and feels ultra-realistic to the touch (except bigger, according to my girlfriend), and gives an incredible orgasm, to me as well as my partner, surprisingly! The large base pressed right up against my clit through my Spareparts harness! Not as intense as a vibrator or double ended toy, for sure, but a pleasant sensation nonetheless, and my partner gets the benefit of the huge bulbous head rolling across the G and A spots, as well as the soft, almost skin-like texture massaging everything else, and the realistic veins add a nice touch as well! Altogether, a WONDERFUL experience, from start to finish. I definitely recommend this for people who like experimenting with gender expression, but it would be a delight for everyone else too!" —Anna

    Get it from New York Toy Collective for $159 (available in four fleshtone and seven whimsical colors).

    New York Toy Collective is a queer-owned retailer that creates high-quality, gender-affirming intimacy toys and products, ranging from packers and binders to dildos and accessories.

    8. A Love Bump attachment to pair with your favorite dildo to deliver lifelike sensations with each thrust. Plus it includes a 10-function bullet vibrator to help you get in a good rhythm.

    Orange bumper next to black bullet vibrator and orange dildo
    Assorted colors of Love Bump attachment
    @newyorktoycollective / Via, New York Toy Collective

    Oh, and if ball-slapping is not your thing — it also functions as a cock ring.

    Promising review: "I feel like I’ve been missing out my entire adult life before this thing. Not only do they hang and swing in a pleasing way (which is nice for my identity as a trans man) but when I’m intimately with someone they create a new level of sensation that has led to some very exciting results. The design is complete genius. Thanks NYTC!" —Griff

    Get it from New York Toy Collective for $49.99 (available in four fleshtones and four colors).

    9. A glass "juicer" for your insides boasting a textured shaft and a unique crank, so you can ~turn~ things up a notch whether alone or with a lover.

    Model holding glass crank dildo textured with pink and purple pastel dots
    Gläs Toys

    Promising reviews: "This was great for foreplay really got the juices flowing loved that can warm it up or cool it down. Add on a bullet vibratory for the clit as you work it around multiple Os. Worked great for DP as well; we're looking forward to exploring additional anal play." —Texas 69

    "I bought it because it seemed different with the raised bumps and handle that spins it. After using it during anal play it felt strange at first but after a time or two you get used to it and it feels pretty good. The spin is a bit tricky to use if you use lube. Overall it felt really good and perfect size." —MaryL

    Get it from Adam & Eve for $26.95 or Amazon for $19.25.

    10. An ice serpent ovipositor dildo that comes with three silicone eggs for anyone who's wanted to feel the rush of laying an egg.

    Blue and purple ovipositor with three blue and purple dragon eggs
    Mythical Toy Creations / Etsy

    The ovipositor has an insertable length of seven inches, and each egg is 1.75" H x 1" W with a flat bottom. Recommended for vaginal use only with water-based lube.

    Promising review: "Came almost as fast as I did! I was super impressed by the packaging inside, not something I've gotten from other sellers so that was a really nice surprise! The colors on this guy are really vibrant and the smooth texture and squishy consistency make it really easy slip him in and get started! I've owned a couple of different ovipositor toys but this one by far is my favorite!" —Yue Cheung

    Get it from Mythical Toy Creations on Etsy for $109.48.

    Mythical Toys is a woman-owned, UK-based online boutique that sells fantasy sex toys to enhance sexual desires.

    11. A dual-ended glass dildo with two bulbous ends that curve just like the satisfied smile it'll leave you with.

    Model holding light purple double-ended dildo

    At 10 inches long and 4.5 inches around the largest bulb, this dildo may seem like your eyes are bigger than your orifices, but that 8.5 inches of insertable length will be worth it. Just...go slow.

    Promising reviews: "I was looking for a G-spot massager for my wife in glass. Had been having lots of success with a beaded glass dildo but the angle wasn't quite enough to reach all necessary spots. This baby is perfect. Large end slips in nicely once lubed up and you have good control over angle and pressure. Multiple squirting orgasms was the result :) Highly recommended!" —Anonymous

    "As someone who relied heavily on vibrators to masturbate, I wanted to get more in touch with my body and decided to adventure down the G-spot orgasm road. The first time I used this toy, I had the best squirting orgasm EVER. It was incredible and only took me a few minutes to get there. I highly recommend this toy if you are looking at trying to get back in touch with your body. OMFG completely worth the purchase." —Tara

    Get it from Lovehoney for $36.99.

