• Correlation Does Not Equal Causation

    Fantastic. I’ve studied Research Methodology, and I hated how some academics jumped to conclusions just because there was correlation; or even worse, ignored or inflated some variables to get the necessary correlation so they can call it causation.

  • A Christmas Tree For The IT Department

    Here’s an inspired idea for all of you DIYers with tons of useless RAM sitting around, a Christmas tree made of RAM chips that would make the ultimate geek gift. And really, what else are you going to do with all that 128mb RAM you have squirreled a…

  • The Definition Of "So Ugly It’s Cute"

    Meet the newest critter at Perth’s Zoo, a baby echidna. It’s even known by an adorable/ugly name, as echidna babies are called “puggles.” There are even more pictures over at the link.

  • The World’s Largest Bucket Of Chicken

    After a Kuwaiti team shockingly established a world record for the largest bucket of chicken in 2009, a team of valiant and patriotic Americans bested them with this 1,645-pound bucket. Our Founding Fathers, like General Washington and Colonel Sande…

  • Embroidered Kanye West Tweets

    Amy Sheridan sells lovely but subversive embroidered items in her Etsy shop, including Kanye West Tweets, preserved for all time in framed embroidery. Her entire existing inventory sold quickly, and Sheridan issued a message about ordering one.

  • The Ultimate Hamburger

    36 hours to make one. It’s ‘ultimate’ in the ‘final’ sense of the word - after all the hassle of making it you’ll really what a waste of your time it was so will never make another.

  • Godzilla Christmas Tree

    Allegedly, this is a picture of a Godzilla-shaped Christmas tree that appeared in the Aqua City Odaiba shopping mall. Within minutes, it destroyed the mall. So, in retrospect, it was a really bad idea.

  • Why Settle For A Boring Cubicle?

    If you’re tired of boring old fabric-covered cubicles, you can always invest a little time and money to convert yours into a gorgeous wooden study. If only they had a how-to guide.

  • When Apes Adopt Cats As Cuddly Pets

    Humans love to hold a warm, furry cat in their arms or in their laps (with some exceptions, of course) but humans aren’t the only primates who like pets. Monkeys and apes seem to have a similar affinity to cats, as you’ll see in a gallery of cute pi…

  • Monstrous Christmas Tree Ornaments

    Etsy seller Michelle Scrimpsher makes Christmas tree ornaments that will delightfully darken your holiday cheer. This particular one pictured above has been sold, but you can find other monstrous ornaments in the NeatoShop.

  • Doctor Who Chess Set

    The rules get a bit wibby-wobbly timey-wimey, but the basic principles of Doctor Who chess are comprehensible by humans. deviantART user Eldalin Skywalker made this set with pieces ranging between three and seven centimeters tall. Do you agree with …

  • Some Buses In China Have Emergency Bricks

    Stop playing with that brick! It’s not a toy, but a tool. Buses in Xian and Harbin, China come equipped with brightly painted bricks that can be used by passengers to smash open windows in the event of an emergency. But if you think about it, there …

  • Astoundingly Lifelike Horse Puppet

    This horse is from the play, Warhorse. I went to see Warhorse in London. It was absolutely amazing. Within moments you stop noticing the puppet handlers and the horses become real to you, though you are still overwhelmed by how cleverly it is done.…

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