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14 Reasons "Bake Off" Has Captured Our Hearts Since 2010

As "Bake Off" nears its end as we know it, we take a look back at some highlights.

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Mary's cheeky wink there at the mention of booze 😂 g'wan lass on the sesh #gbbo

@elliemclaren / Via

2. Because Paul

Candice: has anyone hidden my lipstick? Paul: #GBBO #BotanicalWeek

@Siren_Sister / Via

3. Because Selasi

What a difference a week makes for Selasi... #GBBO #DessertWeek

@BritishBakeOff / Via

4. Because Val

Watching #GBBO just seems futile without Val. #BringBackVal #BringBackValNowPlease #HashtagAskingForValToComeBack

@Laurence_Moza / Via

5. Because Howard

Never forget Howard, the greatest contestant to ever grace the tent #gbbo

@_chaligula / Via

6. Because Tamal

Can we collectively agree that none of these people will lift our spirits like Tamal did? #GBBO

@molly_whyte / Via

7. Because Nadiya

So, Nadiya, how's the whole Bake Off to Channel 4 going? #GBBO

@RadioTimes / Via

8. Because Cathryn

I'm gonna miss #GBBO.

@xnaomiclarke / Via

9. Because Nancy

Just catching up on the Bake Off. Nancy's plan to win is a bit worrying. #gbbo

@rotster / Via

10. Because Norman

Mary thinks the trick is to not be too ambitious. Norman would be in his element. #gbbo

@nfkadam / Via

11. Because Sandy

Farewell, Sandy! The first #GBBO contestant to channel David Attenborough. We'll miss you. #bakeoff #TeamSandy

@RadioTimes / Via

12. Because Mel

When all’s spread and done, we’d have to agree with you Mel. 🙂 #GBBO

@BBCOne / Via

13. Because Sue

🎶 Is it the look in your eye? Or is it your Millionaire Shortbread Roulade? Who cares baby, Sue really wants to mar…

@BBCOne / Via

14. So let's not cry because it's (almost) over...

Oh so gutted for Val #GBBO don't go! It's Howard all over again...

@HayleyCHam / Via

15. Let's smile because it happened...and binge re-watch all 6 seasons :D

@xnaomiclarke / Via
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