    12. The Whim by Pelle is a set of two unique silicone grinding toys that offer broad stimulation with dual-sided designs — one with waves and one with grooves — and versatile use for grinding, rubbing, and definitely exploring.

    Gif displaying both sides of Warm and Dune silicone toys

    Word on the street is that you can also use this as a DIY stroker. 👀 Warm up Whim by placing it in warm water or holding it close for awhile to retain body heat. This toy is waterproof, body-safe, and compatible with water-based and hybrid lubricants.

    Promising reviews: "I bought these because they're unlike anything in my collection. Of course, they're fantastic for humping / grinding, but I think my favorite way to use them is to wear them inside my underwear when I'm home cooking, running errands, or stuck in traffic. The Pelle whim provides just the right amount of pleasure for me; not quite enough for a climax, but certainly enough to keep me smiling when I'm out in public. And no one is the wiser ;)" —Amber

    "I was super intrigued but also really hesitant at first. It almost seemed too good to be true. I'm so happy I finally decided to splurge, I wish I'd done it way sooner! The whim(s) are soft, easy to clean and discreet. Out of my large toy collection this is definitely my favorite. Perfect amount of stimulation without being overwhelming." —Blu

    Get it from Pelle for $98.

    13. A customizable silicone grinder offered in whimsical color mixes and designed with silicone ridges created with over 80 individual nubs that stimulate.

    Pink and purple silicone grinder
    Fantasticocks / Etsy

    This unique grinder comes with two straps, so you can attach it to a pillow, bathtub ledge or even your lover's thigh or forearm. It can also be used as a sleeve when held in the hand.

    Promising reviews: "I didn't know what to expect but I'm here to tell you guys... With plenty of lube it provides a TON-OF-FUN..! A nice addition to my toy box." —Warren Pouyer Jr.

    "This is something totally different that I didn't know I needed in my life until I saw it. I've only tested it out for a small amount of time but I already tell it was a good buy. I am an extremely indecisive person so I said 'glow in the dark' and 'surprise me' and I received a beautiful purple pour. It matches well with other randomized colors I've received from this shop and purple happens to be one of my favorite colors. I would recommend this for people who want to try something new and / or dislike penetration. It has a good feel to it and it comes with straps for unlimited possibilities." —Quinten Forrest

    Get it from Fantasticocks on Etsy for $55.

    14. A textured glass dildo covered in delicate pastel nubs which deliver a delectable rippled sensation as you massage. Plus you can warm it up under the faucet, pop it in the fridge for cooling or just hold it up in the sun and marvel at it.

    hand holding cylindrical transparent toy

    Promising reviews: "So I have tried a different glass dildo before but was a little underwhelmed as it was smooth and not the most pleasurable. This Nubby was gifted to me by my partner. Due to the shape I wasn't holding out much hope as I do prefer a toy with a bit of a curve. Boy, was I wrong! The texture of this toy is incredible. It is equally as exquisite when used outside of the body as it is when inserted. We have had a lot of fun using this on all erogenous zones. The texture and the fact that due to glass we can adjust temperature for play is just fantastic and I would definitely recommend this toy to all." —CurvyNurse

    "So I've never tried glass before, but those little nubs caught my eye and I kept thinking about them and I just had to try it, so I bought it and's absolutely delightful. I don't really have toys with a lot of texture, so this was completely new for me and it feels really good! Definitely not as daunting to use as I imagined, it being glass and all. I'm still a little afraid I might drop it and break it accidentally, but that's it. This is also very easy to clean! I absolutely recommend this for anyone curious, it's a lot of fun :)" —Anonymous

    Get it from Lovehoney for $34.99.

    15. A made-to-order wooden dildo that's smooth as porcelain and boasts a realistic design. How much wood could a wood chuck...never mind, just get it.

    Two wooden dildos
    Close-up of wood texture on dildo
    Lumberjill Lovecrafts / Etsy

    Promising review: "*SCREAMS FOR 500 YEARS* Okay seriously. If you're gonna buy wooden dildos, this is the man to get them from. The supreme customer service is unmatched, as is the skill and devotion to the art." —Ms. Liz

    Get it from Lumberjill Lovecrafts on Etsy for $99.99.

