• 1. Barolini V4

    This bizarre vintage axe features 4 pick-ups and 6 buttons to select your tone.

  • 2. Bunker Touch Guitar

    Made famous by Dave Bunker in the 60’s this incredible guitar is played like a piano.

  • 3. The Millenium Falcon

    One image exists of this guitar. This picture was taken in what looks to be a store front. Cool factor: 10

  • 4. The Lego Guitar

    This features all the functioning pieces of a regular guitar. All you need is a set of strings and you’re ready to jam.

  • 5. The Big Foot

    Big Foot or Hobbit? You be the judge.

  • 6. The Sword

    The awesomeness of this axe outshines the obvious danger it carries.

  • 7. The “5”

    Used by Rick Nielsen of Cheap Trick, this guitar has more Win then Arcade Fire.

  • 8. The Wangcaster

    … I laughed.

  • 9. Nes Guitar

    The most nerdy on the list. This utilizes creativity and nostalgia.

  • 10. Pikasso II

    The Crown Jewel of insane guitars. 4 necks, 2 sound holes. 42 strings.