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10 Things That Happened Behind The Scenes On "The Voice"

Never a dull moment in the #KohlsGreenRoom. See what your favorite artists have been up to backstage in the Kohl's Green Room before their performances!

1. Mary Sarah warmed up for her hosting duties.

Ya know, just getting ready for #TheVoice in the #KohlsGreenRoom 😛😝💪🏼 #Ad @nbcthevoice @kohls

2. Wé McDonald and Christian Cuevas got the hang of that red-carpet attitude.

3. Bryan Bautista got ready for his close-up.

And they say the girls are Divas. 😝 SO watch the voice right now!! Cause we air around 8:30pm Et 🤘🏼#KohlsGreenRoom…

4. Then he and Mary Sarah nailed it as usual.

Talk all things style with @MarySarahMusic and @whoisBryanB in the #KohlsGreenRoom backstage at #TheVoice every wee…

5. Aaron Gibson and Brendan Fletcher took a stab at the Twitter mirror.

6. Sundance Head won the prize for Most Adorable Twitter Selfie.

7. Ali Caldwell nailed it. Nuff said.

8. Bryan Bautista and Mary Sarah shared an inside joke.

9. Josh Gallagher and Billy Gilman started a bromance.

10. And the Top 8 celebrated being...the Top 8!

Check out your favorite artists in the Kohl's Green Room, and have a great season of The Voice courtesy of Kohl's!

All images courtesy of NBC Universal.