    Lumberjill Lovecrafts is a Black-owned small business that specializes in handcrafted wooden dildos, plugs and adult products that are "smoother than a well-lotioned Billy Dee Williams in silk pajamas smoking a Cuban cigar between sips of Colt 45 in Cloud City." These unique toys are created with the smoothness and quality of porcelain and glass in mind, so no need to worry about splinters.

    16. Or, if you dabble in butt stuff, consider this handcrafted wooden plug designed with a smooth, body-safe finish, 1 1/2-inch width and 2 1/5-inch insertable length for a feel-good time.

    Wooden plug with flared base
    Plug on side showing detailed wood
    Lumberjill Lovecrafts / Etsy

    Promising review: "This is my first wood toy and I have had multiple talks with the shop owner and felt very safe and secure buying from LumberJill. But holy cow I did not expect to feel so satisfied!! I honestly feel like I might never need another toy in my life! After searching so long for finding a toy that was big enough (but not too big — I swear there's no in between), and did enough, I found dynamite in an average sized package. Even though this piece is my everything now, I'm going to come back and try on other woodies. I have to. Satisfied, yet addicted. God fucking bless." —Boogers McGee

    Get it from Lumberjill Lovecrafts on Etsy for $59.99.

    17. A corn on the cob dildo which might be more your ~taste~ with its rippled exterior of kernels that deliver a delectable massage.

    Model bending yellow corn-shaped dildo
    Light yellow corn-shaped dildo displaying color change
    @shopspectrumboutique / Via, Spectrum Boutique

    This ear of corn is 7.9" long and 1.6" in diameter at its wider point, but don't worry, it has a larger counterpart that's 8.3" long and 2" in diameter. This dildo is also designed with thermochromatic pigments, so it changes from dark yellow to bright yellow as it warms up to your body temperature.

    Promising reviews: "I'd been coveting several SelfDelve toys for many months before finally treating myself to them for Christmas. I really couldn't love this any more, it's maxed out my love. It's an absolute delight. Its size, shape and firmness are absolutely spot on, the colours are beautiful and I love that they change when warm. The seller was super friendly and communicative, everything about it is divine. The packaging was beautifully thought out; it came in a breathable bag with a seal that showed when it had been opened and was packed with black tissue paper in a tin it can be stored in. All around a tip-top experience buying from SelfDelve, highly recommend." —Domino

    "I bought this item because I was curious about what a 'vegetable' would be like. Let me tell you, it was absolutely amazing! I loved how it looks like uncooked corn before using and cooked after. And all the bumps and ridges from the kernels give the best massage. After using this I honestly don't want to use any of my other insertable toys! 10/10 highly recommend." —Kitty

    Get it from Self Delve on Etsy for $89.71 (also available in large) or Spectrum Boutique for $109.

    Self Delve is an artisan sex shop known for their line of realistic "Garden of Eden" inspired sex toys. All of their sex toys are created with premium silicone and thermochromatic pigments that change color when they reach body temperature.

    18. The Avant D2 Purple Rain dildo, which is beautifully crafted with premium silicone, a delectable curve, and a bulbous head for targeted internal stimulation. This 7 1/2-inch dildo is aptly named for sexual icon Prince's classic hit and boasts a beginner-friendly width of 1 1/2 inches.

    Reviewer holding purple stripe dildo
    gif of dildo being squeezed
    Negesti Kaudo / BuzzFeed

    This is literally my favorite dildo that I own, and you can read more about why it's incredible on my personal Purple Rain dildo review. If purple is not your thing though, or you want something a little bit bigger (or smaller), this collection has five dildos for you to choose from.

    Promising reviews: "This was my first toy and it blew my mind and changed my life. It's firm yet flexible, and the longer length is good if you for instance like a hand on it as you go at it. I've tried squishier and textured toys since but they don't do it for me like this. A+ would recommend for beginners or anyone." —KATIEPMANN

    "I fell in love with first touch. I was looking for a dildo that would fit my strap on harness and that I could bond with as my dick. This one is so soft to the touch i cannot keep my hands off it. Plus the super strong suction on it is perfect if say you would like to ride the wall.. it will hold strong!" —NOODS

    Get it from Spectrum Boutique for $44.99 or Amazon for $39.63.

    Spectrum Boutique is a sex-positive retailer run by self-proclaimed "Dildo Duchess" Zoe Ligon to provide customers with curated collections and resources.

    19. Or, try out one of the Avant Pride collection sex toys, boasting the same artisan quality as the OG collection of dildos, but in mesmerizing Pride flag colors. The Pride collection also offers an assorted collection of plugs alongside the dildos.

