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Top 10 Most Insane Guitars

Some may not be playable or practical, but all are definitely awesome! These crazy and often rare works of art are some of the best instruments out there.

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  • 1. Barolini V4

    This bizarre vintage axe features 4 pick-ups and 6 buttons to select your tone.

  • 2. Bunker Touch Guitar

    Made famous by Dave Bunker in the 60's this incredible guitar is played like a piano.

  • 3. The Millenium Falcon

    One image exists of this guitar. This picture was taken in what looks to be a store front. Cool factor: 10

  • 4. The Lego Guitar

    This features all the functioning pieces of a regular guitar. All you need is a set of strings and you're ready to jam.

  • 5. The Big Foot

    Big Foot or Hobbit? You be the judge.

  • 6. The Sword

    The awesomeness of this axe outshines the obvious danger it carries.

  • 7. The "5"

    Used by Rick Nielsen of Cheap Trick, this guitar has more Win then Arcade Fire.

  • 8. The Wangcaster

    ... I laughed.

  • 9. Nes Guitar

    The most nerdy on the list. This utilizes creativity and nostalgia.

  • 10. Pikasso II

    The Crown Jewel of insane guitars. 4 necks, 2 sound holes. 42 strings.