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14 Things That Are Clearly Rigged Against Donald Trump


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2. This boat is rigged against him.

hms-surprise / Via

I know it. You know it. Everyone knows it.

3. This rig is definitely rigged against him.

lydicia / Via

5. His Starbucks order is definitely rigged against him.

inthestrawberryswing / Via

8. The English language is 100% rigged against him.

memeufacturing / Via

"Very much smarter." - It's a struggle.

10. The passage of time is bigly rigged against him.

ultrafunnypictures / Via

There is only so much fake tan in the world.

12. Swamps that are yet to be drained.

tiinatormanenphotography / Via

What even is #draintheswamp?!

14. But most importantly...this megaphone is (hopefully) rigged and has been switched the f*** off.

Reuters / Via

We can only be thankful we ideally never have to hear you attempt to answer any questions ever again.

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