    Model holding assortment of colorful dildos and plugs
    @blushglobal / Via

    Promising reviews: "Small but fun. If you're looking for girth, this isn't for you. It's short and skinny but the texture is smooth and very fun. Colors are pretty too. Great for beginners or first timers at receiving!" —nich (on Beauty dildo)

    "Very pretty (colors are accurate). Silicone is high on the 'squishy/flexible' side, so if you tend to have insertion issues with softer toys this might not be your best option. If you want a nice pride dildo, and are good with the squish and this not being huge (iirc it's about 1 1/3 inches at the widest insertable points), I'd rec." —Jane Smith (on Freedom dildo)

    Get it from Amazon for $19.42+ (available in six styles).

    20. A curvy artisan-made glass dildo with a double head and colorful pattern. It's phallic, it's sleek and it's...going into my cart?

    Variety of glass dildos showing double head
    Rainbow-colored abstract dildo
    Three glass dildos side by side
    Smitten Kitten

    Each toy is unique and about 8–10 inches in length.

    Promising reviews: "As far as dildos as G-spot stimulation go I have always leaned towards the firmer toys and hated the squishy toys (like Vixskin's line). This comes down to personal preference but if you have leaned towards the firmer types of dildos when picking a silicone toy, glass is likely going to amaze you! I tried glass and have put away all of my silicone toys because even the firmest of them do not come close to the sturdy, smooth build of these fantastic standard glass dildos. The curve on them is fantastic for deeper G-spot stimulation and both ends can be used for different sensations. They are immensely easy to clean and store. All in all glass is my new go-to for dildos now :)" —Smooth Sailing

    "Oh my goodness, wow. I bought this as a birthday gift for myself. I picked surprise and am delighted by the color. It’s gorgeous. The weight feels lovely and it’s one of my favorite toys I’ve ever invested in. It’s perfect." —Cate

    Get it from Smitten Kitten for $137.99 (available in five colors).

    Smitten Kitten is a queer-owned retailer based in Minneapolis that offers affordable and ethically made products, tools and resources on sexuality and pleasure education.

    21. A Jack 2-in-1 stroker and packer, boasting representational hues and a ribbed cavity that provides suction to the wearer for a stimulating stroke session.

    Model holding assorted colors of Jack packer
    New York Toy Collective

    For packing, it's recommended to be worn with a strap-on / harness, so that it stays put. The stroker cavity stretches and works best for anatomies at least 0.5" in diameter because it will create suction, any smaller and the suction will not be activated.

    Promising reviews: "I love this product! The hole is big enough for many sizes to fit and stay on with suction. Amazing and intense stimulation. I tried after using a pump and it helped me stay erect. Best packer I ever owned and I owned most of em." —Jaki

    "My partner and I used the Jack yesterday. They are trans masculine and three years on testosterone. We used it in two different ways. The first way, I used a nice amount of lube, opened the stroker and suctioned it and stroked. It worked best with reinforcement by hand. Most FTM strokers we come across seem as if they are designed for trans masculine folks who are more developed growth wise physically. With that being said we improvised and the toy wound up giving amazing results for my partner. They give it a 9/10 and said that they are interested in seeing this develop in different shapes and sizes. I also suctioned it, applied pressure with fingers and performed oral sex. He said it was very pleasurable to be able to receive head and have the point of view visual that Jack creates. It helped with his dysphoria." —Summer

    Get it from New York Toy Collective for $59 (available in four fleshtone hues).

    22. A hand-blown petite tapered plug boasting a flared base for effortless insertion and removal, delivering a full feeling to anal aficionados.

    Model holding blue glass butt plug with curved flared base

    The plug is 5 inches long with an insertable length of 4 inches.

    Promising reviews: "I was excited as soon as I felt the weight of it in my hands. It's gorgeous, the kind of sex toy that wants to be on display. Smooth, chilly glass, and once it's in gravity won't let you forget. We had lots of fun going up and down the stairs with it in! Keep it in for P in V, and the tail fins provide stimulation for your partner too." —Hannah

    "This is our first glass butt plug. Wowsers, it's different than silicone. Once in, it feels great and stays in place. It's great during sex and if you're looking for a plug to wear in public, look no further. It also wears comfortably all day long. Clean up is quick and easy to boot." —Dan S.

    Get it from Lovehoney for $29.99.