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    20 Arousal Products To Get You All Hot And Bothered

    Everything from tingling to warming, from topical to lubricants, CBD-free or loaded with cannabinoids.

    1. An arousal serum by Dame boasting a pH-balanced formula created with natural ingredients to help rev up your sexual engines for an exhilarating ride.

    2. A tingly water-based lube that'll add a new and thrilling sensation to your sex life or self-care routine.

    Blue box of KY Give Me Goose Bumps lubricant

    3. A clitoral balm with a warming effect that'll elevate your pleasure and sensitivity for an out-of-this-world sensation.

    4. A love gel originally created for post-menopausal folks to help heighten sensitivity and increase libido for a more pleasurable experience.

    White Alfie love gel

    5. A stimulating water-based lube by Sliquid that delivers a cooling sensation upon contact, but warms up with friction...so get moving!

    Orange bottle of Sizzle lubricant by Sliquid

    6. A menthol-free arousal oil enhanced with natural botanical oils that'll press your favorite "button" and turn you on with a tingly sensation.

    Black and pink bottle of On arousal oil next to box

    7. A stimulating gel by Unbound enriched with peppermint oil that'll give your favorite sensitive areas a bit of a ~jolt~.

    8. A silicone-based lube by Trojan to help intensify sensations for more arousing play with cooling and warming sensations.

    Purple bottle of Trojan Arouses & Intensifies

    9. Or a 2-in-1 arousal gel and lubricant by Trojan boasting a motion-activated formula that keeps things slick for both parties and delivers a tingly, warming sensation.

    Red bottle of Trojan Arouses & Releases lubricant

    10. A pleasure serum that's 99% pure CBD and designed with science in mind, so that every part of the clitoris is stimulated.

    11. A clitoral balm boasting an earthy scent and warming effect for increased sensation and sensitivity during partnered or solo play.

    Ghosting remedy, Horny Jar and Sexting Balm clitoral balms

    12. An arousal cream that'll help stimulate libido by increasing blood flow for a more sensitive clit and firmer penile erection.

    White tube of Horny Honey arousal cream

    13. An all-natural arousal oil by Foria created with a blend of CBD and botanicals to help enhance sensation and pleasure.

    14. An oil-based, hemp-infused massage oil by Coconu that'll help you get in the mood for ~play~ whether you use it topically for extra stimulation or internally as a lubricant.

    Tube of white Coconu oil next to green box and spoon with coconut oil

    15. A 3-in-1 arousal serum that'll help stimulate, lubricate and plump your vulva and labia with a warming sensation that elevates your *me time*.

    Orange bottle of Arouse Rosebud serum on top of lace bra

    16. An enhanced lube designed to stimulate your G-spot for increased sensitivity and size for more explosive orgasms.

    Model holding foil packet of O.M.G-Spot Stim Serum

    17. An orgasm enhancer by Bijoux Indiscrets specially designed for your clit to help prepare your body and increase sensitivity for explosive results.

    Black and gold bottle of Aphrodisia orgasm enhancer balm

    18. A stimulating anal lubricant created with an extra-thick, water-based formula that'll last way after the arousal stage.

    19. A stimulating gel by SKYN that's both condom- and toy-compatible for a real good, feel good time whether partnered or solo.

    Black and pink box of SKYN Excite stimulating gel

    20. A KY lubricant duo designed to deliver a warming sensation for penises and a tingling sensation for vulvas, whether you use it as lube or a massage oil.

    Blue bottle of Yours and pink bottle of Mine

    Always remember to do a spot test beforehand, to see if there's a reaction. If there isn't? Well...LMK when you feel it.

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