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Jul 5, 2014

13 Insane World Cup Records You Have To See

How many do you know?

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Fastest goal in a World Cup? 10.8 seconds.


WHAT?! Hakan Şükür of Turkey scored in 10.8 seconds against Korea Republic in 2002.

Most goals scored All-Time? 15! UPDATE: NOW 16!!!

Ronaldo of Brazil scored 15 goals over 19 matches 1998-2006. Miroslav Klose just netted his 16th over 2002-2014 to surpass him.

The most red cards in a tournament? 28 in 2006!

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Zinedine Zidane has had 6 cards over his career, tied for the most of any player.

Largest margin of victory in a World Cup qualifying match? 31.


INSANE. Australia beat American Samoa 31 to 0 in a 2001 qualifier. They make it look easy.

In that same game, Archie Thompson of Australia scored...THIRTEEN GOALS. WHAT?!


Most own goals? 2!

Portugal and USA each scored against themselves in a 2002 game.

Youngest player to score? Pelé at age 17.


Pelé is Pelé.

Oldest player to score? Roger Milla of Cameroon at age 42.


Stillllll got it.

Biggest crowd? 173,850.


WHAT?! 173,850 watched Uruguay upset Brazil at the Maracanã Stadium in 1950. The game was so disastrous that Brazilians still refer to the game as the “Maracanaço” or The Maracanã Blow.

2014 has some new records.

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Most Saves in a match - Tim Howard, USA, 16

Latest goal in regulation - Silvestre Varela, Portugal, 95th minute (assist from Cristiano Ronaldo)

Latest goal - Abdelmoumene Djabou, Algeria, 121st minute

Oldest Player - Faryd Mondragón, Colombia, 43 years old

Most Goals All-Time - Miroslav Klose

Fastest Sprint - Arjen Robben 37 km/hr

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