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8 Shirts That Will Help You Express Yourself On The First Day Of School

What you wear on the first day of school will determine who your friends are and how others see you. Shirts are the piece of clothing closest to the face. When someone sees you they scan from the face down which means they will associate you with the shirt you wear when you first meet them. This is why you need to wear a shirt that will help you express your personality and interests. Some people may argue that the shirt you wear is insignificant because not everyone puts thought into what they wear. That claim, however, is false because even those critics unconsciously choose shirts that reveal aspects of their interests and personality. Social psychologists and other experts say that wearing different colors and styles of shirts will leave others with certain impressions of your characteristics and passions. Keep reading to decide what shirt will help you best express your personality and interests to others. If you cannot decide, try taking the attached quiz to see what experts would recommend.

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1. A Simple Sweater

Chloe Rifat

A sweater is perfect for the girl who values both comfort and style. It is a great way to feel comfortable on the first day without sacrificing fashion. This type of shirt shows off your sense of practicality. If you are more outgoing, try wearing a bold color to help you stand out. If you are quieter, wear this sweater in a pale color to keep from drawing unwanted attention to yourself. You cannot go wrong with a simple sweater!

2. Your Favorite Band T-Shirt

Reagan Kelly

Wearing a shirt with your favorite band on it lets your peers know from the moment they meet you what your interests are. Everyone will be looking for friends and this will help you find some who share your taste in music. They will also likely share your sense of style, since experts say that many people with the same music preferences also have similar clothing fashions. This is a great way to express your interest without even needed to start a conversation with someone.

3. A Graphic T-Shirt

Reagan Kelly

Studies show that girls who wear Graphic T-Shirts are not afraid to break the rules. These shirts are perfect for extroverts who are not afraid to show others their passions. Others will immediately see you as the bold girl you are. Anyone who shares an interest with what your shirt displays will not be afraid to start a conversation about it with you because they know you are outgoing and will have a lot to say.

4. A Flannel Shirt

Reagan Kelly

A flannel shirt can be buttoned up for a country-girl look. It can also be worn unbuttoned with a shirt underneath for a grunge look. Either way will indicate to others your taste in music-- country or alternative, respectively. A shared interest in music is a great way to connect with others and make new friends! This shirt will show your peers that you are down to Earth and are not afraid to express your true self.

5. A Shirt from Your Favorite Sports Team

Reagan Kelly

This shirt is ideal for sporty girls. It is the perfect way to show everyone your favorite team to root for! You will almost assuredly meet someone who is a fan of your team or another team in the sport. A common interest is one of the best ways to make a new friend. Who doesn't love a friendly debate about which is the best team in the league? This shirt will show others one of your passions and will serve as a great conversation starter, too!

6. A Shirt Displaying Your Favorite Novel

Irene Wilson

This shirt is perfect for bookworms and intellectuals! It is an easy way for introverts to share their interests. Those who wear this type of shirt tend to be more reserved and enjoy the company of friends who can have a deep conversation with you. The pale color of the shirt will not draw too much attention to you but you will catch the eye of people who also love to read. This is the perfect first-day conversation starter with someone you will be sure to have many common interests with!

7. A Fancy Blouse

Erin Neaton

This shirt will show others that you care about how you are perceived. You are likely an extrovert and do not mind the extra attention that comes from wearing a fancy or bold top. Your peers will see you as the determined, outgoing girl you are!

8. Plain T-Shirt

Erin Neaton

The classic style of this shirt indicates to others that you do not like attention drawn to yourself. In most aspects of your life, you go with what you know works and avoid trying new or different methods and styles. If you are outgoing, wear this shirt in a bright color. If you are an introvert, try wearing it in a pale or neutral color. When you wear this shirt, others will see that you will always be there for them, just like this shirt has always been a staple in fashion.

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