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    15 Things No One Tells You About Semester At Sea

    Your attention, your attention, please.

    1. The first few weeks on the ship will be REALLY fucking hard.

    During those days, no one knows what's going on, everyone's seasick, and you have a lot of free time with people you just met.

    2. Seasickness is no joke.

    Luckily, the meds are handed out for free, and professors understand why you have to leave class.

    3. PB&J sandwiches are honest-to-god lifesavers.

    They're a nice alternative to the "diversity" of food offered.

    4. Seasickness aside, you'll eventually get the best sleep of your life.

    The subtle rocking of the boat puts you right to sleep, and many times it happens during Global Studies.

    5. Your professors will see you in all sorts of settings.

    6. Diarrhea and vomiting become common dinner table conversation topics.

    Especially when you're in the red zone. Don't forget to sanitize!

    7. People will read your Seamails.

    As your only form of communication with people on the ship and the outside world, it becomes a lifeline.

    8. Airdrop and Odds are serious games at sea.

    You need something to pass the time during Global Studies.

    9. You live in one hell of a bubble.

    You have no sense of time, pop culture, or current events, and when you get off the ship, you'll feel like Kimmy Schmidt emerging from the underground bunker.

    10. You don't always stay in the city you port in.

    11. Hydration has never been more important in your life.

    Always fill up your water bottle before leaving the ship because you never know when you will find more drinking water. Also important if you are going out every night in port.

    12. You will most likely be hungover every day in port.

    Because going out is a "cultural experience," right?

    13. The crew is honestly the best.

    14. And the professors are out of this world.

    Semester at Sea

    Its a competitive program for students, but even more so for professors. Take advantage of how smart and incredible these people are.

    15. And, finally, you'll make friends for life.

    The people you will meet are unbelievable, and you know they will be in your life forever!

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