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The Try Guys Try Cuban Miami

"It is the most loving, positive place I've ever been."

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The Try Guys recently took a trip to Miami and found themselves immersed in the vibrant Cuban-American culture that has deep roots in the city.

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With Cuban politics in the spotlight recently, we want to shine a light on the dynamic culture of the Cuban-American community that is an integral part of the social landscape of Miami.

In seeking out what Miami had to offer beyond South Beach and other tourist traps, the guys were expertly guided by Jackie, a Miami native and first-generation Cuban American, and Manny, who lives in Miami and grew up in Cuba.

The first order of business was making sure the guys were doing Miami in style. So, naturally, they went to try on guayaberas, a traditional staple in any Cuban man's wardrobe.

After tasting a few other incredible dishes, the Try Guys were introduced to a Cuban favorite, ropa vieja.


The literal translation of "ropa vieja" is "old clothes," but don't let the unappetizing name fool you — this shredded beef dish is sent from the heavens above.

Dominoes is the national game of Cuba, and in the Miami, the place to go for an authentic game is in Maximo Gomez Park in Little Havana.

Manny got the guys pumped for a night on the town.


He continues, "There's a lot of food and drink, and people just dancing all over the place — like in the streets and stuff."

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