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14 Reasons "Bake Off" Has Captured Our Hearts Since 2010

As "Bake Off" nears its end as we know it, we take a look back at some highlights.

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Mary's cheeky wink there at the mention of booze 😂 g'wan lass on the sesh #gbbo

2. Because Paul

Candice: has anyone hidden my lipstick? Paul: #GBBO #BotanicalWeek

3. Because Selasi

What a difference a week makes for Selasi... #GBBO #DessertWeek

4. Because Val

Watching #GBBO just seems futile without Val. #BringBackVal #BringBackValNowPlease #HashtagAskingForValToComeBack

5. Because Howard

Never forget Howard, the greatest contestant to ever grace the tent #gbbo

6. Because Tamal

Can we collectively agree that none of these people will lift our spirits like Tamal did? #GBBO

7. Because Nadiya

So, Nadiya, how's the whole Bake Off to Channel 4 going? #GBBO

8. Because Cathryn

I'm gonna miss #GBBO.

9. Because Nancy

Just catching up on the Bake Off. Nancy's plan to win is a bit worrying. #gbbo

10. Because Norman

Mary thinks the trick is to not be too ambitious. Norman would be in his element. #gbbo

11. Because Sandy

Farewell, Sandy! The first #GBBO contestant to channel David Attenborough. We'll miss you. #bakeoff #TeamSandy

12. Because Mel

When all’s spread and done, we’d have to agree with you Mel. 🙂 #GBBO

13. Because Sue

🎶 Is it the look in your eye? Or is it your Millionaire Shortbread Roulade? Who cares baby, Sue really wants to mar…

14. So let's not cry because it's (almost) over...

Oh so gutted for Val #GBBO don't go! It's Howard all over again...

15. Let's smile because it happened...and binge re-watch all 6 seasons :D

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